Everyone suddenly seems to like the idea of having Condoleezza Rice take over leadership of the NFL for some reason.

Judy Kurtz of The Hill recently wrote:

Condoleezza Rice: NFL commissioner?

Now, some are saying Condoleezza Rice — who expressed an interest in the NFL job before — should replace Goodell. A Tuesday editorial in The Washington Post wrote that the NFL is “an institution in dire need” of Rice’s help, with a blaring headline: “Condi Rice: The one person who could save the NFL.”

According to a 2002 story in The New York Times, “[Rice] wants to be commissioner of the National Football League. She is serious. ‘That’s absolutely right,’ she said, ‘though not immediately and not before Paul Tagliabue is ready to step down. I want to say that for the record.’”

While that may seem like a great idea, it could also be a waste of her talent. Shouldn’t she aspire to a higher office?

Allahpundit of Hot Air knows what I’m talking about:

Remind me again, why isn’t Condi Rice running for president?

I know I’ve written this post before but it’s something I’ve been thinking about amid all the “Condi for NFL commissioner!” stuff lately. (And besides, after two years, it’s due for an update.)

Why commissioner and not GOP nominee? The 2016 field is “insanely wide open,” after all, and she’s got plenty to commend her — sterling academic credentials, years of diplomatic experience at the highest level, popularity among both wings of the GOP, and a trailblazer narrative that can trump even Hillary’s. She’d be seen, rightly or wrongly, as the “adult” in a field of Republican neophytes, someone whose gravitas all but the most Bush-hating doves within the other party respect. If Jeb ends up passing on the race, Bushworld will be desperate for a familiar face to rally behind. What sounds better — Romney 3.0 or Condi?

If the situation in the Middle East continues to go down hill and let’s be frank – it probably will, the GOP could use a candidate with Rice’s foreign policy background.

What are your thoughts, Legal Insurrection readers?

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