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Each Memorial Day we try to focus on the lives of a small number of individuals who gave their lives for our country, and whose stories we have followed for several years. In this way we put human faces and life stories honoring all those who paid the ultimate price. Click on each hyperlinked heading for prior posts about the person.

This weekend was the worst of Twitter, and the best of Twitter The worst was the horrible response of "comedian" Dean Obeidallah to a mild comment from Bill Presson on Twitter regarding a Tweet by Obeidallah dedicating Memorial Day to the anti-Trump Resistance. That mild comment from Presson was responded to by Obeidallah with a question about Presson's profile pic: "Are u wearing a Nazi outfit?"

Cornell Law School graduation was held this year at the campus sports arena used for basketball games. It was the first time that I can remember that the sports complex was used for that purpose, and the faculty met in the Class of 1944 room as we awaited the processional. If you want to watch, you can view it here.  And yes, I am in it, but you'll have to find me. After that, I'll show you my vacation pictures. While waiting, I saw this plaque on the wall:

Each memorial day we try to focus on the lives of a small number of individuals who gave their lives for our country, and whose stories we have followed for several years. Rachel Porto, the widow of Marine Corporal Jonathan Porto, wrote a moving post for Legal insurrection, I am proud to be the widow of Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, USMC. The post has received widespread attention on social media. Please retweet: We also have a post by Jane Horton, about her husband Christopher Horton, who we have not written about before, “My husband, like many fallen service members, would want to see you live”.

Memorial Day. What does it mean to me? It means a time to reflect on my husband's service and sacrifice. A time to reflect on the sacrifices of thousands of families like my own. I met Jonny Porto in 2008 shortly after I graduated college. He was stationed on the Army post on which I worked and we met one summer weekend night at the bowling alley. I was immediately struck by his charisma, sincerity, and devilishly handsome good looks. I spent the evening with him and his friends, and although I had just met them all, they made me feel like we've been friends forever. At the end of the night, Jonny asked me if he could kiss me. I figured, "Sure, why not?" Little did I know that would be the kiss that would change my life. Many thought it was sudden when Jonathan proposed to me in November, but we knew it was right. We married on May 2, 2009, only 9 months after meeting. It was a true whirl-wind romance.

March 14, 2014 was the fourth anniversary of the death of Cpl. Jonathan Daniel Porto in Afghanistan, as noted here before: Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto Promises a Marine Widow Cannot Bear to Hear Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, Remembered Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, March 14, 2010 Three years ago today — Cpl...

The first American killed in the Afghan war, on November 25, 2001. I’ve told his story before (also here), but it is worth remembering every year. As we just finished Hanukkah and approach Christmas, we also remember the others featured previously at Legal Insurrection, Jonathan Daniel Porto, U.S....

In response to my most recent post regarding the two year anniversary of the death of Marine Cpl. Jonathan Daniel Porto, I was contacted by reader Kate in Texas who suggested I alert other readers to Sand Soldiers of America: I read last night about the post you have...

On March 14, 2010, Marine Corporal Jonathan Daniel Porto was killed in Afghanistan.Every loss of one of our soldiers is tragic, but this tragedy has hit home because Cpl. Porto's wife has posted about it at her blog, A Little Pink in a World of...

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