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Rutgers University paid twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton $25,000 for her recent speech, and the relatively low speaking fee is causing quite the buzz. After all, Rutgers paid Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, of the reality show Jersey Shore more than that in 2011.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reminded the ladies on The View of the importance of the Second Amendment. Her father and neighbors used guns to protect themselves against the KKK and racists while growing up in the deep south. From The Blaze:
“I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late fifties, early sixties,” she explained. “There was no way that Bull Connor and the Birmingham Police were going to protect you.”

Everyone suddenly seems to like the idea of having Condoleezza Rice take over leadership of the NFL for some reason. Judy Kurtz of The Hill recently wrote:
Condoleezza Rice: NFL commissioner? Now, some are saying Condoleezza Rice — who expressed an interest in the NFL job before — should replace Goodell. A Tuesday editorial in The Washington Post wrote that the NFL is “an institution in dire need” of Rice’s help, with a blaring headline: “Condi Rice: The one person who could save the NFL.” According to a 2002 story in The New York Times, “[Rice] wants to be commissioner of the National Football League. She is serious. ‘That's absolutely right,' she said, 'though not immediately and not before Paul Tagliabue is ready to step down. I want to say that for the record.’”
While that may seem like a great idea, it could also be a waste of her talent. Shouldn't she aspire to a higher office? Allahpundit of Hot Air knows what I'm talking about:

That's the observation of Sonny Bunch to the news that Condoleeza Rice is withdrawing as a Commencement Speaker at Rutgers after protests against her and threats to disrupt the festivities if she spoke: NRO reports that the following statement is to be released this morning:
Commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for the graduates and their families. Rutgers’ invitation to me to speak has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time. I am honored to have served my country. I have defended America’s belief in free speech and the exchange of ideas. These values are essential to the health of our democracy. But that is not what is at issue here. As a Professor for thirty years at Stanford University and as it’s former Provost and Chief academic officer, I understand and embrace the purpose of the commencement ceremony and I am simply unwilling to detract from it in any way. Good luck to the graduates and congratulations to the families, friends and loved ones who will gather to honor them.
Why are we always the ones concerned about distractions caused by other people? This is why we lost the campuses. We let the load mouths and bullies have their way. I blame Rice as much as the bullies. By withdrawing, Rice sends a message to other campuses that the tactic works. I also blame the President of Rutgers, who according to NRO, turned out to be a wimp:

Of course it was just a clerical mistake. It's not that MSNBC thinks they all look alike, which would be the accusation if Fox News made this mistake. MSNBC's "Riff Over Rice" chyron has Condi Rice instead of Susan Rice. #oops…— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) November 28,...

I know I sound like a broken record. Everytime I think the Democratic race card players could not get more vile, more deranged, more patronizingly demeaning to blacks, someone manages to defy even my vivid imagination. This time, it is the Editorial Board of The Washington Post,...

Thursday night former Vice President Dick Cheney held a fundraiser at his home in Jackson, WY, for Mitt Romney. During his remarks, Cheney stressed Romney's ability to handle the foreign-policy decisions that a commander-in-chief faces, while Romney cautioned that Obama's foreign-policy mistakes may have even...