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CBS Shifts 60 Minutes DeSantis Piece Narrative to Lack of Vaccine Access for Minorities

CBS Shifts 60 Minutes DeSantis Piece Narrative to Lack of Vaccine Access for Minorities

No, the report was about a non-existent “pay for play” scheme between DeSantis and Publix. That blew up in your face, CBS.

Let me say it again, CBS: Take the L.

Supporters, critics, and Democrats defended Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis against the 60 Minutes hit piece alleging he engaged in a “pay for play” scheme with Publix over COVID vaccines.

Now CBS News claims its report concentrated on minorities not having access to the vaccines.

CBS News continues to stand by its false report:

“Last week’s 60 Minutes story was about the vaccine roll-out to seniors in Palm Beach County and focused on a lack of access for minority communities,” CBS began. “Governor DeSantis’ comments about this piece do not acknowledge that his senior constituents in the Glades did not have easy access to a Publix for the vaccine. The Glades is an underserved portion of Palm Beach County with a population of 31,000 that was the focus of the 60 Minutes report.”

The statement stressed that Publix was the “only” pharmacy in Palm Beach County to have access to the vaccine in January, when “the mostly Black and Hispanic senior residents of the Glades would need to drive 25 miles if they had a car or take a bus ride to the nearest pharmacy.” The statement added that many residents of the Glades “do not own a computer or a smartphone.”

DeSantis listed numerous places that had the vaccines during a Wednesday press conference. CBS had an excuse:

CBS News dismissed the list of hospitals, health care facilities, faith-based centers, and pop-up sites DeSantis presented at a press conference earlier Wednesday, insisting they were “not available to most seniors in Palm Beach County in January and part of February” and that a “majority” still have to rely on Publix to get the vaccine.

“The Governor referenced CVS and Walgreens, however vaccines did not reach those pharmacies in the Glades until late February for CVS and mid-March for Walgreens, well after the Governor began distributing the vaccine with Publix on Jan 21, 2021,” CBS News stated, alluding to the federal program that targeted long-term care communities. “For this reason, the Governor’s comments about CVS and Walgreens were not included in the original broadcast.”

The latest CBS News statement ignores a major fact from Florida State Emergency Director Jared Moskowitz, who happens to be a Democrat:

Jared Moskowitz, the outgoing director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, said that when the state needed to open up more COVID-19 vaccinations faster in late December and early January, he reached out to Walmart first about a potential partnership. But the company said it wouldn’t be ready to go for 21 days.

“I then got on the phone with Publix,” Moskowitz said. “And I said, when can you start? 72 hours. That’s it! That’s the whole story!”


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Anyone who listens to MSM and believes what they hear should be considered to be brain dead; therefore, voting privileges should be removed because they have the same mental capacity as a lizard.

As a Florida resident, everyone I know in the state considers our wonderful Governor to have similar qualities and backbone as our TRULY ELECTED President Donald J. Trump. The only negatives for Governor Ron DeSantis is that we can’t clone him into two people to cover both President and Governor in the next election.

Diversity [dogma]? No, the issue is risk management, “Body positivity”, “fat is beautiful” accounts for nearly 80% of Covid-19 cases. A Vitamin D (i.e. immune system regulator) deficiency is common to disease progression. The goal is immunity, and abortion of disease progression, not vaccination, which is one choice for at-risk individuals, who otherwise do not have preexisting (e.g. coreactive) or acquired immunity, or have been denied (e.g. social stigma) inexpensive, effective, low-risk therapeutic treatments to prevent (e.g. HCQ) and abort (e.g. Ivermectin) infection and disease progression, respectively.

That said, diversity of individuals, minority of one.

Sorry, 60 Minutes. That’s not gonna work, either.

Obviously this piss for brains reporter has no idea just how rural the towns bordering Lake Okeechobee are. In fact I don’t think the reporter could find Lake Okeechobee on a map. To put it kindly, Pahokee, Belle Glade, and South Bay are not bustling metropolises. If access to vaccines have been (and that is a big if) slow to roll out in those cities it is more likely a matter of geography and not a plot by DeSantis to kill off farm workers, potential NFL draftees, fishermen, and hunting and fishing guides. Not to mention the layabouts and shiftless.

I do believe this is also the tail end of the time of year for sugar cane burning. Some might choose not travel until the smoke clears.

The Friendly Grizzly | April 8, 2021 at 2:05 pm

This more or less constant concern for “minorities” tells me just this: See BS and the rest see “minorities” as helpless ignorant fools that need care and feeding from the concerned.

Where do I get mine?!?

-signed- A left-handed red-haired Hispanic Asian smart-aleck.

henrybowman | April 8, 2021 at 4:22 pm

“The statement added that many residents of the Glades “do not own a computer or a smartphone.”

Well, of course. Because they’d need valid ID to buy either of those, and they’re reportedly too stupid to know how to get one of those.

When do Nigerian Princess start buying advertising spots on CBS?

Heck, I drive 23 miles each way to work. My 16-mile drive to the nearby FEMA site for a vaccine was a walk in the park in comparison.

I’m going to need more info than “The statement added that many residents of the Glades ‘do not own a computer or a smartphone’.” What’s “many” and what should we do about it? Knock on each door?

Ah, yes — when you’ve lost all arguments; when you possess no substantive rebuttal; when all other avenues of defense prove unavailing, seek refuge in the Dhimmi-crats’ well-worn playbook of alleged/contrived racial grievance and race-baiting.