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Court finds the state education department exceeded its authority in requiring religious schools to provide the substantial equivalent of secular education: "Parents should be given a reasonable opportunity to prove that the substantial equivalency requirements for their children's education are satisfied by instruction provided through...

A proposed set of regulations that require private schools to be “substantially equivalent” to public schools threaten to wreak havoc with Orthodox Jewish yeshivas in New York. Religious education leaders and parents are starting to fight back....

"If the district court were correct that individuals cannot challenge the Policy until they contract COVID-19—triggering a five-day window to obtain relief before oral antiviral treatments become ineffective—then the Department would have free rein to enact racially discriminatory and unconstitutional rules without fear of judicial...

The State of New York has a natural gas shortage, the result of years of the administration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and environmentalists fighting the construction of new supply pipelines. A June 2019 report by The Manhattan Institute documented the shortage and its causes, Out of Gas: New York’s Blocked Pipelines Will Hurt Northeast Consumers:

The NRA has been under assault from liberal politicians and political groups for decades. But those attacks have intensified after the Parkland school shooting. Student David Hogg, backed by powerful groups like Media Matters, launched a campaign to pressure companies to sever membership discount programs with the NRA. That campaign was largely successful, but it did not stop there.

On Wednesday, the New York State Education Department apologized for including an ‘anti-Israel’ political cartoon on its global studies Regents Exam. The exam was administered to 10th graders back on January 24. In an earlier post on the controversy, we wrote that critics—including students, teachers, and a prominent NY politician—had charged that the cartoon was offensive anti-Israel propaganda.

Anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda are common on America’s college and university campuses. But as we’ve highlighted in a number of recent posts, this discriminatory and biased messaging and materials appears to be filtering down into the public education system. In a post last April we noted how anti-Israel materials have been systematically introduced into the curriculum of a Newton, MA high school. Then at an Ithaca, NY third grade classroom we recently documented efforts to indoctrinate kids into becoming “freedom fighters for Palestine”:

Donald Trump is hovering near a delegate trajectory that will gain him a majority of delegates on the first ballot, even though he will not come anywhere near a majority of votes cast in various primaries and caucuses (including caucuses that selected delegates to state conventions). In other words, using the characterization of the delegate selection process which Trump and Trumpmedia claim is rigged and amounts to "stealing" the election when it benefits Cruz relative to vote percentage, Trump would be the biggest thief of the campaign season. (By the way, the claim that state conventions are "voterless" is a lie.) This NBC News analysis as of April 11, 2016, demonstrates how the supposedly "rigged" system has helped Trump: