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Christian Monument at Williams College Vandalized With ‘Hail Satan’ Graffiti

Christian Monument at Williams College Vandalized With ‘Hail Satan’ Graffiti

“spray painted in red, according to the university’s president”

What kind of person does something like this? Who is filled with this kind of hate?

The College Fix reports:

Christian monument vandalized with ‘Hail Satan’ graffiti at Williams College

A monument at Williams College erected to honor Christian missionaries and a place where current Christian students often gather to pray was recently vandalized with the words “Pagan Rule,” “Blood,” “Ouch” and “Hail Satan” spray painted in red, according to the university’s president.

President Maud Mandel wrote in a memo to the campus community that the May 13 incident targeting the Haystack Monument comes as officials review it within the framework of the school’s “institutional history.”

“We expect those discussions to continue in the next academic year. Meanwhile, our colleagues in the Chaplains’ Office … are available to talk with anyone concerned about the impact of this incident on themselves or our community,” the May 15 memo stated.

Five days after Mandel’s memo was circulated, the monument was hit again with more graffiti, the Williams Record student newspaper reported.

“This time the slogans were ‘Hell is hot,’ ‘Shame on you,’ and ‘Ouch’ as well as an obscenity,” Mandel wrote in a second memo to the campus community May 21.

“I have asked Campus Safety Services (CSS) to increase our patrols of the area, effective immediately,” she wrote, adding that given “that the Monument memorializes the Christian missionary movement, some people may experience these incidents as attacks on your religion or you personally.”

“You belong here, and I will work for your and everyone’s right to a safe community,” Mandel wrote.

Erected in 1867, the 12-foot tall marble monument honors former students who “conceived of the idea to found an American missionary movement focused on spreading Christianity worldwide,” the university’s website stated.


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henrybowman | June 1, 2023 at 3:29 pm

Those wacky white nationalists.

    Suburban Farm Guy in reply to henrybowman. | June 1, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    I always wonder how people who supposedly have rejected religion have so deeply internalized the persona of religion’s villain. C’mon, man, is organized religion a hoax, or not? Make up your mind.

I hope this is just end of school year high jinx. But a well placed camera would not be amiss …

To quote Chesterton: “A man who does not believe in God will believe anything.” Or worship anything, apparently.