College of Charleston Professor Rachel McKinnon, a transgender, found herself in hot water when she tweeted that it’s okay to celebrate deaths of those others find transphobic.

She tried to clarify that she wasn’t celebrating, but that it’s okay if others do.

From The Post and Courier:

Things started to heat up Sunday when a Twitter user asked McKinnon if she thought it was OK to celebrate the death of a young person suffering from an incurable brain tumor, alluding to the online feminist influencer Magdalen Berns.

McKinnon stood by her statement, tweeting, “Eh, if they’re a trash human actively trying to harm marginalized people because of who they are? I think it’s justified.”

Berns, a U.K.-based feminist online personality, is terminally ill with glioblastoma, a rare type of brain tumor.

McKinnon, who is a transgender woman, has called Berns a “transphobe,” someone prejudiced against transgender people, and has repeatedly said on Twitter that the backlash has been fueled by transphobia.

“This is maybe the third time transphobes have mass organized an angry campaign to have me fired or disciplined. It’s never worked before, it’s not going to work now. And now I have the extra protection of tenure,” McKinnon tweeted Tuesday.

Some Twitter users want McKinnon to apologize. Others want her fired.

An online letter that condemned McKinnon’s tweets and called for a formal public apology was addressed to Larry Krasnoff, chair of the college’s Department of Philosophy. The letter was posted Monday and endorsed by more than 300 people.

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