Donald Trump has been completely exonerated of allegations he or his campaign colluded, conspired or cooperated with the Russians to interfere in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.

Robert Mueller and his team couldn’t find evidence of collusion, but not for lack of trying:

In the report, the Special Counsel noted that, in completing his investigation, he employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses.

Rather than vindicating the integrity of the Mueller investigation, the finding of no collusion demonstrates the thoroughly dishonest political and media motivations which launched the accusations of collusion dating back at least to the summer of 2016.

The 2016 political and media attempt to prevent Trump from becoming president based on false accusations of Russia collusion failed. Then the attacks shifted to the Electoral College, and attempt to intimidate electors based on Russia collusion allegations:

… a new and thoroughly dishonest media narrative developed — that Trump could not be allowed to take office because Russia “hacked the election.”

By hacked the election, they don’t mean that the vote count was corrupted, but that alleged Russian hacking of the DNC and John Podesta influenced the outcome. A variation on that theme is that Trump has some potential Russian connection that makes him potentially disloyal to the United States.

The claim is that this new information is so serious post-election, that the Electors must fulfill some alleged duty to protect the country from Trump. Call that Operation Flip the Electors, Part Two.

None of these allegations, however, are new. They were all aired to and considered by the voters. Here are just a tiny fraction of the major media headlines BEFORE the election:

The voters took into account the swarm of accusations against Trump and Hillary, and elected him. Losing sucks, I get it, but it’s not an excuse to create a constitutional crisis and uniquely destructive result of the Electors flipping the election to Hillary, or even to the House.

Then the action shifted to the FBI-CNN set up to leak the Steele Dossier. Then a thousand corrupt media spins bloomed.

It was what I called a “Russia Collusion” Media PSYOPs perpetrated by The Manchurian Media to create non-stop Russia collusion news cycles. As one would fall by the wayside, another would arise.

It was a fraud from the start, launched by the Clinton campaign and DNC through Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier, among others. Once the election was over, it was nothing short of a The Slow-Motion Coup d’Etat:

Since the election there has been an unprecedented attempt to unwind the election result. Events have accelerated on several fronts lately with attempts from outside and within to paralyze the Trump administration.

What started as a collective media freakout on Election Night 2016 quickly progressed to an unprecedented attempt to intimidate Electors into changing their votes. Some Democrats announced, even before Trump took office, plans to impeach him, and Democrat politicians fed media-driven Russia collusion conspiracy theories for which they knew there was no evidence.

Chuck Schumer, for example, used the alleged fact of Donald Trump being under FBI investigation as an argument against confirming Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, even though Schumer (but not the public) knew from intelligence briefings that Trump was not personally under investigation.

All the while, the permanent bureaucracy, particularly in the intelligence community, started an unending and almost daily series of leaks meant to paralyze the administration….

The purpose in all this has been to freeze and paralyze the Trump administration. If Trump could not be prevented from taking office, and cannot be physically removed from office, he will be prevented from functioning as president.

The Mueller Report puts the lie to two years of this attempted coup.

But don’t think it’s going to stop. Already the tactics and goal posts are shifting. Now it’s not Russia collusion that’s paramount, it’s obstruction of justice in the form of Trump allegedly obstructing the Mueller investigation. But Mueller never reached the conclusion that an obstruction crime was committed, and a criminal obstruction charge was rejected as unjustified not only by AG William Barr but also by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Remember, it was Rosenstein who was considered so vital by Democrats to preserve the integrity of the Mueller investigation.

Democrats already are promising more investigations. The goal is to continue the slow-motion coup.

That coup will take place outside D.C. as well, with politically motivated prosecutors examining every aspect of Trumps’ business past looking for crimes:

“Nearly every organization Trump has run over the past decade remains under investigation by state or federal authorities, and he is mired in a variety of civil litigation.”

So Trump survived the coup, but the coup continues.


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