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Democratic Party of Nevada in Chaos Two Years After Bernie Sanders Supporters Took Over

Democratic Party of Nevada in Chaos Two Years After Bernie Sanders Supporters Took Over

“even key figures in Bernie world — including Sanders himself — say they are unhappy and embittered by what’s transpired”

Two years ago, Bernie Sanders supporters took over the Democratic party of Nevada. Progressives and Democratic Socialists celebrated the move, thinking they had toppled the establishment.

Now the party is imploding, and there are worries about 2024. Who could have predicted that letting Democratic Socialists take over would lead to problems?

Politico reports:

Sanders supporters took over the Nevada Democratic Party. It’s not going well.

When Bernie Sanders’ supporters took over the Nevada Democratic Party two years ago, progressives across the country were thrilled.

Socialists had managed to bring down one of the most powerful establishment forces in the nation, the famed Democratic machine built by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. They saw it as a blueprint for the progressive transformation of state parties.

Two years after the experiment began, there are regrets.

Judith Whitmer, the insurgent party chair who wrested control of the party from mainstream Democrats, is facing a challenge in her reelection campaign next month amid doubts from her own former supporters and accusations that she abandoned her progressive principles. And even key figures in Bernie world — including Sanders himself — say they are unhappy and embittered by what’s transpired.

“The senator is pretty disappointed in Judith’s chairmanship, specifically around her failure to build a strong grassroots movement in the state,” said a person familiar with Sanders’ thinking. “A lot of us feel sad about what could have been. It was a big opportunity for Bernie-aligned folks in the state to prove some of the folks in the establishment wrong. And that hasn’t happened.”

Now for the funny part. Much of this current uproar is being fueled by a vote to condemn the horrors of socialism.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Far-left Nevada Democrats furious with party members over ‘horrors of socialism’ vote

Nevada progressives are furious with establishment Democrats in the state after they voted in favor of a House resolution to “condemn the horrors of socialism,” setting up a showdown between the party’s far-left flank and its more centrist officials.

The Las Vegas chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America hit out against the state’s Democratic Party, decrying officials for not condemning Nevada’s House members after all four lawmakers voted to denounce “the horrors of socialism” in countries such as Cuba and North Korea. The LVDSA cited the state party’s silence, along with a handful of other grievances, as evidence that the Democratic Party has become a “dead end.”

“It is a ‘party’ in name only; truly, it is simply a tangled web of dark money and mega-donors, cynical consultants, and lapdog politicians,” LVDSA officials wrote in a statement. “The establishment is Lucy with the football: no matter how effectively socialists organize for power, the establishment will simply pull the football away, using dirtier and dirtier tricks. Enough falling for the tricks and even the most dedicated socialist can’t help but give up and play the ugly game.”

The statement comes after the House resolution received bipartisan support in the House, passing in a 328-86 vote with 109 Democrats joining all Republicans in advancing the measure. All four House members from Nevada — Democratic Reps. Steven Horsford, Susie Lee, and Dina Titus as well as Republican Rep. Mark Amodei — voted in favor of the resolution.

It’s disturbing to think that this far left faction is working to take over in other states.


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The Democratic party… The Democratics are rioting.

Guess they just found out the 2020 primary election was rigged by the DNC in favor of Clinton.

Funny how those socialist parties don’t seem to fare so well in states with significant populations of refugees who escaped from those socialist regime shatholes.

Florida and its Cubanos for instance.

Socialists ruin everything.

Socialists seem to do that. They will even eat the last piece of friend chicken and then lie about it while railing at the wealthy farmer for not providing enough chicken. Free.

I have never understood Bernie’s popularity. He does not even give the impression that he himself believes the shopworn, pablum he ejaculates.

    Absolutely agree, the man owns at least 3 expensive houses, including beachfront

      diver64 in reply to gonzotx. | February 27, 2023 at 4:53 pm

      Enough with the beachfront nonsense. I was under Bernies reign in VT and that carpetbagger is a lot of things but his vacation camp on Champlain is not a beachfront mansion or anything. Buddie of mine did the contracting work on the porch and interior. It’s a typical lake camp that thousands on Champlain own and before the flatlanders drove the prices into the ozone not atypical in the least.

      venril in reply to gonzotx. | February 28, 2023 at 7:21 am

      I think those are properly described as ‘dachas’

“Democratic Socialists of America, Las Vegas Chapter”?

Exactly what I would expect.

Perpetually bitter entitled cry bullies who couldn’t manage a fart in a toilet drive the party vehicle off a Nevada cliff.

No one could’ve predicted this…

The state Democrats are in disarray… you’d think the state Republicans could find SOME way to take advantage of this, but…

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to henrybowman. | February 26, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    To expect the Republican Party to do anything to effectively oppose anything the Democrats do or don’t do is to enter the realm of fantasy.

    Subotai Bahadur

    Nevada Republican here. As bas as the Nevada Democratic Party is, the Republican Party in Nevada is even more incompetently run, as is the Clark County party (which is where Las Vegas is located an contains ~70% of the state’s population).

    The people who run the state and Clark GOP central committees are incapable or raising money and there are serious questions about how they even spent that money. Heck, they gave one candidate $8. Yes, just eight dollars in a tight race the GOP narrowly lost. They preach inclusion but attack anyone who dares disagree with them. One of their inner circle has another Republican of adultery with Democratic politicians just because said Republican (a former state party chair) refused to support that inner circle Nomenklatura’s bid for office. It’s an insider club of people who would rather monopolize intraparty power than actually win general elections.

    Take, for example, last years gubernatorial race. Gov. Lombardo was the only Republican last year to defeat an incumbent Dem governor. Yet as an endorsement convention, the state party openly booed him, and instead endorsed a stolen-election zealot who accused Lombardo of stealing the primary election even though Lombardo won by double digits.

    That, and the gerrymandering was so bad that Republicans are in a supermajority in the state Assembly despite getting about the same number of total statewide votes than Democrats.

    Oh, the those who are running that clownshow are the “America First” Pro-Trump former Ron Paul supporters.

      There’s only so many elected offices and appointed positions to be handed out. Add in internal feuds among different wings of the coalition and bad blood on a personal level among some these folks. The result is disunity.

      The fact is that the regular GoP voters can select their party chair, state chair and other party offices but they have to get a critical mass who wants it enough to follow through. This puts the ‘machine’ in a better position to fend off challenges b/c most regular people won’t be willing to show up and do the work required to achieve any changes.

Subotai Bahadur | February 26, 2023 at 2:42 pm

These are Democrats, both standard and Democratic Socialists of America. If the seizure of power is not going well, we can expect that there will be some sort of purge to bring things under control.

In any case, with “elections” in this country now consisting of the counting of manufactured “ballots” and not votes cast by real voters, there is no way that the Socialists will be removed.

Subotai Bahadur

By popcorn and enjoy the entertainment

Democratic Socialists take over the Nevada state party, then ruin it. You don’t say.

Now do Colorado.

There’s not enough socialist manure to spread and make a true grass roots movement last. A problem I see with most socialists is they all think they’re chiefs, no one is left to be Indians. Nobody wants to till the fields.