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Thousands of University Workers in Oregon Preparing to Strike

Thousands of University Workers in Oregon Preparing to Strike

“the union is now publicly questioning whether universities have their spending priorities straight”

This is one of the reasons why many people look forward to the collapse of our entire system of higher education.

The Salem Reporter has the story:

Thousands of university workers in Oregon prepare for strike

As thousands of public university workers in Oregon prepare to strike at the end of the month, the union representing them claims there are fundamental problems with how the universities spend money.

A report released Tuesday by SEIU Local 503 is the latest volley ahead of a looming strike by nearly 5,000 classified workers at Oregon’s seven public universities.

In “Misplaced Priorities,” the report’s author, Daniel Morris, contends that more dollars have been flowing toward high salaries for university presidents and top administrators, sports programs and construction financed by borrowing.

The report claims that the state’s public universities have boosted spending in those areas at the expense of classified workers — those who clean, cook and otherwise make the state’s seven universities function.

Those workers are preparing to walk off the job in the midst of an impasse over contract negotiations. The union argues that the proposed cost-of-living increases and pay bumps aren’t enough.

And the union is now publicly questioning whether universities have their spending priorities straight.


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Considering that each Oregon school spends millions of dollars per year for excess administrators and useless “diversity and inclusion” virtue-signaling, the classified employees have a legitimate complaint. The people who do the real work are getting peanuts, while money is lavished on people who do nothing but encourage racial discrimination.

Here are a couple of examples, each with about a dozen excess vice presidents and their retinue:

If blue states like Oregon would stop inflating their cost of living through legislation then this wouldn’t be a problem.

The problem is, of course, compounded by administrative bloat.

I would argue that athletic salaries are high but justified by the revenue brought in. How much money does diversity and inclusion bring in? A few temporary grants maybe? It’s a shallow well to draw from.

It’s for the children. Unions will wrar out their welcome soon enough.

This is one of those Hitler vs. Stalin scenarios: you fervently hope both sides lose.

Interesting tidbit. Oregon State has a very good on-line college with many STEM classes (for instance, a minor in chemistry is available on-line). Also, there is a queer studies program. For fall semester, many of the STEM classes are oversubscribed, Physics, Calculus and Physical Chemistry for example, are closed with a long waiting list. The three queer studies classes have about 15 students total enrolled. Maybe a waste of resources lol, doesn’t seem to be as much interest as science classes. Academia has become insane about what is important.