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Dartmouth Announces New Plan to Combat Sexual Harassment

Dartmouth Announces New Plan to Combat Sexual Harassment

“Campus Climate and Culture Initiative”

This stems from a federal complaint filed by some current and former students alleging sexual harassment by professors.

CNN reports:

Dartmouth College announces new initiative to combat sexual harassment

Dartmouth College says it is launching a new initiative to combat sexual harassment and abuses of power on campus.

The announcement comes nearly two months after a federal complaint was filed against the Ivy League school by seven current and former graduate students who allege three professors created a toxic environment where female subjects were routinely subjected to sexual harassment and even rape.

A school inquiry led to the resignations of the three professors in 2018 and the school pledged to take steps to improve the campus culture. The new Campus Climate and Culture Initiative is the latest step in that direction, school officials said in a press release.

The new program will include the following components:

– A single policy to address sexual misconduct for faculty, staff, and students, with appropriate processes for adjudicating potential violations;

– A mandatory online sexual violence prevention training program for all faculty, staff, professional and graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars;

– Research advisory committees for all graduate programs “to ensure that all graduate students have access to multiple advisors.”


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Middle-aged profs boinking their hot, gullible grad students is never going to go away; if there were credible allegations of rape that should have gone straight to the police.

Personally, I’m just jaded by all the DeCoutere – Blasey Ford – Bradley bollocks and I’m just starting to assume that allegations like this are always a case of the woman getting revenge when the promised rewards (promotions, co-author credit, leaving the wife) never appeared unless they can prove otherwise beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law. With the plaintiff being charged the defendant’s legal fees if she loses.

This of course will result in a class-action lawsuit by the 4’s through 6’s who weren’t even offered the opportunities for advancements and rewards.

In addition, those whose benefited from any arrangement would also need to give up those rewards in the event that they file a complaint. You can’t act like a whore and then cry rape too, just sayin.