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Maine School Board Questions Church on Issues Like Abortion and Gender Before Denying Them a Lease

Maine School Board Questions Church on Issues Like Abortion and Gender Before Denying Them a Lease

“issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion”

The church is expanding and wanted to lease some space from a school. Conservatives need to run for seats on this board.

The Daily Signal reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Maine School Board Asks Church What It Believes About Marriage, Abortion, Gender Before Denying Lease

A Maine church that outgrew its meeting space applied with the local school board to lease space at a high school for worship services, but the school board appeared to apply a religious test to the church and negotiations fell through. Now, the church is suing.

“Public institutions that seek to lease their facilities for revenue should not be able to discriminate based on religious or political conviction,” Mariah Gondeiro, vice president and legal counsel of Advocates for Faith & Freedom, the law firm representing the church, said in a press release exclusively provided first to The Daily Signal.

Gondeiro is representing The Pines Church in Bangor, Maine, which sued the Hermon School Committee Tuesday. The Pines Church aimed to move to Hermon, Maine, because many church members live there. Yet Hermon had no rental spaces available, and it appeared that meeting at the high school represented the best option.

According to the complaint, organizations seeking short-term leases must work with the principal of the school and complete a facilities request form—a form that does not include any questions about the organization’s beliefs. Many organizations currently rent Hermon High School space, including Black Bear Basketball, Hermon Recreation, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, and various baseball groups. The church had even offered to pay $1,000 per month, $400 over the original price, as a sign that it would invest in the community.

Yet, when the church filed the request form, Superintendent Micah Grant and a member of the Hermon school board asked pointed questions about the church’s positions on “issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Chris McLaughlin, a school board member who includes personal pronouns in his signature, wrote that he “wanted to get a better sense of how The Pines Church approaches issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and around their messaging around some key issues relevant to marginalized communities.”


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School boards are easily replaced and they hire superintendents. It is a good way to stifle some that lust for political power.

George_Kaplan | June 6, 2023 at 11:06 pm

Seems like a clear violation of the Constitution by the board, which will cost taxpayers come judgement time – assuming a non-partisan judge.

I’ve been involved in 2 school districts in northern New England that had fantastic superintendents. It’s a shame that one does not but a sign of the times, I guess. All those leftists moving up from MA and CT are ruining southern Maine for everyone.