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Welcome to Legal Insurection's First Annual Cultural Appreciation Day. This day was inspired by the brave response of 18-year old Keziah Daum to the social media storm she sparked by wearing a gorgeous Chinese cheongsam dress for some selfies before her prom. Daum refused to apologize after she was deluged by social justice warriors with charges of "cultural appropriation."

So far it's been difficult to get information on the question of whether the parishioners in the Texas church where yesterday's mass murder took place were prohibited from carrying guns. Here are the pertinent rules in Texas:

When Pope Francis became head of the Catholic church, many were hopeful that the dynamic and humble priest would blossom into a great leader. It appears now that the Pope's social justice agenda is not appealing to a good portion of the Catholic faithful. Several dozen Catholic clergy members and lay scholars have presented Pope Francis with a document known as a "formal filial correction", accusing him of propagating heresies concerning marriage, the moral life, and reception of the sacraments.
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