STOP THE PRESSES!!!! First Lady Melania Trump had the NERVE to wear stilettos as she boarded Air Force One to head to Texas with President Donald Trump.

The way people acted you’d think she’s the one who ordered Hurricane Harvey to devastate the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Her office said:

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” the first lady’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told Fox News via email.

I posted the pictures and someone told me that the last thing people in Houston want to see is a billionaire’s wife in f*ck me heels. As someone who has gone through hurricanes and tropical storms in Texas and tornadoes in Oklahoma, when you’ve lost everything, the last thing you care about are the shoes the First Lady is wearing.

You care about one thing: SURVIVAL.

Our very own Kemberlee is in the storm and I can pretty much guarantee she doesn’t care about Melania’s shoes. I’d ask, but she has lost power and I don’t want to text her and use up any of her phone battery.

Nicole Gallucci at Mashable took the words right out of my mouth:

  • Melania had a change of shoes on Air Force One. By the time they landed in Corpus Christi, where Harvey made landfall, she’d changed into white sneakers.
  • Some Houston residents have lost everything, a city has been completely displaced, and the death count from the storm is still rising. In comparison, this debate over appropriate footwear is utterly meaningless and isn’t helping anyone.

But alas, the stupid unleashed their stupidity:

Thank God some had common sense:


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