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Draft Condi?

Draft Condi?

The question is, for NFL Commish or President?

Everyone suddenly seems to like the idea of having Condoleezza Rice take over leadership of the NFL for some reason.

Judy Kurtz of The Hill recently wrote:

Condoleezza Rice: NFL commissioner?

Now, some are saying Condoleezza Rice — who expressed an interest in the NFL job before — should replace Goodell. A Tuesday editorial in The Washington Post wrote that the NFL is “an institution in dire need” of Rice’s help, with a blaring headline: “Condi Rice: The one person who could save the NFL.”

According to a 2002 story in The New York Times, “[Rice] wants to be commissioner of the National Football League. She is serious. ‘That’s absolutely right,’ she said, ‘though not immediately and not before Paul Tagliabue is ready to step down. I want to say that for the record.’”

While that may seem like a great idea, it could also be a waste of her talent. Shouldn’t she aspire to a higher office?

Allahpundit of Hot Air knows what I’m talking about:

Remind me again, why isn’t Condi Rice running for president?

I know I’ve written this post before but it’s something I’ve been thinking about amid all the “Condi for NFL commissioner!” stuff lately. (And besides, after two years, it’s due for an update.)

Why commissioner and not GOP nominee? The 2016 field is “insanely wide open,” after all, and she’s got plenty to commend her — sterling academic credentials, years of diplomatic experience at the highest level, popularity among both wings of the GOP, and a trailblazer narrative that can trump even Hillary’s. She’d be seen, rightly or wrongly, as the “adult” in a field of Republican neophytes, someone whose gravitas all but the most Bush-hating doves within the other party respect. If Jeb ends up passing on the race, Bushworld will be desperate for a familiar face to rally behind. What sounds better — Romney 3.0 or Condi?

If the situation in the Middle East continues to go down hill and let’s be frank – it probably will, the GOP could use a candidate with Rice’s foreign policy background.

What are your thoughts, Legal Insurrection readers?

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Sure, draft a global warming advocate, a affirmative action advocate, and a “star” from a failed administration.

That will get the base motivated.

VetHusbandFather | September 21, 2014 at 10:14 am

I’m sorry but the NFL does not need to be ‘saved’ it is not going anywhere. Ratings continue to rise so why fix something that isn’t broken? Because political pundits think it needs to be changed? And since when do we ‘elect’ government officials to run corporations? Why don’t we leave politics where it belongs and let share holders decide the fate of their businesses?

    because the prog drone army will not stop short of the complete and total pussification of this country. they will only be happy when every male is a clone of that pajama-wearing tool from Obama’s 2012 campaign ads….a bi-sexual pansy Marxist useful-idiot living in his two Mom’s basement.

    part of that strategy is to tear down and destroy anything masculine or macho….hence their attacks on the NFL.

    Sometimes when you have reached the apogee you think you are still going up.

    The most recent scandal may fade. But the injuries, the fact that the average career is less than 4 years and the fact that many former stars are broken in mind and/or body will ultimately take a toll.

    Boxing was once the marquee sport.

My thoughts are regarding why we keep seeing the floating of Romney, Christie, Jebbie, Condi, Rand et al. when we all should be getting behind CRUZ.

we do not need a female prez, VP, SoS, or SecDef when all our enemies consider women beneath contempt. We need a hard nosed ass-whupping, straight talking MAN in every one of those positions.
I don’t care who runs the NFL, the PC crowd is in the process of killing that golden goose.

Why would we want to hurt Condi? What has she done wrong to be punished with either of these choices?

How about we just let her enjoy her low intensity Stanford University environment. You know – her golden years.

You want to abuse someone – go get Rummy, the human lightning rod.

John Bolton

I like Condoleeza Rice, but as a candidate for President? I’d really prefer someone who has at least one successful political campaign behind him or her. My preference would be for someone with actual governing experience as well.

We’ll have had eight years of a guy who was supposed to be really smart and well-spoken without any governing experience. Isn’t eight years more than enough?

That said, I could see her as the foreign-policy-credential veep behind a presidential candidate with domestic-policy creds, like Walker or Cruz.

Condi Rice is pro-abortion, pro-affirmative action, a former registered Democrat, a product of academia, etc., etc., and if it wasn’t for Daddy Bush getting her placed on corporate boards and tying her to the Bush machine, the Democrats would be trying to recruit her for 2016, lol.

I’m serious. If it weren’t for her Bush/Iraq War connection, we’d be seeing these ‘draft Condi’ articles at Slate, Daily Beast, etc.

Dr. Rice is a huge man-caused global warming advocate. By promoting her I assume this means the author of this post and the owner of Legal Insurrection also believe in the global warming scam. Very disappointing. Secondly, where did the author get the idea that Dr. Rice has anything to offer regarding foreign policy and the Middle East? She holds the same views as Obama and the Davos crowd on foreign policy. She and George Bush advocated for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt long before Obama hit the scene. She and Bush constantly pressured Mubarak to hold “open and democratic” elections. Mubarak had not allowed MB candidates to run for office. Finally Mubarak relented in 2005. MB of course won a number of races, so Mubarak “closed” elections again. Dr. Rice threatened Mubarak with withholding US military aid unless he let a particular Muslim guy out of jail, so Mubarak did. Lastly, I have no interest in GOP Establishment hacks like Allahpundit.

Nope, no way. She’s just another progressive dressed up in a GOP costume. She and her ilk (Christie, Jeb, Romney, et al.) need to step aside and let someone who has a chance of actually winning (i.e. a conservative) run in 2016.