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Fordham University Hosts LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference

Fordham University Hosts LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference

“The People of God don’t have a problem with this”

Fordham University is a Jesuit school. They’re known for being pretty liberal.

Campus Reform reports:

Fordham Hosts LGBTQ Catholic conference

Fordham University recently hosted an LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference, “Outreach 2023,” from June 16 to 18 at its Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan.

The conference, organized by the blog of the same name, aimed to bring together Catholic LGBTQ individuals. Speakers called on attendees to advocate for “progress” in accepting LGBTQ people in the Church, in the face of opposition from conservative clergy and Catholics.

“To marginalize is a sin,” Fordham President Tania Tetlow said during a speech. “To love is our command. You are loved by the church made up of the People of God; the church we claim, the church we fight for, because we know it must constantly strive to better live up to the Gospels.”

“After a remarkable transformation in attitudes and understanding of LGBTQ issues and a new willingness to acknowledge and celebrate the complexity of gender and gender identity, we see a vicious opposition,” she added. “I imagine that many of you here are exhausted and afraid … What I pray fervently is that it is the seismic force of the progress that creates the flailing, terrible backlash. And we cannot forget that progress.”

“The People of God don’t have a problem with this,” Fr. Bryan Massingale, a theologian from Fordham who publicly came out as gay in 2019, told students at the conference. “Other clergy have a problem. The bishops have a problem. The People of God, no.”

Fr. James Martin, editor of America Magazine and organizer of the conference, likened the Bible story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the grave to LGBTQ Catholics coming out of the closet. “While the grace might be coming from God to come out, or to transition … the taking away of the stone and the unbinding is something that the community and friends and family can help us with,” he said.


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“The People of God don’t have a problem with this.”

Call me old-school, but isn’t it God’s opinion that counts, not His People’s?

Not to say that the Almighty does or doesn’t agree — that’s for Him to decide. But if I recall correctly, man thinking he knows better than God is the source of pretty much all biblical sin and transgression. Just sayin’.

Arrogant to think that their opinion trumps God’s

I see no difference in this meeting of “sincere” sexual sinners than a meeting of “sincere” bank robbers.

Both group of sinners are not following clear rules.