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Kavanaughing DeSantis: Leftie Hacks Dig Up DeSantis Yearbook, Emerge With “Scoop” That He Took AP Courses

Kavanaughing DeSantis: Leftie Hacks Dig Up DeSantis Yearbook, Emerge With “Scoop” That He Took AP Courses

Obviously, AP courses in the ’90s weren’t (as) infested with woke ideology and leftist indoctrination, so there is literally no comparison at all except in the name “AP.”

One thing that has always confounded me about the radical left is their complete inattention to the direct results of their misguided policies. They used to claim the very predictable results of their destructive policies were “unintended consequences,” but now they just pretend there are no consequences at all.

Rampant crime, including violent crime, in Democrat-run cities that decided it would be a good idea to demonize and “defund” the police, along with various pro-criminal policies pushed by Soros-backed anti-law-and-order DAs, have nothing to do progressive policy. It’s not a consequence at all, unintended or otherwise. It just kind of happened spontaneously, in a vacuum, or—as some laughingly contend—there is no spike in violent crime at all.

A recent example was the attempt to attack Florida governor Ron DeSantis over getting married at Disney World back in the 2009. The radical left apparently thought this was a winning angle, but to normal people, it was just silly. Disney in ’09 was not a haven for woke freaks pushing a “gay agenda,” the sexualization of children, and the soul-destroying racist “anti-racism” in its films and training materials. Had it been, DeSantis and his lovely bride would, I feel confident, have selected a different venue.

We all remember the crazy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook “fart joke” and the resultant and now-infamous self-beclowning of Democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI). And who can forget the ‘bombshell report’ that Kavanaugh was a “bland eater” in college? To the radical left nothing ever changes, and a teen fart joker who later became a bland eater was a danger to their “democracy.” Or something.

Despite the utter failure of these tactics to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the radical left is recycling the old, tired ‘yearbook gotcha.’ This time in response to Governor DeSantis banning woke indoctrination in Florida’s public schools, including in AP courses.

Their “scoop”? DeSantis’ yearbook reveals that he took AP courses . . . back in the 1990’s.

The Daily Beast reports (archive link):

DeSantis was once the “AP US History student of the year,” according to his high school yearbook, pages of which were obtained by The Daily Beast.

Before turning on AP classes in his latest culture war skirmish, the governor not only benefited from the rigorous courses as a high schooler at Dunedin High School, he also praised the Sunshine State’s top three placement for students in AP courses in February 2020, calling the program “a gateway to achieving success in college, career and ultimately in life.”

Obviously, AP courses in the ’90s weren’t (as) infested with woke ideology and leftist indoctrination, so there is literally no comparison at all except in the name “AP.” This isn’t a “gotcha” on DeSantis at all. It is, however, very revealing about how the left fails to think through their radical agenda and its real world results.

Radical leftists truly believe that they can endlessly meddle, destroy, and redistribute their way to some kind of Utopia . . . and everything else will stay just as it was.

Teachers and the military will retain the respect of Americans even as they become so woke that our children and our national security are at serious risk. People will continue to flock to the movies even as movies become little more than woke soapboxes pushing disastrous woke ideology. Experts will retain the respect of the public even as they lie about everything from the efficacy of masks against covid to the “climate crisis.” They can eliminate academic rigor and standards and a college education will remain valuable. They can pit black people against white people and white people will remain “color blind” (or maybe even become subservient to blacks?). The FBI can be weaponized against average Americans and retain the goodwill of those same citizens its demonizing and harming. The list goes on and on.

There is no hypocrisy involved in rejecting wokeness in all its forms and manifestations as it destroys one formerly respected, even esteemed, institution after another. That DeSantis is working to restore AP courses to their former high regard by eliminating woke indoctrination is commendable; indeed, his having taken AP courses before they were decimated by the radical left provides him a clear picture of how they should be framed.


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I’d rather elect someone smart enough to qualify for AP classes, than the Special Ed candidates the Dems typically promote.

The Gentle Grizzly | February 26, 2023 at 8:10 pm

I think I mentioned a yearbook a few weeks ago.

According to current thinking, DeSantis must be either a White Supremacist or a Racist to have been taking such an AP course filled with White Boys.

At that time, my wife was teaching BC Calculus (for the AP exam) in a public NY City high school and there was not a drop of “woke” in it.

    henrybowman in reply to jb4. | February 27, 2023 at 7:31 am

    AP was a way to “sneak ahead” into your college requirements so that when you got there, you had room in your schedule to take additional courses that actually intrigued you, rather than mind-numbing “core requirements.” It was planning ahead, voluntary extra effort, and delayed gratification. In short, it’s what is called “white cultural supremacy” today.

      Correct, took 3 AP courses, passed 3 exams (no woke crap in the 1980s) and was accepted as a sophomore upon entering college. I guess I was exhibiting white supremacy at the time by studying and planning for a successful life. What was I thinking?

Digging deep for the daily DeSantis words of wisdom…

Nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to what President Trump has endured for us for 6 years…

A drop in the ocean..

    Ah yes, the whole crown of thorns, spear in the side, and crucifixion of Trump the martyr, saint, and godlet. Yeah, sorry, Gonzo, I already have a God and His Son Jesus Christ. But nice try.

      Fuzzy, you’re reaction to gonzotx’s comment is “Romney-esque”. No politician except George Washington in American history has sacrificed for the US than PDJT. What we owe this man is indeed measureable: he saved the US from Hillary Clinton and he exposed the fact that our federal government is literally a criminal enterprise. He also exposed the GOP for what it is: an arm of the corrupt enterprise known as our federal government.

      Sure, he loved being president. But look at the toll it’s taken on him and his family.

      America is the “In God We Trust” nation. Considering what Trump saved the nation from the Devin incarnate, Jesus would have been proud.

        What absolute rubbish. Trump is a politician, he is not a savior, let alone The Savior. I am embarrassed for you, I truly am. There is little more unAmerican than worshiping as sovereign or (you can’t be serious, as) holy a politician.

        What is this crazy you are spewing? Seriously, are you suggesting we should all chant (perhaps near a gilded statue of the Great Trump) “In Trump we trust”?

        See? This is the extreme cultist crazy that makes normal people recoil from Trump and his crazy acolytes/true believers. He is not “THE ONE,” Oprah. He’s a dude who has turned off massive portions of the electorate; people loathe him, and he cannot win a general election in these United States. At this point, fair or unfair, Trump would lose to Hillary. He is more vehemently hated by more people than she is. That’s just fact.

        You are free to worship whomever you please, but don’t even begin to think I will share in your idolatry. You are proving the point that Trump worship is real, that it’s crazy, and that it’s going to destroy this nation. Yay you!?

          Victor Immature in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 27, 2023 at 5:03 am

          He’s a dude who has turned off massive portions of the electorate; people loathe him, and he cannot win a general election in these United States. At this point, fair or unfair, Trump would lose to Hillary. He is more vehemently hated by more people than she is. That’s just fact.

          What are you going by, polls? And What do you mean “fair or unfair, are you referring to the election process? Do you believe JB got 81 million votes?

          If Hillary is “polling well” it’s only because she’s been out of the spotlight. She’s still the same mad-as-a-hatter election denier with Uranium One, Benghazi, and much more baggage. If she could win, and despite your insistence I find that very much in question, it’s because of the short memory of criminally uninformed public that has been cowed and corralled by the state media.

          I suspect you hated Trump all along and were waiting for this moment since he announced for the 2016 election so you could attack him publicly and still ID as a conservative. But denying that he did what he did with a lot of personal loss is just willful ignorance.

          Fuzzy, your line of reasoning is rubbish. It’s childish. Let’s refresh your memory.

          You simply hate Trump. PERIOD! It is irrational and you can’t make a good case for it so you trash anyone who disagrees with you. It blinds you to what is happening. Did you notice over the weekend that Condi Rice is back? She praised Biden’s Ukraine policy generally arguing that we was too slow to send the money and equipment.

          Have you forgotten who we are fighting? Are you not paying attention to how the BigCon media machine is now resurfacing and pitching the same old BS? DeSantis is morphing into the same old RINO candidates this machine always throws at us. They can’t even find new people to market DeSantis. Paul Ryan? !!Jeb!!? Karl Rove? Hello? Anybody home?

          If you are going to be posting on all of the lies and dirt (which you refer to as “baggage” if it happens to Trump) that are being hurled at DeSantis, you just may not be intellectually honest enough to have a discussion.

          Like I told you before, if you can’t convince people who disagree with you that you understand their position, there is no basis for even having a discussion. Let’s have a discussion shall we? At least stop demonizing we Trump supporters. We outnumber you and as you will see, running against DeSantis will be almost identical to running against a Democrat. It’s !!Jeb!!! and Cruz 2016 redux brought to us by the same GOP neocons and their dirty money.

          With all of the good work that gets done at LI, why ruin it by becoming an ignorant “anyone but Trump” website? Start by reconciling your position to ours and that starts by convincing us that you understand our position. That’s how civilized discourse works. You do want civilized discourse don’t you? Condescension and insults is all you have? Please…..

          Old Navy Doc in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 27, 2023 at 8:54 am

          Annnd the cat has been thrown among the pigeons.

          (perhaps near a gilded statue of the Great Trump)
          Wouldn’t it have to be orange, not gold?

          he cannot win a general election in these United States
          There you might be overreaching. And, aside from not being The Savior, he’s also not The Devil.
          He might not be the best choice. But our problem isn’t the politician, nayway, but the electorate. Way too many people no longer voting for the America that used to be and instead voting for some utopia that can never be.

          E Howard Hunt in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 27, 2023 at 10:52 am

          Extra Trump nulla salus

          Sadly, they do believe only Trump can be the salvation of America. Who knows what happens if he dies of old age before he does that. I guess we are all doomed. Or maybe they think he will rise from the dead like Jesus. And JFK, Jr. Ugh.

          The embarrassment is all yours fussy

          Who said he’s a “savior” in the religious sense? But in the hero sense, the is ABOSLUTELY a savior.

          Can you imagine that malignant wart Hillary Clinton being elected immediately after Obama?

          Enough with the “worship” accusations. But for Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone, Hillary Clinton would have been – and would still be -president of the United States.

          Judge Trump by his actions and the hatred the progressive fascists have for him. By this standard Trump is one of our greatest presidents ever. His best accomplishment is saving us from President Crooked Hillary.

        Thad Jarvis in reply to | February 27, 2023 at 1:11 am

        You’re fucking insane.

        “Considering what Trump saved the nation from the Devin incarnate, Jesus would have been proud.”

        OK, look, do we need to have an intervention here? Yes, he defeated Hillary. He’s not the Chosen One. We already knew the government was corrupt.

        Cult of personality belongs on the left.

      Capitalist-Dad in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 27, 2023 at 9:27 am

      The comments section is totally off the rails (and subject) today. The hard core Trump element is tied up in such paroxysms of religious fervor they are damn near speaking in tongues.

      Ah yes, the whole crown of thorns, spear in the side, and crucifixion of Trump the martyr, saint, and godlet.

      Yes, and he endured it all without getting his hair mussed.

      Joe-dallas in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | February 27, 2023 at 8:55 pm

      Personally I won’t love to desantis endure 100x the crap trump endured as he terminates the entire deep state.
      The termination of the deep state would be fantastic

      I m willing to bet desantis will relish the abuse

    inspectorudy in reply to gonzotx. | February 26, 2023 at 10:56 pm

    I’ll agree with you when Stormy Daniels describes DeSantis’ appendage

    4rdm2 in reply to gonzotx. | February 27, 2023 at 5:17 pm

    Give it a rest.

I’ve been bouncing around on DeSantis. Is he real or is he an establishment plant as some claim.

yesterday I heard that Jeb! endorsed DeSantis. Establishment plant he is.

    That’s silly. DeSantis has no control over who endorses him, and I doubt he’s a big Jeb! fan . . . considering he is undoing stuff Jeb! did in Florida.

    Besides, Jeb! did not endorse DeSantis. I don’t know where this crazy comes from. DeSantis hasn’t even declared (yet?).

        Why do you read absolute rubbish like that, gonzo? I mean, really.

        Jeb! did not endorse DeSantis, who has not even declared yet and therefore cannot be endorsed. If Jeb! is donating to DeSantis through some kind of PAC or whatever, so what? Jeb! sees DeSantis as a way to side-line Trump, whom he loathes and detests, and that’s about as deep as Jeb! gets (ever).

        What are you going to do if DeSantis doesn’t run? Then whom will you decide is a globalist RINO Jeb!-loving baddie? All of them, right? Because there is no one but Trump for you, literally everyone else is “deep state” and tainted by millionaires who donated to Trump in the last two presidential cycles but aren’t this time (that’s their real sin to you and your ilk).

          Fuzzy, why are you calling the story he cited to “rubbish”? Because a swamp “news” network didn’t report it?

          I could imagine Jeb! hating DeSantis for making him look weak. His brother George seems to as good as holding a grudge.

          No, because I clicked over and tried to read it. It’s garbage.

          I’m not an editor here for giggles, I actually know my job.

          Jeb did not endorse DeSantis? What are you smoking! Read what he said!

          All of the hate is coming from you and your “ilk”. This is a war that DeSantis started! What were you expecting? All is fair in love and war and DeSantis started a war. Now you want to have special rules for DeSantis? NO! I never expected that LI would be where the GOPe sets up camp. This was never an enthusiastic Tea Party-friendly site but at least it was anti-Uniparty. Now we have gone full circle.

          I don’t like this either. I was thrilled with the double barrelled, two superstar accomplishments DeSantis and Trump were scoring together. But DeSantis succumbed to the siren’s song and decided he was bigger than the mission and is now trying to take down the man who made him possible. So once again we learn that the GOP is only allowed to have one superstar. We may end up with none thanks to DeSantis.

          All of the voter base that Trump assembled is going to VANISH if the GOPe cheats its way to victory. Bet on it. If we are back to Uniparty, I will do what I have learned to do and that is to vote for a second party. I won’t be throwing my vote away. YOU will be. This isn’t a war where the winner takes all. It’s a war where the party cuts off its own head.

          To paraphrase a bit of advice from noted philosopher Marge Simpson: “Follow the money Fuzzy, not the voices in your head.” Your team is on the dirty money payroll.

          Now proceed with your usual redirections and insults.

          Jeb was on his inauguration stage standing directly behind the Gov. Don’t be stupid. You are like a few Floridians who would rather sound attitudinally ignorant that learn what and who DesAntis is. How to you explain the massive voter fraud that he has ignored? Why does he “love ERIC, but just use it differently”? If you do now know about just these and his big Globalist funders, you need to learn more before you speak.

          Of course Jeb! was at his inauguration. All living former governors in Florida (and in most states) attend the new gov’s inauguration. Bob Martinez was there, so was Buddy MacKay (and he was only gov. for a few weeks!). What is your point? DeSantis should have broken long-standing Florida tradition to disinvite Jeb! to score political points with Trump Only fans who would not vote for him against Trump anyway? Yeah, no.

          Bush did endorse DeSantis – politico –

          Funny, I never took you for Paul Mirengoff in drag, but here you are

          I’ve watched the clip. The headline and the clip don’t match up. I think it’s clear Jeb! would rather DeSantis win the nomination than Trump, but that’s par for the course. Jeb! would support a dead cat over Trump. But an endorsement is a specific thing, the word has a real meaning. That most outlets are playing fast and loose with the definition is one thing, that people who know better can’t watch the video and listen to what is said or understand that you can’t “endorse” someone for a position they aren’t (yet?) running for is quite another.

          I don’t really care if Jeb! does endorse DeSantis, as he almost certainly will if and when DeSantis actually declares. I don’t want DeSantis to run in ’24 and have said so numerous times. I love my governor . . . right here in Florida. If he runs, I guess I’ll have to figure out if I want to support him in the primary. But one thing I know for a fact, unless Trump shows that he has learned from his myriad mistakes, that he understands better now how to select staff and cabinet positions, that he gets how DC works (outsiders sound good, but an outsider cannot change something they don’t understand) now that he’s no longer an outsider–he was president, for goodness’ sake, that he understands how to actually drain the swamp, and that he can win over indies and centrist voters, I will not be voting for Trump in the primary. So far, my only other option stinks to high heaven, as I cannot stand Nikki Haley, but more will jump in as time goes by.

          There’s tons of time to figure out whom to support in the primary and then to decide whom, if anyone, to vote for in the general. We’re talking two years out here. A lot can and will change.

        diver64 in reply to gonzotx. | February 27, 2023 at 4:43 am

        I am sorry I actually linked to that garbage. Now I have to go through the day with a diminished IQ

          henrybowman in reply to diver64. | February 27, 2023 at 7:38 am

          Read the “About” page on that website. It’s run by the moral equivalent of the teachers’ union. Why anyone would accept what such a group had to say about their preferences among Republican politicians is an absolute puzzlement.

          NotCoach in reply to henrybowman. | February 27, 2023 at 10:05 am

          It is fascinating watching the sycophants embrace fake news like it is going out of style as long as it supports their narrative that ONLY Trump can run.

          There is something seriously wrong with people when they feel threatened by competition in a representative government. Competition, BTW, on our side. The Trump sycophants have adopted all of the worst habits of Trump.

          gonzotx in reply to diver64. | February 27, 2023 at 6:04 pm

          I didn’t think you could fall further!

    Yes he is and not organic!

      On what are you basing that assessment? Rubbish sites and a desire to see Trump win no matter the cost. That Jeb! prefers DeSantis to Trump is not a big surprise. Jeb! prefers a steaming pile of poo to Trump, and if a steaming pile of poo had any chance at all of toppling your godlet, Jeb! would support it. He’s shallow, weak, and Trump-deranged.

      That, however, is no reflection on DeSantis. To say that it is is to be intellectually dishonest. How many times have I and others here at LI written posts defending Trump because he can’t control who supports him (if they are actual neo-Nazis or crazy Q freaks or whatever)? If you want to do guilt by association type stuff, let’s play that game. But if you give it some thought, you probably won’t think it’s a fun game to play because some small fraction of the people who support Trump are often absolutely hideous and/or downright evil.

      As to deciding about DeSantis, let’s just wait and see if he even runs this cycle. One fascinating tidbit is that many Only Trumpers are totally on board with DeSantis (as Phil has repeatedly said) . . . in 2028, after Trump’s second and final term (which won’t happen because he is unelectable in a general).

      If DeSantis is so bad, why is he suddenly wonderful as either Trump’s VP or as the GOP presidential nominee in 2028? Oh, right, because this is about Trump, not about DeSantis, whose record and actions and words speak for themselves.

      He’s America First, MAGA through and through, and you guys know it, that’s why you’re fine with him . . . if he jumps on the Trump Train as VP or waits and runs in ’28. If not, he’s the devil incarnate. What a load of transparently political hackery.

      There is nothing clever or good about being so deceitful and nasty about a good man you would support if only Trump weren’t running. That’s just braindead and malicious hackery.

    For Fuchs sakes! If he’s a plant, after all he has said and DONE then he is the best plant ever in the history of plants!! 😂😂

    thad_the_man in reply to thad_the_man. | February 27, 2023 at 6:14 am

    I also have to say that your rabid support for DeSantis has just convinced me more.

Oh well, nothing to do but insist students are offered the exact same AP courses DeSantis took.

A very weird accustion, obviously for consumption by ignoramuses who would never qualify for an AP class based on merit.

I think this kind of trash journalism is because they have nothing on DeSantis so far and hope like the Russian hoax, some of it may stick. You can bet and DeSantis knows it, that every dirt digger in the world is digging for DeSantis dirt. Hollywood has created a fake world where the good guys are not really good but flawed. They simply do not make movies any longer where the hero is truly a good person flawed or not. DeSantis is a good guy who seems like he truly wants to do the right thing. This is anathema to msm and they are going to find the straw that breaks his back. When you look at most Dems in Congress, you see extremely flawed people with almost no ethics or morals. Is it any wonder that their peers in the msm are the same way? To have a real person who is good in the headlines, makes them look even worse than they are.

    De Santis is a GREAT guy. And our dream should be that he and Trump run together. It would be a hydrogen bomb on the left’s and Communist China’s designs on our country.

      Sorry. Two superstars? The GOPe never allows superstars no less two of them. Hard to make them deliver what the dirty money paid for. Trump/DeSantis would be unbeatable and would at last destroy the GOPe half of the Uniparty.

      I am still hoping against hope that this was all just one magnificent ruse by Trump and DeSantis to force the GOPe to show their hand and commit early to whatever they are planning. These are desperate times. Too bad LI has given up the fight.

      henrybowman in reply to | February 27, 2023 at 7:41 am

      This would be like putting DeSantis in the refrigerator for four years. The GOP has few enough superstars that it can afford to sideline one of them for illogical reasons.

    There is LOTS “ON” DeSantis. Start with the election fraud problems he has and has completely ignored, going so far as to say that he loves the mechnism that produces it (ERIC), and “he just uses it differently. Currently, he has 885,000 undeliverable addresses on the voter rolls, and they get ballots sent to them, which come back voted. htps://www.the-peoples-audit,org. That was the number made public at the end of January, 2023, which some counties are now flying around trying to cover up.

Huh…DeSantis is so awful that he won reelection by 20pts. The MSM have their work cut out for them. The only trouble is that after the last several years fewer and fewer people believe anything they say and they beclown themselves daily online, in print and on broadcast.

This will work on a lot of the Democratic base. Remember how Rush used to keep saying that the Democrats focus on (what the Dems called) “low information” (i.e. – stupid and ignorant) voters.

By showing that he took AP courses, they’re trying to say that he does not have their interests at heart.

    henrybowman in reply to Eric R.. | February 27, 2023 at 7:42 am

    Yes, but the Venn diagram of the voters this propaganda works on and the voters who would never vote for a Republican anyway is pretty much a single circle.

Typical leftist strategy; throw feces and hope it sticks.

DeSantis can win, Trump cannot. Why bother with Trump? And why the hero worship for a flawed narcissist?

    gonzotx in reply to rebar. | February 27, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    Why bother with President Trump?

    The man who clearly is the best President of my lifetime, warts and all?

    The man that won TWICE and they stole his election?

    And look at the shot show now!
    Elections have consequences

    Israel learned their lesson

      Evil Otto in reply to gonzotx. | February 28, 2023 at 5:19 am

      “The man that won TWICE and they stole his election?”

      And what will stop them from doing so again? What has Trump done in the last two years to prevent the exact same result?

We’re all still on the same “side”, right?

    CommoChief in reply to UJ. | February 27, 2023 at 9:17 am

    Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be so. Most of us view the mission of our side as defeating d/prog and their harmful policies. Others seem to view their mission as promoting one particular politician with a messianic zeal.

Ms. Slippers – nice work on this article. Your viewpoint is much appreciated. Keep it up!

So what? Anyone with a half a brain took AP classes which were great courses in history literature and science and received college credit if you did well on the exam.

Disney in ’09 was not a haven for woke freaks
Not true. People were warning as early as the late 90s about Disney’s descent into Progressivism with their gender-bending of roles and making all the princesses into “strong women who are better then men.”

The difference is that many were not paying attention or disbelieving the slippery slope at that point.

Before turning on AP classes
But, see, you bought into their framing. DeSantis hasn’t “turned” on “AP classes”, he’s attacking lies and non-factual teaching. Period. Attack that part instead of defending “AP classes”.

And, yes, again, AP courses in the 90s were already full of progressive indoctrination. But, also again, most people didn’t want to hear about it and couldn’t see it.

A lot of this political agitation over “wokism” is simply political maneuvering. Some of it is progressives thinking the fundamentalists have just gone too far. But it’s still good to squash this stuff and attempt to get truth and light out there.

    You wrote:

    “Before turning on AP classes”

    But, see, you bought into their framing. DeSantis hasn’t “turned” on “AP classes”, he’s attacking lies and non-factual teaching. Period. Attack that part instead of defending “AP classes.

    That is a quote from the Daily Beast.

      But your article is about AP classes supposedly not being progressive back then, rather than “What an idiotic framing; he’s fighting ignorance and lies.” That was my point.

        I specifically state (emphasis added):

        Obviously, AP courses in the ’90s weren’t (as) infested with woke ideology and leftist indoctrination, so there is literally no comparison at all except in the name “AP.”

        That’s in the subhead and in the text of my piece. They were NOT as infested and woke in the ’90s. Heck, Kendi’s “How to be an antiracist” wasn’t even published until 2019, and it’s a foundation for much of the crap that is being taught across K-12 now. Ditto “White Fragility” (2018) and the kiddie porn books like “Gender Queer” (2019). Yes, there was leftist indoctrination in the ’90s, but it’s ludicrous to suggest that it was anything close to what is going on since these books became the bedrock of “education” in this country.

          No, the leftist indoctrination in the 80’s and 90’s was not as extreme as it is today. The leftist indoctrination in the 60’s and 70’s was not as extreme as it was in the 80’s and 90’s.

          But the leftist indoctrination in the 60’s and 70’s paved the way for that in the 80’s and 90’s, which paved the way for that in the early 2000’s, which is how it got like it is today.

          The water temperature in the pot had to rise slowly, to avoid scaring the frogs.

DeSantis took AP courses in the 1990s. I took AP in the 60s. You had to have a full brain to take those courses. BFD. Nobody should care who took AP.

We are well past high school and should stop acting like high school students. Numerous people should stop acting like grammar school kids at recess.

Short term memories here. Compare Trump to the Bushes, Romney and McCsin. I guess you want those guys back in top? You want more of Clinton, 0bama and Biden in your future? Why can’t Trump win? Maybe because we are all convinced by the Left and Deep State psyops. I like DeSantis ….he pencils in well against the next real Dem…Newsom. Why did Lincoln keep Grant? “He fights.”. Trump fights. …

    CommoChief in reply to alaskabob. | February 27, 2023 at 7:56 pm

    The man could win the general just as he did in 2016. However he’s also gonna have to campaign like he did then discussing the issues of the moment and offering policy solutions for those issues. We saw a bit of that in the visit to E Palestine.

    More of that and eliminating the stolen election rhetoric would be beneficial to his cause. Everyone who is willing to believe there were shenanigans in 2020 already does. Continuing to emphasize that isn’t going to convince folks who ignored all the very curious things in 2020. For some the refusal to stop talking about 2020 comes across as whiny, ‘I wuz robbed’, petulance. It turns off some voters.

    Had he used the prior two years to fund and direct a nationwide effort to clean up voter rolls it would be a different story. Then he could point back to 2020 and say ‘I got screwed and so did you BUT I didn’t let that stop me, I went county by county across the Nation to make sure this didn’t happen again’. He could legit claim to be a stalwart crusader fighting election shenanigans. He didn’t and so it comes across to some as whiny.

    When the bully takes your milk money you either do what is necessary to put a stop to it or you let it continue to happen.

FWIW – At a lot of high schools – For better or worse – AP courses at many schools have become the defacto method to segregate the schools. Segregation of students that are there for the education vs students that are there to be babysat or disruptive. At those schools, the AP courses are general level instead of actual advanced placement courses. The disruptive students generally dont get into the AP classes.

So they’re saying he’s a smart guy and that’s somehow a problem? That’s about stupid enough for communists.

To Increase ‘Equity,’ This California High School Is Eliminating Honors Courses.

Best comment:

Hope they don’t have any students missing a limb…. … or an eye

My daughter took AP in the 90’s, 2000 and she was able to get 12 credits while playing basketball, a lot, shook and AAU so she got a D1 scholarship, playing in the orchestra cello, owning a horse… lots of time there…

Her friend who worked 30 hours a week in HS, got 24 credits… not rock science just determination….

The highest purpose of “AP courses” is to make government schools look good. They are designed to contain even more unnecessary make-work than regular HS courses. And then you don’t get any credit unless you pass a one-chance high-stakes final exam.

Ask university admissions which they value higher: AP courses or community college dual enrollment courses. They will pick dual enrollment every time. Dual enrollment courses are less stressful and waste less of your child’s time. It’s also possible you can find dual enrollment courses which have less woke garbage than the HS courses.

The only downside I have heard of is that out-of-state universities may not accept dual enrollment courses for credit. But that doesn’t mean they will not use them for acceptance.

It is quite possible for a junior or senior HS student to use dual enrollment for most, if not all, of their coursework – at the expense of the government school district. Therefore, the school district is not likely to suggest this route.

54rdm2: to clarify: I LOVE Ron DeSantis. He’s living rent free in my head because he’s one of my heroes. So is Donald Trump.

But I think the ticket is Trump-DeSantis, not just because it would ensure 12 years of conservative continuity, but I can’t think of any VP choice that would be worth of a Trump or DeSantis candidacy.

    And why would DeSantis choose to be Trump’s VP? Trump has spent the last few months constantly attacking DeSantis, engaging in vile personal insults (such as calling him a “groomer”), and even did so while he was still running for governor.

    Trump is toxic. He can’t seem to turn off his ego for one moment, and if he wins the nomination in 24 he’s going to crash and burn, resulting in another four years of Democrat rule. DeSantis would have to be crazy to attach himself to someone like that.

You DeSantis zealots seem to be obsessed with imaginary polls showing DeSantis ahead of Trump and FJB I thought I would add one:

Trump is lapping DeSantis and everyone else is below “margin of error”. Trump is D=O-O-O-O-O-O-M-E-D!!!! And the Club for Growth is meeting next week (Trump not invited) to plot their dirty money strategy. (Heh-heh-heh). Oh! And BTW, Trump is headlining CPAC with James O’Keefe also speaking and expected to be lionized.

Looks bad for Trump. He obviously has no chance.

I bet dumbass joe didn’t and couldn’t take any AP courses if they even existed back in the 50’s