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If you wish to work in the (ahem) growing field of Marijuana cultivation and distribution, you'll be happy to know there's a university where you can learn every angle of the trade. Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California offers a full range of Cannabis related studies. NBC4 reports:
Oakland University offers marijuana education With California voters getting ready to decide whether or not to allow adults to use marijuana recreationally, would-be entrepreneurs are looking to possibly cash in on what some consider to be the state’s next gold rush.

Back in March, we blogged about a story from San Francisco State University that could only happen on one of today's college campuses. A white male student was accosted by a young black woman who was also a student because he was wearing his hair in dreadlocks. The woman claimed this was a form of cultural appropriation. At the time, I wrote:
One of the most interesting aspects of this situation is the male student’s insistence that the young woman has no right to tell him what to wear.