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District attorneys from six California counties have filed a lawsuit against Amazon. They claim the company falsely advertised prices to consumers through the practice of “reference pricing.”
Prosecutors allege Amazon misleads buyers by featuring "reference pricing" in its advertisements for various products. This refers to when products' current prices are compared to a former, higher price the product was previously sold at -- often called "Was" prices -- or prices the products are usually sold at by other sellers, suppliers or the manufacturer, often called "List" prices, the suit says.

Democrats and the media have assured us that mail-in ballots are perfectly safe. Democrats are even trying to make the mail-in ballot system permanent for the sake of the pandemic. Why would Amazon's Jeff Bezos object to this method of voting for a unionization vote?

When a guillotine was placed in front of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's house, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) approved of the display: "We are completely frightened by, completely impressed by and completely in support of wherever this is headed. #Solidarity." But did the union use the royal we? Some CTU members went off on Twitter.