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Duke Students Condemn Prof Who Linked Libertarians to Autism

Duke Students Condemn Prof Who Linked Libertarians to Autism

“My initial response was that I wanted her to be punished”

This is an update from a post we ran a few days ago. Some Duke students are not happy that a professor suggested Libertarian ideas are caused by autism.

Campus Reform reports:

Duke students rebuke prof for saying libertarians are autistic

Duke University students are circulating a petition condemning a professor who labeled conservatives and libertarians autistic, but the administration remains silent.

When Hunter Michielson, president of the school’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter, awoke to the news that a professor at his university had publicly speculated that libertarians and conservatives are autistic, he was angry.

“My initial response was that I wanted her to be punished,” he told Campus Reform.

After conversations with others on campus and seriously contemplating the matter, however, Michielson decided that calling for institutional intervention to silence the professor’s free speech would be hypocritical for him as a libertarian, so he elected to instead create a petition to demonstrate that the Duke community does not condone such remarks.

History professor Nancy MacLean gave a February 7 public lecture on her controversial book Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, during which she discussed the life and work of Nobel Prize-winning economist James Buchanan in light of the American libertarian and conservative movements.


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To the Duke students: Don’t be so thin-skinned. Rags and yellowsnake resort to worse vitriol toward actual Americans every day.

President Trump won, in part, because hate-filled lefties only have one weapon….vile invective.