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The Monoculture of Universities Week in Education

The Monoculture of Universities Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

Professor Jacobson recently appeared on the Jesse Kelly show to discuss the political climate of higher education.

The radical left now owns academia.

They’re obsessed with race.

They’re obsessed with LGBTQ+ issues.

They’re anti-law enforcement.

Conservative students often face a double standard.

The future is a little scary.

There is push back, but is it enough?

How curious.

Must be nice.


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When the basic tenets of your positions will not hold up to even cursory examination, every effort will be taken to stifle, minimize, and eliminate debate. Heckler’s veto, charging exorbitant fees for “security”, using small venues are just some tactics used to minimize/eliminate other, competing ideas,

Free, open exchanges must be stopped.