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MSNBC confuses Condi and Susan Rice — now if Fox had done that

MSNBC confuses Condi and Susan Rice — now if Fox had done that

Of course it was just a clerical mistake.

It’s not that MSNBC thinks they all look alike, which would be the accusation if Fox News made this mistake.


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Odd that you’ve had a number of MSNBC posts considering how we are all living in a Fox bubble or something 😛

They look nothing alike. Dr. Rice is an intelligent and poised lady. Susan Rice is a political hack who reads what she is given without as much as a question.

It just confirms my long standing suspicion that liberals in general and democrats/progressives specifically are not nearly as smart as they think they are.

“Poof” goes the sense of reality in their mind and welcome to the real reality that exists in most of our minds.

I feel so much better now…

What the hell does “Riff over Rice” mean? Makes sense as “Rift Over Rice,” but riff!?

TrooperJohnSmith | November 28, 2012 at 7:27 pm

It proves that to Lefties, minorities and minority issues are only skin deep. But we already knew that. Look how they treated Condi Rice, Gen. Colin Powell (when he was a Republican), Justice Thomas, Col. Allen West, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, et al. Yet, they love and “understand” Jesse Jackson (both of them), Owl Sharpton, Alcee Hastings, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson (Guam is gonna tip over), Monica (Mrs. John) Conyers, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson and of course, Houston’s (via NY) own Sheila Jackson Leeeeeeeeee, et al.

Jeez – even I know the difference between Riff and Rift. If they can’t even get the English right, how can I trust their higher-brain functions?

well, I keep confusing Rice and Obama too … but with Ted Kennedy.

They both were negligent in the charge over another American, but disregarded their duties, putting others at great risk. As the other person was dying, they cared only about their own career, rather than call in support.

After the deaths actually occurred, they elaborated on their fabricated stories, with regard solely for their political future. Any mention of the murders events are bristled at, and considered “political obsession”.

But Obama is responsible for letting our whole military know his politics will always come first, and that Americans will not be defended, and their deaths will not be avenged.

Condi Rice? When will the Obama administration stop blaming Bush for their screwups? This is a sad attempt by MSNBC to link Condi with the disaster that is Benghazi. Link Condi in the minds of the public, then the low infos will think Benghazi is Bush’s fault. MS, PhD.

    Too true. On the other hand I’m sure the low infos are even now complaining about Obama’s rumored appointment of Condi Rice to Secretary of State. “dude, wan’t she already sec of state? Why is she doing it again?”

    Or, more likely, “Yeah, when Bush made her sec of state the Rethuglicans didn’t have a problem with it…but now that Obama wants to they’re all, like, NO WAY. Hypocrites”

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