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Liberal Law Professor Backs Betsy DeVos’s Efforts to Restore Due Process on Campus

Liberal Law Professor Backs Betsy DeVos’s Efforts to Restore Due Process on Campus

“Ms. DeVos’s proposals take important steps to fix these problems.”

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has become a target of the left for her efforts to reform former President Barack Obama era rules dealing with sexual assault on college campuses. She has been falsely accused of favoring the accused for simply advocating due process over kangaroo courts.

Liberal feminist law professor Lara Bazelon agrees with DeVos.

Here is her bio from the University of San Francisco School of Law website:

Lara Bazelon is an associate professor of law and the director of the Criminal Juvenile Justice and Racial Justice Clinical Programs at the University of San Francisco School of Law. From 2012-2015, she was a visiting associate clinical professor at Loyola Law School and the director of the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent. Professor Bazelon was a trial attorney in the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Los Angeles for seven years. Prior to that, she was a law clerk for the Honorable Harry Pregerson on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Bazelon appeared on the Martha MacCallum show last night to explain her support for DeVos. She notes that there have been numerous cases in recent years where courts have reversed expulsions for accused students when it became apparent that the student was not afforded due process.

This video is cued to start at the 26:42 mark, just press play:

Bazelon’s recent op-ed for the New York Times which is mentioned in the clip is outstanding:

I’m a Democrat and a Feminist. And I Support Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Reforms.

Consider this scenario: A young black man enrolls at a state university in California on an athletic scholarship. He’s the first person in his family to go to college. His teammate’s white ex-girlfriend matches with him on Tinder, comes to his apartment, has sex with him and, they both agree, returns three days later to have consensual sex.

Weeks later, the young woman, who has reconciled with her boyfriend, claims the Tinder match raped her during the first sexual encounter. The Tinder Match adamantly denies this. Her boyfriend, who is also black, says she is lying. There is no hearing, no chance for the accused to ask her questions.

But the Title IX investigator concludes that he committed sexual assault by finding her more credible than him under the preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, under which the accuser must prove there is a greater than 50 percent chance her claim is true. He’s one of a few black students on campus and worries he may get killed after word spreads.

This happened in early 2018 to a client in the pro bono clinic I direct with my law students.

Read the whole thing.

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The outrage begins in 3….2….1….

Surely there are students at Univ of San Francisco who are now forced to urgently find safe spaces distant from her, perhaps drop her classes, and band together to boycott her to be removed(at least 2 or 3 people should be sufficient to terrify SJW administrators).

From Bezelon’s OpEd: “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s proposed regulations overhauling how colleges handle sexual assault, which may become law in January,…”

‘May become law’ is central to the problem of the entrenched administrative state; IE: the swamp. It’s precisely why this trouble exists at universities.

And why does it take 2 years “…to reform former President Barack Obama era rules dealing with sexual assault on college campuses??”

Since this kangaroo court BS was ‘Dear Colleagued’ into existence, I’m unclear as to why it’s so difficult to ‘un-colleague’ it out of existence. Unless, that’s not the true goal of DeVos’ efforts, ala ‘repeal obamcare (not), or ‘defund PP (not), or permanent tax cuts (not), or ‘build the wall (not), etc.

The gutless wonders in Congress have abrogated their Constitutional authority to legislate laws on over to the Executive branch. The labrynth of departments, agencies, Directors, assistant deputy Directors, with their army of assistant assistants to the deputy’s deputy, coupled to a Federal Register chocked full of thousands of regulations to micro-manage the lives of every citizen which have the power to levy massive punitive fines, confiscate your property, or imprison you for violating what is essentially the criminalization of EVERYTHING.

This gives cover to the gutless wonders in Congress to throw up their hands and claim, “It’s not MY fault.” In the words of Porter, “So what good are you?”

But there’s hope – for now. According to the Daily Caller, “The Trump administration repealed 12 existing regulations for every new one issued by federal agencies, according to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).” Good on Trump, but what’s to prevent the next administration that’s hostile to individual Liberty and smaller government from reversing direction and ramping up the regulations all over again?

BRAVO Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for your attempt to de-weaponize college administration that deprive students of due process, and KUDOS to Professor Bezelon for standing up to the lynch mobs, but the shear fact there’s an avenue still available for another bureaucrat to re-instate this madness after the next election is the real problem.

    Because the Dear Colleague letter was intended to give cover to what was happening. Now they are simply back to where they were before: they simply rely on the accused not having enough money to fight back.

A yesteryear liberal a la “classical liberal.”

Freedom of religion, of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to bear arms, freedom from search and seizure, due process….all of the core principles that protected our Committees of Correspondence from interference by the government seem to be under siege by the Left.

Rape should not be trivialized. Rape is a violent crime that, at one time, drew the death penalty. If schools want to get involved in amateur lover’s spats, they should call the alleged crime something else besides rape.

Do away with Title IX completely. No good will ever come of it.

Notice how her narrative to evoke support for the proposal, references a black victim. Because certainly a white male should not be given quarter.