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Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld has apparently given up campaigning for himself and Gary Johnson, instead opting to sing the praises of Hillary Clinton on the Rachel Maddow show. Real Clear Politics reports:
Libertarian VP Candidate Weld: "I'm Here Vouching For Mrs. Clinton And I Think It's High Time Somebody Did" Fmr. Gov. and Libertarian party vice presidential candidate for president William Weld defended Hillary Clinton in an interview with Rachel Maddow. Weld, ignoring fundraising attempts by his running mate at the top of the ticket, Gary Johnson, said it is "high time" somebody defends the Democratic nominee for president and he is here to vouch for her.

Former Massachusetts Governor and current Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld has a new political mission and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with helping Gary Johnson win the presidency. Weld simply doesn't want Trump to win, so he plans to focus on attacking him. The Boston Globe reports:
VP hopeful Weld is more interested in attacking Trump The Libertarian vice presidential candidate, William F. Weld, said Tuesday that he plans to focus exclusively on blasting Donald Trump over the next five weeks, a strategic pivot aimed at denying Trump the White House and giving himself a key role in helping to rebuild the GOP.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned another high-end endorsement when the Chicago Tribune editorial board picked him as their choice for president. The board wrote:
This year neither major party presents a good option. So the Chicago Tribune today endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson for president of the United States. Every American who casts a vote for him is standing for principles — and can be proud of that vote. Yes, proud of a candidate in 2016.

According to new polling, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has more support from military veterans than the other presidential candidates.  Recent polling of active military showed 37% of respondents chose Johnson, reports The Hill. Depending upon the accuracy of the polling, it may serve as further evidence that military service members are increasingly Libertarian.

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and running mate William Weld has pulled in more than $2.9 million since the beginning of August. From The Wall Street Journal:
The campaign ran an online “money bomb” asking supporters to donate $15 by Aug. 15 with a goal of raising $1.5 million. It reported that more than 90,000 people contributed an average of $32 in support of the Libertarian candidate—nearly double its goal.

Amid the cries of #NeverTrump on the right, some conservatives are saying they'll vote Libertarian in 2016. Even conservative pundit Mary Matalin has endorsed Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen. The favorite to win the nomination however, is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who made big news last week by selecting former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as his running mate. Having two successful Republican governors on the Libertarian ticket raised expectations in political media circles and the duo was immediately labeled a Libertarian dream ticket, yet a funny thing happened on the way to the nomination.