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Students Demand Boston College, a Catholic School, ‘Establish Dedicated LGBTQ+ Center’

Students Demand Boston College, a Catholic School, ‘Establish Dedicated LGBTQ+ Center’

“break from church doctrine again”

Boston College is run by the Jesuits, which means the students making these demands will probably get their way eventually.

Campus Reform reports:

Students demand Catholic college ‘break from church doctrine’ to establish dedicated LGBTQ+ center

Boston College (BC) continues to face calls from students to establish a dedicated center for students who identify as LGBTQ+, following a years-long trend.

BC, a Jesuit Catholic institution, currently has an intercultural center on campus with resources for LGBTQ+ students. Despite this, students are advocating for a dedicated space specifically for students who identify with the LGBTQ+ community.

The Boston Globe reported on April 6 that BC has repeatedly denied requests to establish the center. The Heights, a BC student newspaper, has published articles detailing student requests to create a dedicated LGBTQ+ center from as far back as 2015.

The latest denial of the BC administration to establish such a center reportedly came in November of last year.

In March 2021, The Heights Editorial Board called on the school to “break from church doctrine again” to establish an LGBTQ+ Center after claiming they did so once when they “refused to divest from fossil fuels” in response to the Vatican’s call to divest from anything that is “harmful to human or social ecology.”

Another opinion piece published in April 2021 by an outgoing student called BC a “deeply homophobic institution.”

According to these articles, students have been pointing to several other Catholic institutions, such as Georgetown University, which have established LGBTQ+ centers. Despite already having an intercultural center on campus that offers LGBT resources, these students say that simply “adding resources” isn’t enough, and a dedicated space should be made for the LGBTQ+ community.


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NorthernNewYorker | April 18, 2023 at 10:58 am

“Why can’t they go somewhere else?”, we ask ourselves. But it’s not about going to where you’re accepted; it’s about the power trip that comes from forcing an institution to change itself to conform to your standards.

What I find most surprising is a Jesuit institution not caving to the zeitgeist. And using Georgetown or Notre Dame as examples is pointless since those places are Catholic in name only.

The SJ no longer accepts the Church’s historical teachings.

Father James Martin, SJ is actually making the “New” Kool Aid.

computer-mediator | April 19, 2023 at 5:19 pm

There’s so much packed into this story but what else is new in our “Interesting Times”? There was so much spiritual positivity in the SJ’s I came in contact with growing up. I wonder who it is occupying the Chair of Peter – the hair on the back of my neck raises often when I hear his translated thoughts. As an amateur student of church history, now has the feel of past times of testing – again what else is new? Hold fast – nobody gets outta here alive and what comes afterward is what counts.