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Teens Accused of Killing Retired CA Police Chief Taunt His Family in Court

Teens Accused of Killing Retired CA Police Chief Taunt His Family in Court


The Discovery Channel had a show years ago called Most Evil. You can stream it on Discovery+.

A psychiatrist puts killers on a numbered scale based on evil. For example, someone like Ted Bundy is level 1, the most evil.

I bring up the show because I thought of it when I saw Jesus Ayala and Jzamir Keys, the two teens accused of killing retired police chief Andreas Probst, as they live-streamed it, taunted and laughed at the victim’s family in court.


The teens live-streamed their exploits on August 14, stealing cars and targeting civilians. They laughed when they ran over Probst:

Just moments later, the video appear to show the teens yelling ‘hit his ass’ and running over Probst who was cycling in a bike lane. This video which police said was recorded by Keys went viral after being posted on social media.

“The laughing, them saying ‘get his ass’- all of that has haunted me ever since,” said Taylor Probst, the daughter of Andreas Probst, to ABC News.

They also hit and injured a 72-year-old cyclist.

It doesn’t end there. Ayala jokes with the arresting officer in the car:

“Are you sure you already found the person who did it?” said Ayala to the officer in the beginning of the interaction.

“I got him in my car,” the officer replied back.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Ayala.

“It’s okay. We got so much surveillance footage,” said the officer back.

Ayala then repeatedly asks how long he will be detained and is jovial about the situation. He even asks the officer to get him something to eat saying he is hungry.

“Is it really that serious?” Ayala asked the officer.

“Yeah it is,” the officer replied back.

“Supposedly for me crashing a car?” said Ayala.

“It’s a lot worse than that,” said the officer.

The officer tells Ayala he will probably be sentenced to 20 to 30 years in prison.

“I’m not lying or being dramatic,” said the officer. “I don’t understand why you choose this life. I mean you’re like 17. You have your whole life ahead of you. You already got some face tattoos. You’re already committing some crimes. Like, why?”

Ayala seemingly expects easier treatment as a juvenile. He was 17 on the day of the crimes.

“You think this juvenile sh** is going to do something? I’ll be out in 30 days. I bet you,” said Ayala.

“You might be out of juvenile, but you’ll be moved over to adult jail because of how bad it is,” said the officer.

“Just a fu***** hit and run. Slap on the wrist,” said Ayala. “Why you got to lie and say it’s something serious? It’s not that serious.”


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Sometimes torture is appropriate.

    Blackwing1 in reply to NotCoach. | October 25, 2023 at 12:34 pm

    Torture is almost never appropriate outside of extreme exigent circumstances (ticking warhead, etc.). It reduces us to their level. We need to be humane and kind.

    Once convicted of admitted first-degree murder. let the judge tell them they’re free to walk away, and have a sniper shoot them in the head as they’re walking away from the bench.. They’ll die happy and humanely thinking they got away with it. Most importantly bury the remains in an unmarked grave so that they remain anonymous for all time.

    Even more important is to have anyone who deliberately publishes their names or images of them after they’ve been arrested (it may be necessary to ID them before they’re caught) be convicted of the NEXT murder of this type, as accomplices before the fact. One of the main reasons disturbed people do things like this is for the notoriety. Eliminate that and you’ve taken away a major motive.

      alaskabob in reply to Blackwing1. | October 25, 2023 at 12:55 pm

      When it is the only language they understand. I would like to make every waking hour of the rest of their lives one filled with dread and remorse … to dread going to sleep knowing what the morning brings. Mental anguish. For now they get to laugh and the state coddles them.

      ThePrimordialOrderedPair in reply to Blackwing1. | October 25, 2023 at 1:48 pm

      It reduces us to their level.

      That’s just silly. Doing something as a punishment is not the same as doing that act for recreation and thrills. It is not the act that determines the morality. Slicing someone open with a knife is normally a barbaric act … unless you are a a surgeon and are saving someone’s life. The act of slicing someone open is not, itself, evil.

      Punishments must fit the crime. Punishments must be measured based on the crime that was committed and also the danger of others in society committing that same type of act. Punishments must serve those two purposes – they must be fair payback for the crime so that the victim feels some sense of justice has been executed and they must serve as deterrence to others thinking of committing that same sort of crime (since we do not watch and surveil everyone in society but trust people to make their own decisions and then only arrest people after they have actually committed a crime).

      There are crimes for which torture is that appropriate punishment. All punishments should, at the very minimum, bring the same pain and lethality as the crime. The criminal had the choice to subject himself to that while his victim did not. We have lost this concept of natural fairness and justice in our society.

    Wisewerds in reply to NotCoach. | October 25, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    Torture them on live tv. Until they are whimpering and begging for mercy, their will is entirely broken, and they are utterly humiliated. To show others who would behave the same the fate that awaits them.

    pst314 in reply to NotCoach. | October 25, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    Instead of torturing them, execute them in front of their friends.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to NotCoach. | October 25, 2023 at 9:05 pm

    Their attitude is almost as bad as Hamas. Stone cold killers.

The Gentle Grizzly | October 25, 2023 at 10:42 am

They are laughing and taunting because they know their sentences will be short.

“Just teens”, you know.

Me? I think they should be shot.

Death penalty is too good for these animals

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to rochf. | October 25, 2023 at 11:30 am

    Then, what do you suggest? Three hots and a cot for the next 60 years, given their ages? They would be heroes among gen-pop for offing a policeman, retired or not.

    Nope. Quick capital punishment, and I would call for the same if they purposely ran down a mere “civilian”.

      I think he’s implying a torturous death, rather than life.
      But that could be my bias showing.

        TrickyRicky in reply to GWB. | October 25, 2023 at 1:07 pm

        I think those smug smiles could be wiped off their faces with an eight-pound sledgehammer, but that’s just me.

          CommoChief in reply to TrickyRicky. | October 25, 2023 at 1:38 pm

          If you gonna go all psychopath then a box cutter, hacksaw and a blowtorch to cauterize the wound would work. For a while anyway, depending on how many days in a row you cut pieces off and which pieces. That’s just inflicting pain, hopelessness and despair as punishment which ain’t cool IMO.

          Outside of extraordinary circumstances I don’t see the need for physical torture. Sleep deprivation, flashing lights/loud sounds to keep them disoriented will do the trick.

      Unless they’re gay, they may not find it so pleasant the first time they have to bend over for some 250 pound lifer. I suppose they’ll get used to it after awhile.

The obnoxious content of character seems to be overwhelmingly displayed by only one faction of the melting pot of America. Do they not understand that “Grab Every Dollar” attitude got them enslaved long before 1619?

    puhiawa in reply to scooterjay. | October 25, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    You would likely be surprised to learn both were booked as “white”. Neither is.

      scooterjay in reply to puhiawa. | October 25, 2023 at 2:33 pm

      That is because of mutt status…white when handy, black when accused. Mixed-race results in genes with strange emotional responses. Sorry to be blunt, but inferior genes are much more prevalent in those being fed.
      Intelligence increases with hunger.

Just the oppressed responding to their oppression. They are the real victims. Or something like that according to the Social Justice religion

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to BigGeorge. | October 25, 2023 at 11:25 am

    They finally got their freedom in 1964, then even got affirmative action in jobs and school admission.

    What have they done with this new freedom?

America today, everywhere

They deserve the chair. Nothing less.
No. They deserve hanging – long drop, short rope. It’s an appropriately ignominious end, and the rope is “sustainable” compared to a bullet.

Since obama, this is the attitude of many street blacks. They feel that they are entitled to treatment that gives them a break for being black. Then after George Floyd and the BLM movement, they now feel untouchable. Most street toughs have a little more sense than these two. I hope the state has a provision that allows teens to be tried as adults in murder cases. I cannot imagine the word “Rehabilitate” being used with either of them.

These two sadistic and callous psychos would be right at home in Hamas or any other Muslim supremacist/terrorist outfit. The same gleeful joy in murdering others, the same delight in taunting their victims’ families.

Evil exists — don’t rationalize it, excuse it or blame the victims. Confront it and fight it.

    Confront it and exterminate it, if possible.

    Peabody in reply to guyjones. | October 25, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    “These two sadistic and callous psychos would be right at home in Hamas or any other Muslim supremacist/terrorist outfit.”

    They should be right at home in prison, too—a lot of Muslim brothers to fellowship with in there.

They expected to leniency? insane

    Olinser in reply to geronl. | October 25, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    It’s not insane, it’s exactly what has happened for years. It’s not insane for them to expect the same treatment they’ve already experienced.

    What’s insane is that they’ve already been given that treatment enough to get used to it as normal.

      CommoChief in reply to Olinser. | October 25, 2023 at 1:45 pm

      Yep. That’s the previous result for them and their peers. Society conditioned them to expect to skate in Juvenile CT b/c those were the previous actions of society.

      Similar to the lefty students letters praising Hamas then suddenly shocked to discover that wider society off their campus safe space ain’t interested in hiring folks who publicly proclaim their support for Hamas and the terrorist massacres Hamas carries out. They were conditioned by society to expect to be able to say and do whatever they wanted b/c they had always gotten by with it before.

They have been coddled by the system their entire lives. This sack of crap LOVES how coddled he is by the system because he’s a ‘juvenile’.

This is what the liberal bleeding heart insanity produces.

It’s literally what Heinlein wrote in Starship Troopers.

Pasted below:

“Law-abiding people,” Dubois had told us, “hardly dared go into a public park at night. To do so was to risk attack by wolf packs of children, armed with chains, knives, home-made guns, bludgeons … to be hurt at least, robbed most certainly, injured for life probably — or even killed. This went on for years, right up to the war between the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony. Murder, drug addiction, larceny, assult, and vandalism were commonplace. Nor were parks the only places — these things happened also on the streets in daylight, on school grounds, even inside school buildings. But parks were so notoriously unsafe that honest people stayed clear of them after dark.”

I had tried to imagine such things happening in our schools, I simply couldn’t. Nor in our parks. A park was a place for fun, not for getting hurt. As for getting killed in one — “Mr. Dubois, didn’t they have police? Or courts?”

“They had many more police than we have. And more courts. All overworked.”

“I guess I don’t get it.” If a boy in our city had done anything half that bad … well, he and his father would have been flogged side by side. But such things just didn’t happen.

Mr. Dubois then demanded of me, “Define a ‘juvenile delinquent.'”

“Uh, one of those kids — the ones who used to beat up people.”


“Huh? But the book said — ”

“My apologies. Your textbook does so state. But calling a tail a leg does not make the name fit. ‘Juvenile delinquent’ is a contradiction in terms, one which gives a clue to their problem and their failure to solve it. Have you ever raised a puppy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did you housebreak him?”

“Err … yes, sir. Eventually.” It was my slowness in this that caused my mother to rule that dogs must stay out of the house.

“Ah, yes. When your puppy made mistakes, were you angry?”

“What? Why, he didn’t know any better; he was just a puppy.”

“What did you do?”

“Why, I scolded him and rubbed his nose in it and paddled him.”

“Surely he could not understand your words?”

“No, but he could tell I was sore at him!”

“But you just said that you were not angry.”

Mr. Dubois had an infuriating way of getting a person mixed up, “No, but I had to make him think I was. He had to learn, didn’t he?”

“Conceded. But, having made it clear to him that you disapproved, how could you be so cruel as to spank him as well? You said the poor beastie didn’t know that he was doing wrong. Yet you inflicted pain. Justify yourself! Or are you a sadist?”

I didn’t then know what a sadist was — but I know pups. “Mr. Dubois, you have to! You scold him so that he knows he’s in trouble, you rub his nose in it so that he will know what trouble you mean, you paddle him so that he darn well won’t do it again — and you have to do it right away! It doesn’t do a bit of good to punish him later; you’ll just confuse him. Even so, he won’t learn from one lesson, so you watch and catch him again and paddle him still harder. Pretty soon he learns. But it’s a waste of breath just to scold him.” Then I added, “I guess you’ve never raised pups.”

“Many. I’m raising a daschund now — by your methods. Let’s get back to those juvenile criminals. The most vicious averaged somewhat younger than you here in this class …and they often started their lawless careers much younger. Let us never forget that puppy. These children were often caught; police arrested batches each day. Were they scolded? Yes, often scathingly. Were their noses rubbed in it? Rarely. Newspapers and officials usually kept their names secret — in many places this was the law for criminals under eighteen. Were they spanked? Indeed not! Many had never been spanked even as small children; there was a widespread belief that spanking, or any punishment involving pain, did a child permanent psychic damage.”

(I had reflected that my father must never have heard of that theory.)

“Corporal punishment in schools was forbidden by law,” he had gone on. “Flogging was lawful as sentence of court only in one small province, Delaware, and there only for a few crimes and was rarely invoked; it was regarded as ‘cruel and unusual punishment.'” Dubois had mused aloud, “I do not understand objections to ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. While a judge should be benevolent in purpose, his awards should cause the criminal to suffer, else there is no punishment — and pain is the basic mechanism built into us by millions of years of evolution which safeguards us by warning when something threatens our survival. Why should society refuse to use such a highly perfected survival mecahnism? However, that period was loaded with pre-scientific pseudo-psychological nonsense.

“As for ‘unusual,’ punishment must be unusual or it serves no purpose.” He then pointed his stump at another boy. “What would happen if a puppy were spanked every hour?”

“Uh … probably drive him crazy!”

“Probably. It certainly will not teach him anything. How long has it been since the principal of this school last had to switch a pupil?”

“Uh, I’m not sure. About two years. The kid that swiped –”

“Never mind. Long enough. It means that such punishment is so unusual as to be significant, to deter, to instruct. Back to these young criminals — They probably were not spanked as babies; they certainly were not flogged for their crimes. The usual sentence was: for a first offence, a warning — a scolding, often without trial. After several offenses a sentence of confinement but with sentence suspended and the youngster placed on probation. A boy might be arrested may times and convicted several times before he was punished — and then it would be merely confinement, with others like him from whom he learned still more criminal habits. If he kept out of major trouble while confined, he could usually evade most of even that mild punishment, be given probation — ‘paroled’ in the jargon of the times.

“This incredible sequence could go on for years while his crimes increased in frequency and viciousness, with no punishment whatever save rare dull-but-comfortable confinements. Then suddenly, usually by law on his eighteenth birthday, this so-called ‘juvenile delinquent’ becomes an adult criminal — and sometimes wound up in only weeks or months in a death cell awaiting execution for murder.”

He had singled me out again. “Suppose you merely scolded your puppy, never punished him, let him go on making messes in the house … and occasionally locked him up in an outbuilding but soon let him back into the house with a warning not to do it again. Then one day you notice that he is now a grown dog and still not housebroken — whereupon you whip out a gun and shoot him dead. Comment, please?”

“Why … that’s the craziest way to raise a dog I ever heard of!”

“I agree. Or a child. Whose fault would it be?”

“Uh … why, mine, I guess.”

“Again I agree. But I’m not guessing.”

    Olinser in reply to Olinser. | October 25, 2023 at 1:20 pm

    The liberal bleeding hearts are doing EXACTLY the insanity that Heinlein wrote about more than 60 years ago, with the exact same results.

    Everything old is new again.

    I sure hope that is considered “fair use” because that entire passage is so powerfully spot on.

    chrisboltssr in reply to Olinser. | October 25, 2023 at 3:09 pm

    This entire passage lines up with my view that I discovered only recently: Society MUST be hard on boys and men. If society is not, those boys and men will become nothing but savage barbarians.

The judge should have had them gagged and immobilized in a wheelchair for the trial. They were driving a vehicle so they should be tried as adults.

Let’s hope their murdered in jail, slowly.

You get the culture that you venerate.

Those two children are the outcome of our depraved culture.

If you’re 18 and commit a crime they call you a teen to evoke sympathy. But if you’re 18 and get killed in the military, Biden will glance at his watch when they unload your body from the plane, wondering, “How much longer do I have to sit here? I might be late for the symposim on Reducing Sentences for Teen Offedners.”

“After that I have to hurry back to the White House to meet George Floyd’s family.”

“It was great. He’s a genuine guy,” Philonise Floyd, George’s brother, told reporters after the meeting Biden at the White House..

“He always speak from the heart and it’s a pleasure just to be able to have the chance to meet with him.”

What kind of ‘hood produces such sadistic animals? /rhetorical question

hope he has a fight game
old cons don’t put up with that
kind of behavior
I worked corrections for 10 years
saw a bunch of young bad a$$ folks come in … after about 3 weeks
they were totally different.
got their a$$ handed to them daily.
the don’t fight fair … not one or two on one … 6 or 8 on one ….

When these punks wind up in a Maximum Security institution they will sure be surprised if they keep playing this Johnny Bad attitude.

I don’t think the reality of their soon to be pronounced punishment has sunk in yet. Living in a cage for life. But taxpayers can’t continue to provide 3 meals and a place to sleep for 60 yrs. Not to mention medical care and sex change surgery. So a quick execution would be just and cost efficient.
Here in IL where capital punishment is barred, I estimate there are a thousand inmates sentenced to life. The costs have to be astronomical and every day there are more murderers.