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Skidmore College Student Says Cancel Culture Prevented Formation of Conservative Club

Skidmore College Student Says Cancel Culture Prevented Formation of Conservative Club

“I started emailing students and almost immediately, I got pushback”

Left wing college students who believe they are victims should try being a conservative on campus for a day or two.

FOX News reports:

Skidmore student claims ‘cancel culture campaign’ prevented formation of conservative club

A student at Skidmore College in upstate New York claims she and her fellow classmates were barred from starting a campus chapter of the conservative group Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

“I started emailing students and almost immediately, I got pushback,” Hannah Davis told “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday.

Davis says she and her classmate were targets of a “cancel culture campaign” in which members of the student body created a petition claiming that YAL groups were “springboards for hate speech and bigotry disguised as political discourse.” As of Wednesday, the petition had 1,765 signatures. Skidmore has approximately 2,600 undergraduate students.

As a result, the Skidmore Student Government Association told Davis she could not establish a YAL chapter due to “concerns of hate speech and making students on campus feel unsafe,” the Albany Times Union reported.

“I actually chose Young Americans for Liberty because I thought that students would be … receptive to it, because it wasn’t a partisan group … I was clearly wrong about that.” Davis said.

“They had a problem with just two or three examples of events or speakers,” she added. “They were really pushing back and calling young Americans for Liberty an alt-right organization, a White nationalist organization, which is just misinformation and has no truth behind it.”

Skidmore’s Student Government Association has not responded to Fox News’ request for comment.


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Makes me wonder if it’s worth paying the premium for that place over a SUNY.

Out: Speaking truth to power.

In: Shouting lies to suppress dissent.

Unless they need an office, or a budget from the student council, what stops them from forming one anyway, the same way they’d form a Friday Night Poker Club? So they meet at the local Ponderosa instead of the Student Center.

Not sure if anyone from the site reads this, but why is the cancel culture graphic at the top so large? The subscribe graphic at the bottom of the story seems better suited. FWIW