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New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey dropped the bombshell on Harvey Weinstein two years ago with a scathing article filled with accusations from actresses. They described horrific alleged sexual misconduct by the once-powerful movie producer, which led to the #MeToo movement. Kantor and Twohey detailed their investigation in a new book called She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement. One shocking detail came to light in the book. Victim rights attorney Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred, sided with Weinstein. She offered to help him ruin the reputations of the women who accused him of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape.

Harvard Law School professor Ron Sullivan Jr. and his wife Stephanie Robinson, who also teaches at the school, were removed from their positions as residential deans for Harvard's Winthrop House this spring. They were targeted by social justice warriors on campus who claimed they felt "unsafe" due to Sullivan's decision to join the defense team of Harvey Weinstein, even though he dropped Weinstein when he learned the trial would conflict with his teaching schedule.

A judge dismissed one out of six sexual assault charges against movie producer Harvey Weinstein after the prosecutors admitted that the lead detective on the case did not tell them that one witness doubted one of the accusers. From The New York Times:
Mr. Weinstein, 66, was charged in May with raping one woman and forcing another, Lucia Evans, to perform oral sex on him. Ms. Evans, a marketing executive, had testified to a state grand jury that the forced sex act had occurred in 2004, during a casting meeting at the offices of Mr. Weinstein’s film company, Miramax, in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood.

As the #MeToo movement seems to be winding down, the New York Times reveals that back in 2008 a top adviser to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was accused of ongoing sexual harassment of an aide.  Hillary herself, the NYT reports, insisted that he remain with her campaign. One of the great ironies of twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary's 2016 defeat is that had she been elected, the entire #MeToo movement may not have happened at all.  It certainly wouldn't have gained the traction it did if Hillary and Bill were occupying the White House.