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There is an effort underway to get me fired at Cornell Law School, where I've worked since November 2007, or if not fired, at least denounced publicly by the school. Ever since I started Legal Insurrection in October 2008, it's been an awkward relationship given the overwhelmingly liberal faculty and atmosphere. Living as a conservative on a liberal campus is like being the mouse waiting for the cat to pounce.

As has been widely reported, a recently-released draft advisory opinion of the Committee on Codes of Conduct of the Judicial Conference of the United States—a 15-member group of judges responsible for fashioning and interpreting ethical rules applicable to the federal judiciary—concluded that membership in the non-partisan Federalist Society by judges, law clerks, and staff attorneys is improper because the group’s ideological orientation would call its members’ impartiality into question.

I'm so old, I remember when it wasn't controversial to shake hands with a sitting president. But in the era of Idiocracy, being friendly with someone the media abhors renders you a vulnerable target and this is the Vince Vaughn edition. Vaughn, actor and funny man, is a well known libertarian, which is definitely not Republican. Not that it matters nor should it matter. During Monday's College Football Championship Game, Vaughn shook hands and briefly chatted with Trump. And now people of the internet are angry.
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