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Syracuse U. Students Demand Ability to Choose Roommates Based on Race

Syracuse U. Students Demand Ability to Choose Roommates Based on Race

“students increased their list of demands after racist graffiti was found in a student dormitory on Nov. 7”

Campus progressives are now doing pretty much anything they can think of to undo the work of the Civil Rights Movement.

Campus Reform reports:

Students demand ability to select roommate based on race during days-long sit-in

The Chancellor at Syracuse University has stated that he will actively work with a group of students who have issued several demands meant to address a racism issue at the school, including the institution of a new policy that would require students be offered an option to choose that their roommate share the same race.

The demand to allow “students of color” to elect not to room with students of other races was one of several such demands issued by a group of protesting students who aired their concerns about racism on campus during an ongoing sit-in. Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud spoke at the sit-in in a live-streamed exchange.

Calling themselves “#NotAgainSU,” this group of protestors is calling for the chancellor to resign if he does not sign a document conceding to the list of demands by Wednesday. Even before the given deadline, over 1,000 protesters have already petitioned for his resignation online.

“The general consensus is that black students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of Black students, may feel safer and better rooming with other Black students rather than saying the same race has an implementation of a profile system or a portal system. That includes interests as well as race,” a representative of the student protesters said during the meeting.

Chancellor Syverud responded, saying he spoke with students and learned that they had “good reason to fear” roommates who “harbor views of racism.” He stopped short of agreeing to the demand, however, saying that he is having housing experts look into it.

“I am trying to learn about how the roommate process works at Syracuse and how it can work better. I haven’t had much time to work on this one so I don’t know,” Syverud responded. “All I can do at this point on this one [demand] is say I’ve heard the concern and I validate it. It seems to me, we could improve the process on roommate selection. We need the experts on it to also work on the details so there aren’t unintended consequences.”

Syracuse University students increased their list of demands after racist graffiti was found in a student dormitory on Nov. 7. The following week, more racist graffiti was found in the campus physics building, along with two swastikas found elsewhere, and an anonymous email sent to Student Association members justifying the incidents.


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This makes me wonder if Syracuse has any diversity practices in its admissions. The type SCotUS has allowed under the idea that student population diversity can be considered an essential element to the development of students at an institution, if I worded that correctly.
If so, how could they legally square that with this housing demand.

Separately, the chancellor is speaking gobbledygook, talking about how much he learned and such. Also, he is abdicating his responsibility by answering to demands rather than explaining any requests discussions will not be entertained as a demand.

The Gentle Grizzly | April 15, 2023 at 2:12 pm

They will like the idea until a white student exercises the choice.

The source is three years old, The latest news I’m seeing on this topic is from 2020, where the University President did NOT sign up on discriminatory housing:

Just for fun. Send proposals to a bunch of colleges that you will pay for a new dormitory as long as it will be named “Whitey House” for at least 50 years. It will cost nothing, and make heads explode as they are conflicted about the name, but also drawn to the money, which of course is the primary concern in anything academic these days. Oh the fun I would have were I to win Powerball, which of course I don’t play because I am good at math, and therefore racist.

The infuriating part is that if a group of caucasian students said “The general consensus is that white students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of white students, may feel safer and better rooming with other white students,” they would be immediately denounced as racists and white supremacists. There would be calls for them to be expelled from the university or forced to attend re-education and indoctrination sessions to learn why they’re guilty of “wrong think.”

And you know that all of the push back and denunciation would be led by the very snot-nosed racists that are making these demands.

I demand to room with a female high school valedictorian.
My son