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College in Colorado Drops SAT/ACT Requirement to Increase Campus Diversity

College in Colorado Drops SAT/ACT Requirement to Increase Campus Diversity

“Standardized test scores do not always reflect the academic potential of students from disadvantaged backgrounds”

We’re swiftly approaching the point where diversity matters more than the pursuit of real scholarship.

Campus Reform reports:

College ditches SAT/ACT requirement to ‘increase the diversity’ of students

In an effort to “increase the diversity” on campus, one Colorado school announced Wednesday that it is dropping its standardized test admissions requirement in pursuit of a more “holistic” approach to applicant evaluation.

Keeping with the growing trend of colleges and universities altering attitudes toward standardized testing, Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colo. announced that it will be dropping standardized tests like the SAT and ACT as requirements for admission.

Beginning in fall 2020, students may still submit their SAT or ACT scores, but as an “optional” portion of their application. The college is calling this a “test-optional admission policy,” and hopes that this policy, which “supports holistic consideration of applicants,” will “increase the diversity of its student body.”

“The test-optional policy aligns with CC’s admission philosophy of holistic review, where students are valued as more than ‘a number’ and students’ strengths beyond their test scores are considered. The change also supports the college’s strategic plan on increasing access,” the school said.

“Standardized test scores do not always reflect the academic potential of students from disadvantaged backgrounds,” Colorado College psychology professor Kevin Holmes said, according to the news release. “The new test-optional policy removes a barrier to admission for these students.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | September 3, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Trandlation: “Our campus is too which and Asian”.

dumb people bring all sorts of diverse ideas: the entire spectrum of right and wrong.

HecateAgravaine | September 3, 2019 at 4:04 pm

So, they want a really stupid “rainbow?”

So much for standards and exceptional students. Dumbing down America all because some of the people are not qualified or entitled to attend college. We have people that cannot read or write after 12 years of education and they want to go to college so scrap the qualifications.

This is odd. I thought the SAT was already gamed to boost the scores in favor of “diversity”. Is Colorado College claiming that they’re not boosted enough?

This is a serious problem.

They can admit whom they want, but the graduation rate of those who are admitted, who are not ready or able, is going to be poor.

The college gets paid either way – but the student is saddled with debt, has no college degree with which to get a job to pay it back, and is no longer of any financial or political use to the college.

Don’t worry! All classes will be conducted in RAP and Ebonics

Likely the average SAT score of admitted students was starting to slip as tuition blasted thru the stratosphere, and this will allow them to report a higher average.

Savvy applicants will report SAT scores if above the average (or eventual average), not report them if below. Reported SAT average will be only over those who reported SAT scores. Look for a jump in reported SAT scores of admitted students!