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The Nevada Democratic Party's entire staff quit after members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) won all leadership positions. Judith Whitmer belongs to DSA's chapter in Las Vegas and chaired the Clark County Democratic Party. She became the state party chair on Saturday but immediately received resignation emails from the staff.

President Donald Trump was in Nevada for several campaign events this weekend, including an indoor rally at Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson. Even though all Americans are fully aware of the hazards associated with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and have seen "peaceful protesters" ignore all social distancing rules, the city in which the manufacturing company operated issued a warning to try and stop the rally.

Erik Scott's murder and subsequent cover-up are an unbelievably horrifying story and one you probably haven't heard. Scott was murdered in a Costco parking lot by Las Vegas Metro cops. Scott's senseless murder and surrounding events are blood boiling. It's an unfortunate example of government corruption, of the perversion of the justice system that has afflicted far too many locals, and of bureaucrats who will do whatever is necessary to cover and conceal the deplorable acts of their employees.

Jacky Rosen hopes to unseat Sen. Dean Heller, the only Republican incumbent in a state failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won. Rosen has a three-point lead over Heller and the DNC has poured a lot of money into her campaign. Rosen has bragged about building a small business in Nevada. The Reno Gazette Journal and Daily Caller both reviewed public records and found no evidence that Rosen's software consulting business actually existed.

President Trump needs to keep both the House and the Senate in order to fulfill even more of his campaign promises and to get more of his agenda passed.  However, things have not been going well for the GOP in special elections since Trump's own election. Recognizing how important Congressional majorities are to his Make America Great Again agenda, President Trump intervened in Nevada, convincing Senator Dean Heller's primary challenger to drop out so that Heller can focus on beating the Democrat without first getting beaten up by his own party's primary candidate.
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