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Portland State U. Re-Arms Campus Police Despite Objections From Activists

Portland State U. Re-Arms Campus Police Despite Objections From Activists

“Our officers are encountering an increasing number of weapons on and near campus”

The main reason these campus police are re-arming themselves is because, they’re in Portland.

The College Fix reports:

Portland State rearms its campus police over activist objections

Portland State University officials have reversed course and rearmed the campus police department after first disarming its law enforcement in September 2021 following demands in 2020. However the university remains open to disarming the police again.

The university announced its decision on April 11 but campus police have been carrying guns this entire semester without most of the community being aware. One reason is the increase in crime in the surrounding area and the “increased demands” on Portland police officers who are armed.

This would seem to imply that the university outsourced its needs for armed cops to the city while on the face only using unarmed officers.

President Stephen Percy praised the university for initially disarming the police. “Not everyone in our community feels safe when police officers carry guns, particularly minoritized communities who have been disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system,” the president wrote. “The shift to unarmed patrols was a groundbreaking change in campus policing and I am proud of our campus public safety office for taking this approach.”

He continued:

Unfortunately, the environment around the PSU campus has changed since that time. Our officers are encountering an increasing number of weapons on and near campus and they are receiving limited assistance from the Portland Police Bureau due to increased demands for officers across the city. These factors have necessitated a change in practice on the part of campus police officers: In order to protect our campus, our nine sworn officers are having to go on most patrols carrying arms.

In the interest of transparency, I felt that it was important to share information about this shift with all of you. While this may seem like a step backward in our ongoing efforts to achieve lasting change, it does not alter our commitment to actively pursue a campus safety system that prizes de-escalation, respects the dignity of our diverse campus community, and finds a path to return to regular unarmed patrols on campus.


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But the kids didn’t want it!
“Portland is destroying our dem-MOCK-ruh-cee!!”

He would have more luck locating unicorns in the Parks blocks. I swear that they have zero concept of reality anymore.

When will the woke learn that disarming the police gives criminals a free pass to commit violent crimes?

It seems every rational person has figured that out . . . except for the college crowd. Says something about our current educational system.