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Egypt is back in the news, and this time it is not related to a ship blocking its famous canal, but to a discovery of an ancient city that may reveal much about the ancient peoples.
Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of an ancient city in the desert outside Luxor that they say is the "largest" ever found in Egypt and dates back to a golden age of the pharaohs 3,000 years ago.

While the world focuses on the COVID pandemic and China's shenanigans, a potential conflict has been brewing between Ethiopia and Egypt involving the waters of the Blue Nile. This month, Ethiopia completed the initial filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a nearly $5 billion hydroelectricity project. The country plans to fill the rest of the dam over the next five years, a prospect that worries downstream Egypt, which depends on the Nile for freshwater.

Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met with President Donald Trump on Monday to thank him for American efforts to enhance relations between the two nations. However, before the press conference with Egypt's leader, Trump gave a robust and heated response to a press assertion that he was "cleaning house" at the Department of Homeland Security.

Back in 2009, former President Barack Obama delivered a speech at American University in Cairo, Egypt, that "promised a new beginning with Muslim and Arab countries." The right criticized Obama "for placing too much blame on the U.S. for strife in the region." On Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected Obama's Middle East policy and stated “the age of self-inflicted American shame is over.”

The last time I mentioned Egypt, archeologists had uncovered the hidden tomb of an Egyptian royal priest that had been untouched for around 4,400 years. Since then, there have been further fascinating developments related to the land of the Nile. To start with, Cairo officials tried to prevent the airing of a CBS interview in which Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi spoke of his country’s close co-operation with Israel in fighting ISIS militants.