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Florida has seen an influx of Puerto Ricans since 2000, and in the wake of Hurricane Maria, many more Puerto Ricans are fleeing their devastated homes and moving to Florida. It's not clear how many of these newly-arrived Puerto Ricans will stay, but as many as 100,000 could impact not only the state's politics but national elections. Writing two years, Pew reported that Florida's Puerto Rican population increased 110% since 2000.

The Caribbean is bracing for another, potentially catastrophic hurricane, and the US territory of Puerto Rico appears to be in its projected path.
Category 5 Hurricane Maria's maximum sustained winds have increased to 175 mph. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says an Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter plane took the reading Tuesday evening as the storm was about 60 miles (115 kilometers) southeast of St. Croix.

Sunday, Puerto Ricans headed to the polls to cast their votes for statehood. 97% voted to make Puerto Rico the fifty-first state. But that overwhelming support is hindered by the fact that only 23% of the eligible population actually voted.