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These Democrats Won’t Accept Mueller Report, or Apologize for Spreading Lies for Two Years

These Democrats Won’t Accept Mueller Report, or Apologize for Spreading Lies for Two Years

Sorry seems to be their hardest word.

I touched on this a little in my morning post, but I need to expand it. It’s scary that Democrats, who hyped collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, will not accept these results.

I noticed the Democrats forget to mention Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has a rocky relationship with President Donald Trump, helped draft the four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Instead the Democrats concentrate of Attorney General William Barr. They should not hide this detail, but makes it easier for them to spread more conspiracy theories.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

To no one’s shock, Jackson Lee refuses to accept Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report:

“I think what I accept is that Robert Mueller did a very thorough job and he has made the assessment that there was no collusion,” Jackson Lee said to host Kasie Hunt when asked about the findings. “Again, that is not a legal term. It’s conspiracy. But his decision was based on a whole number of factors and investigations. And what I am saying is we in the Judiciary Committee want to review those documents.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Like Jackson Lee, is anyone shocked that Waters has casually brushed aside Mueller’s report? Me either:

“This president has a way of trying to get into people’s heads. He has been saying no collusion, no collusion over and over again for a long time. He’s going try to conclude that this report is proven that there is no collusion and you have a lot of his sycophants who’ll take the nod from him and they’ll say the same thing. We can’t allow them to get away with this. He does this all the time. This is not the end of anything. Well, it is to end the report and the investigation by Mueller but those of us who share these committees with our oversight because there are so much that needs to be taken a look at. it is not the end of everything.”

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA)

Hill doesn’t believe that Democrats have to apologize for pushing false claims for the past two years:

“I wouldn’t say that they need to apologize. They are still stating things that happened in plain sight. The definition of collusion as a legal term is on that is completely nebulous,” Hill said. “So, I think the suspicions that have been had by both the Democrats in Congress and people across the country are completely valid. Whether it was intentional or not, Trump and his associates were conducting themselves in a way that was highly, highly suspicious both during the election and after that made it so that this investigation needed to happen.”

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA)

Clark told CNN that she will not be one to call on Democrats to retract the lies they vomited the past two years.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)

Jayapal believes the Democrats have to reach their own conclusions:

“I think the obstruction of justice charge is an extremely serious one and Mueller, as you’ve been reporting, did not exonerate the president,” she told host Anderson Cooper. “After 22 months he did not exonerate the president.”

She added, “Remember, a big piece of this report does not exonerate the president, a sitting president, on an extremely serious charge of obstruction of justice. So, yeah, we’ve got to make that determination for ourselves.”

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN)

Cohen told MSNBC that he found “very little credence” in the letter from Attorney General William Barr. He forgot that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has no love for Trump:

Cohen said, “First Mueller was not making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. Those are very interesting words. And then as you well said, he did not draw a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction. It does not draw that conclusion. It also does not exonerate the president.”

He continued, “They said there no collusion, but there was obstruction. That’s important. The people’s House needs to know and it the people’s House needs to have the complete report so that we can have hearings on this issue and pass laws to protect the American public.”

He added, “He was appointed by Donald Trump after he decided Jeff Sessions wasn’t his Roy Cohn he wasn’t his ace attorney looking out for him, not for the country, not for justice. Bill Barr was put in there for a reason. I don’t doubt he went to a group like the Federalist Society that picked his judges and said, ‘find me my Roy Cohn.’ For him to make that statement, Mueller wasn’t part of it. Mueller wasn’t part of that decision that says we’re not coming to a conclusion of obstruction, that is what Mueller said. They come to the conclusion, nothing there. Well, Barr is there because he’s appointed by Trump, he’s not elected by the people, and you can put very little credence in what he’s saying. He is a Trump appointee put in to protect Trump and why they put him in. There’s just too much out there for the American public to let this go. We need all the facts. There needs to be transparency. There needs to be a release of the entire document.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY)

Nadler, like Cohen, criticized Barr and demanded the full report to find out the “real” truth in the Mueller report:

“Attorney General Barr, who auditioned for his role with a memo saying that it was almost impossible for any president to commit obstruction, made a decision in under 48 hours,” Nadler told lawmakers during a press conference in New York on Sunday evening, referring to a memo Barr authored last year in which he said, “Mueller’s obstruction theory is fatally misconceived” and based “on a novel and insupportable reading of the law.”

“It is unconscionable that President Trump would try to spin the findings as if his conduct was acceptable,” he added, after noting that according to Barr’s summary, Mueller said his report did not “exonerate” the president on the accusations of obstruction of justice.


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Trump has sycophants? In the media? I don’t think so. Who would even believe that?

    AER1972 in reply to GTL. | March 27, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Maybe not but you have to love the fact that “Mad Max” Waters all but admitted that Trump was in her head… Considering her brain has posted a vacancy sign on her forehead, Good to know something is in there.

This sounds just like the Me Too movement, and their prosecution of college students for accusations of sexual misconduct. The “progressives” have their own definitions of justice and proof for anyone who does not adhere to their leftist doctrine.

You are presumed (definitely) guilty until proven innocent. If you are somehow proven innocent, that’s only because someone wasn’t sufficiently “woke” to know that you’re guilty because of your “privilege.” We still know that you’re guilty and should be expelled/impeached/burned at the stake.

The various House committees will continue to investigate Trump until they find some felonious crime, such as an unpaid parking ticket, that is worthy of impeaching Trump.

Hiroo Onoda and Teruo Nakamura were the last Japanese soldiers to finally surrender. In 1974, almost 30 years since the end of WWII.

These Ds are gonna be fighting the Trump War forever and will predictably break these soldiers’ record.

    Shigeyuki Hashimoto and Kiyoaki Tanaka in 1990, however there may be mitigation. they joined communist party in Malaya to continue fighting so this may less about surrender and more about just wanting to fight.
    took me few to find there names, for some reason was thinking was 1991.

Connivin Caniff | March 25, 2019 at 4:36 pm

Do you think we could hire that Native American, so that every time these disgusting D’Rat dirtbags start yelling lies about Trump, he would bang that drum in their faces? It would be hilarious and worth it.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | March 25, 2019 at 4:38 pm

Sue them all!

Sue them for libel and slander!

Sue them in the civil courts and destroy them all!


Rudy Giuliani Discusses Mueller Report Findings…

    CDR D in reply to Valerie. | March 25, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    You would hope this idiot would know better, but Rep “Newcomb” Swalwell is a demented child. When shredded by Tucker on a program where Swalwell was invited to present his evidence of collusion, he was reduced to rocking back and forth in his chair like a two year old. The guy is just a sorry little cipher.

    AER1972 in reply to Valerie. | March 27, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    The fact that Swallows-well sits on the Intelligence Committee tells you all you need to need to know about Congress.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | March 25, 2019 at 4:46 pm

Of course we must all remember they made up this “fairy tale” about the former U.S.S.R. …….

…..hoping they could ALSO START A NEW VERY PROFITABLE WAR for themselves.


At this point they’re just feeling behind the sofa cushions, hoping to find some loose change and plausible charges fallen down there.

Personally, if we’re going to be stuck with a legislature which wallows in foolishness, I’d prefer something like the Japanese Diet which has an occasional brawl. That would certainly liven up C-SPAN.

blacksburger | March 25, 2019 at 5:46 pm

How can anyone obstruct justice when no crime has been committed?

The Dems CAN’T back down. They were wrong. They were SPECTACULARLY wrong. They unequivocally stated that Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government. They were wrong. They claimed that Trump obstructed the collusion investigation. They were wrong. But, they can not admit that they were wrong. Their base would abandon them in droves. So, they will quietly redirect the “investigation” to finances and hope the public forgets just how wrong they were.

The investigation can not stop. Part of the Obama Administration engaged in an illegal, criminal investigation of an opposition Presidential campaign. It also engaged in an improper investigation designed to clear Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing with regard to her unsecured server. All of the Trump/Russia Collusion was designed to protect the players in that drama. First, the Steele Dossier was used to “justify” the surveillance of the Trump Campaign. Why? Because the surveillance had been going on, illegally, prior to the Carter Page warrant was issued and they needed cover. This leads to FISA fraud and subsequent illegal surveillance. And, given the scope of the high ranking members of the Obama Administration who were involved in the surveillance and subsequent criminal leaks and in the attempt to cover-up those activities, this suggests that everyone in the upper levels of the Obama Administration, up to and including the POTUS, knew of this and was at risk. And, they are still at risk. So, the Dems have to put pressure on Trump to lay off criminal indictments of Obama officials. It is interesting to note that almost the entire DOJ cabal, which was involved in Crossfire Hurricane and the preceding honey-pot operation targeting Trump campaign personnel, moved over to the Mueller investigation to continue the illegal/improper investigation of the non-existent collusion narrative.

Now, the risk still exists. So, the public diversionary investigation will continue in the House. The investigation, designed to put actual pressure on Trump not to press for action against those Obama officials involved in the illegalities and improprieties will continue in the SDNY office of the DOJ. This office is trying to tie Trump, or his family members and associates, to any criminal activity, no matter how insignificant.

    CDR D in reply to Mac45. | March 25, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    When Trump feels he has enough political capital, he should just fire every last son of a bitch in the SDNY. Clean the place out like a thorough enema. They are on a political jihad, and that is not their job.

That’s good.
Now it’s the function of Republicans and the Tea Party to come up with viable candidates to run against them. If they’ve got their s*** properly wired together, election wins should be a cake walk.

The Dhimmi-crats are lawless, totalitarian jackboots. Can any rational person contend otherwise, at this point in time? They don’t care about facts, laws or process; only the pursuit of, and, preservation of, their own political power.

Mueller was deemed to be a saint, by the Dhimmi-crats…until he gave them bupkis, in his findings.

It’s clear, now, that, these twits won’t accept the concept of a multi-party democracy. If they lose a national or local election, they’ll engage in histrionics and lawsuits; if they demand the appointment of a Special Counsel, they won’t respect his/her findings.

amatuerwrangler | March 25, 2019 at 10:31 pm

Its time for “put up or shut up”. The cards have been dealt and the pot is right. Let’s see what you have.

If the Dems have all that incontrovertible, bullet-proof evidence that Mueller could not find, this would be a good time to bring it up and discredit the whole investigation. Of course, they also could have moved things along by volunteering the information to Mueller so that the country could be rid of this terrible President ASAP.

Of course neither of these did/will happen because they don’t have squat, never did. Other than their fever dream.

You expect different of the mentally disturbed,Loony Left.

Peasepudding | March 26, 2019 at 8:36 am

When did “exonerate” become a legal term anyway? If a court of law can’t “exonerate” the accused, they are obliged to find him innocent because they have not proven guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”. More Newspeak from the left.

Dexterdog101 | March 26, 2019 at 9:48 am

Even if every single document were published, every person that had even the most tangential relationship to Mueller’s investigation were interviewed by Congressional committees – publicly – that wouldn’t satisfy the Democrats or the MSM that there was no deep, dark, conspiratorial operation by Trump and his fellow travelers to corrupt the election.

Simply put, the accusers don’t believe their charges and their goal is neither justice nor restoring faith in the integrity of our elections. The entire Russian collusion artifice is a political construct.

Republicans, Conservatives, and every US citizen that is genuinely concerned about the integrity of our elections should ask the Left, Progressives, Liberals, Democrats and their Praetorian Guard (the MSM) to define the term, collusion. What is collusion – exactly? What specific act did Trump or any member of his campaign, or for that matter, any US citizen, engage in that corrupted the 2016 election?

The reason the charge of ‘colluding with the Russians’ has gone on for so long, and will never be concluded, is that the charge is deliberately vague and open for conjecture. What specific act(s) did Michael Flynn do that corrupted the 2016 election? Or Manafort? Roger Stone? Or George Papadopolous?

The Democrats appeal to the American people has become increasingly shrill, anti-Semitic, socialist if not outright confiscatory (see AOC) and fraught with paranoid conspiracies involving Putin and Russians.

The Democrats entire purpose is to alibi their failure to produce a candidate and a political platform that appealed to the American people.

Remember all the pundits on CNN bemoaning all the wrong crowd around Trump. Well take a look at all the wrong crowd hanging around CNN, Former POTUS candidate comes to mind.

    kenoshamarge in reply to Hawk. | March 26, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Hit down arrow when trying to hit reply so ignore that please as it wasn’t meant. What I wanted to say is that CNN has enough problems with Avenatti and Geragos who are both headed for jail. And they were both all over CNN and talking crap. Geragos was a contributor and Avenatti was a permanent fixture for months. Now both are headed to jail.

The Republicans should compile a list of the lies about collusion committed by each Democrat politician, mail them to voters and suggest they ask the Dems to explain their lies.

The Democrats have wandered into the Never-Never Land of conspiracy theorists. In their own minds, it has served them well as a justification for their own failures: to convince a majority of Americans in their vision for the future, to win consistently across the nation, and especially to lose the White House in 2016. Their problem is that once one has entered Conspiracy World, it is difficult to escape.

Goebbels famously said that ‘the same lie, repeated often enough, becomes the truth.’ He should have added, ‘. . . for those already convinced.’

Having persuaded themselves and their base that ‘it’s all a plot’ and that they ‘really won’ in 2016, chagrined followers will keep inventing more and more crazy arguments to explain why their previous theories did not hold water. They cannot move on, cut their losses, and try to find better arguments as to why they should be returned to power. Unfortunately, fatigue on the part of the American voter, a typical tendency of alternating support for the two established parties, and short voter memory may yet propel them back into power in 2020. If so, it will not be because they earned the privilege.

    AER1972 in reply to HarvardPhD. | March 27, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Yes you have to give them credit. They are focused and disciplined in delivering their talking points/lies. They are masters of repeating the lie. I can’t help but think that in addition to Goebbels that Alinsky had a similar strategy. Denigrate the opposition at every opportunity, repeat lies consistently and keep your opponent on the defensive. It is not about the truth, it is not about what is best for the country, rather it is about obtaining and maintaining power. These people define evil. They may be as dumb as moss but they are evil.