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Latest Media Attack on Ron DeSantis: He’s ‘Not a Fun and Convivial Dude’

Latest Media Attack on Ron DeSantis: He’s ‘Not a Fun and Convivial Dude’

“To sum up: DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude. He prefers to keep his earbuds in. His ‘Step away from the vehicle’ vibes are strong.” – former NY Times “reporter” Mark Leibovich, writing in The Atlantic.

As Professor Jacobson recently iterated, the mainstream media “will always tell you who they fear.” That has absolutely been the case with their frequent attacks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for whom the prevailing sentiment in the press, on the left, and among the NeverTrump “right” in hit piece after hit piece is that he is “worse” than former President Donald Trump.

Though the attacks have been plentiful—including one rather bizarre one about DeSantis getting married at Disney in 2009, they’ve definitely stepped it up since his resounding victory in last month’s gubernatorial election, which saw Florida go redder and DeSantis pummel his “Democratic” opponent Charlie Crist by nearly 20 points.

Case in point, a new write-up from the Atlantic in which staff writer Mark Leibovich, who used to be a “reporter” for the New York Times, let us know that perhaps DeSantis’ biggest problems are that he’s not “fun” enough nor does he mingle much in establishment Republican circles:

People who know him better and have watched him longer are skeptical of his ability to take on the former president. DeSantis, they say, is no thoroughbred political athlete. He can be awkward and plodding. And Trump tends to eviscerate guys like that.

“He was standoffish in general,” the Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock, a former House colleague of DeSantis’s, told me.

“A strange no-eye-contact oddball,” Rick Wilson, a Republican media consultant, wrote on Resolute Square.

“I’d rather have teeth pulled without anesthetic than be on a boat with Ron DeSantis,” says Mac Stipanovich, a Tallahassee lobbyist who set sail from the GOP over his revulsion for Trump and his knockoffs. To sum up: DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude. He prefers to keep his earbuds in. His “Step away from the vehicle” vibes are strong.


“I think he is going to run into some challenges,” Carlos Curbelo, a former Republican congressman from Florida who served with DeSantis in the House, told me. “It’s that question that often comes up in politics—the question of ‘Would you want to have a beer with him?’’’


“I don’t think Ron hangs out with anybody, from what I can tell,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said during an appearance on the Ruthless podcast. Christie, who encountered DeSantis at Republican Governors Association meetings, said his Florida counterpart tended to remain cocooned inside his entourage. “I don’t see him hanging with the other governors,” Christie said.

Now, if it’s baked into your DNA to view Republicans as the greatest threat to the United States since, well, forever, then you’re exactly the kind of person who would favorably view a laughable hit piece that quotes mostly NeverTrumpers and other has-been Republican politicos as being critical of DeSantis.

Politico‘s Alex Thompson referred to the article as “great,” as did Leibovich’s colleague Elaine Godfrey. Florida Politics publisher Peter Schorsch described to the story as “well-done.” Perpetual Angry Man Joe Walsh, who once infamously declared in 2020 that he would vote for a socialist like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over Trump, said it was a “really good piece.”

But if you’re like the rest of us, your B.S. detector is strong, and you recognize the pathetic, desperate nature of this attack for what it is:

Besides, is it really true that DeSantis doesn’t like to have fun?

Also, are we really supposed to think that DeSantis not seeking the approval of cocktail circuit dwellers and the “Have a Beer With Me”-standard types is a actually bad thing?

‘Nuff said.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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Hey libtards! That’s the best you can do? Ah- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re ALL slipping! Oh man!! Let me catch my breath.

You mean full of laughs like the dementia geezer you killed yourselves cheating enough to call prezzy? Now he IS someone we all laugh loudly at and we don’t even have to lie and make things up like you always do!

No matter because everyone knows that America is purposely being ruined by those GLOBALISTS (an obscenely wealthy group who have schemed for over a hundred years. Their wet dream is to bring back Oligarchy. Pinheads like the progeny of the RED SHIELDS (Rothchilds who have worked behind the scenes for hundreds of years) and many others slavering for more power. And get this: Just like Soros, the
Rothhilds are Jews themselves! A genuine case of self-hate.

But getting back to DeSantis, he is SO much fun as he railroads over jerks like Ancient Charley Crist and other hapless democRATS!! And they ARE right in this sense…..
Will he be giving them laughs? He WILL BE far beyond their WORST nightmare!

    If we abandon Trump for DeSantis, we’re world-class fools. But then, we continue to be world-class fools:

    McConnell re-elected head of GOP in the Senate:

      I don’t follow this at all. Trump’s a politician with bad instincts, an inability to move past ’20, and a huge number of Americans who loathe him. This has what to do with the entirely predictable reelection of McConnell for Senate Majority Leader?

      I’m not a huge McConnell fan, but he was right to reject Trump’s short-sighted demands to destroy the filibuster. Stop for one second and think about what that has meant in the past two years. If Trump had his way, a split Dem+ Senate could have done massive harm (much more than they managed to accomplish). The only reason the most horrific parts of Biden’s agenda weren’t passed was the filibuster that Trump demanded be removed but that McConnell insisted remain. Trump was dead wrong, and McConnell was 100% right.

      Why wouldn’t McConnell be reelected Senate leader by his fellow Senators who do not want to see our country destroyed, subjected to one-party mob rule?

      I can’t think of one thing that Trump-endorsed McCarthy has done that comes even close to McConnell rejecting Trump’s ludicrous insistence that the filibuster be abolished. Literally, not one thing.

        The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | December 4, 2022 at 5:50 pm

        “You just don’t understand….”


        Trumps the only one that ever did anything for US

        But you don’t understand

        Your hatred for all
        Things Trump is amazingly thick

          What? No one, ever, in the history of our country “ever did anything for [the] US”? Then you claim I don’t understand . . . something presumably to do with your aforementioned and completely fictional assertion.

          I actually have zero hate for Trump. For that to be possible, I would have had to invest some emotion in him in the first place. I did not.

          I voted for him in 2016 because the polls in Florida (where I live and vote) were too close. I cannot abide Hillary Clinton. Can. Not. Abide. My 2016 vote was AGAINST her.

          My 2020 vote, however, was FOR Trump. He did a great job as president, and I would have liked him to continue on.

          How that translates to “hatred for all [gigantic new ‘Enter’ / start new line thing] Things [why this is capitalized, I have no idea] Trump” . . defies all evidence.

          Look at LI’s post archive, who wrote the most posts DEFENDING Trump against fake news, lies, and hoaxes . . . oh, right, me.

          If your goal is to win people over to the Trump Train with your charm and convincing arguments, it’s not working.

          henrybowman in reply to gonzotx. | December 4, 2022 at 6:46 pm

          Trump recently tweeted about the recent Twitter revelations: “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” It’s not just Second Amendment principles that Trump is weak on, he’s weak on how the entire constitution is supposed to work. He grew up as a Democrat, he’s still beguiled by taking the attractive shortcuts. The more he talks, the less inclined I am to back him.

      Exactly and apparently legalinsurrection has jumped the shark, it’s all Ron DeSantis 24/7

      These are “weak”, attacks because they are “staged” attacks

      Exactly and apparently legalinsurrection has jumped the shark, it’s all Ron DeSantis 24/7

      These are “weak”, attacks because they are “staged” attacks

      He has to have some push back or people might believe he actually IS the globalist choice.

      He is

        gonzotx in reply to gonzotx. | December 4, 2022 at 6:17 pm


        You guys are welcome to go (and stay) elsewhere; no one is keeping you here. What won’t continue is your constant snide sniping at and attacks on LI, its authors, editors, and founder. You don’t like it here, that’s okay, don’t come here. Why would you want to be somewhere that has “jumped the shark”? Personally, if I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time casting swine before pearls.

          You don’t mind being snarky and rude but when
          Someone points out that the majority of article posted are overboard love boat worthy on DeSantis and never a decent word of support for President Trump, nor about the endless stealing of elections by varies deeds, all positive for Democrats, you go all dumpster diving hurt.

          Yes, really

        lurker9876 in reply to gonzotx. | December 5, 2022 at 9:07 am

        Paul Ryan backing him means they think they can control him and I don’t want that.

          Othniel in reply to lurker9876. | December 7, 2022 at 10:06 am

          The GOPe are opportunists. They hate Trump and DeSantis is the biggest name right now that is sucking some of Trump’s energy away. Therefore they are backing him. That doesn’t prove or disprove that he’s one of them either way.

      It doesn’t do us well to get too into the DeSantis vs. Trump schtick, because one of them will win the primary. With that, we’ll have no choice but to roll with the winner.

      THE END.

      Dude, you can wax rhapsodic about President Trump all you want. I’ve given him huge credit for his accomplishments, because he deserves them. But, this is all in the past, and, is irrelevant to 2024. President Trump is simply not a popular figure with the independent and Dumb-o-crat voters that every GOP candidate needs to win over, in order to win the White House. The GOP base, alone, doesn’t provide sufficient votes for a GOP candidate to win the White House. And, Trump alienates potential GOP voters with his intemperate comments and tired insult comedy act.

      Until you address the issue of the underlying electoral math and how you believe President Trump wins sufficient votes to win the election, you’re just spewing hot air.

      Agreed. It means we are cowards and afraid to fight for our country.

      Agreed. It means we are cowards and afraid to fight for our country. I cannot stand mcconnell.

      Trump only won because Clinton was massively toxic and there was a very strong backlash against the Democrats because of where they were leading us under Obama.

      And since then he has held the Republicans back time-after-time thanks to his gross idiocy and endorsing all those idiotic candidates and enticing brainless fools to vote for them in the primaries.

      The Republicans should have taken the House with a bigger a majority and taken the Senate. After all, the polls massively favored a Red Wave and up to 60-seats flipping in the house and a 53-47 Republican dominated Senate. What happened was a thin house majority, no chance in the Senate as Walker (who has multiple personality disorder) is getting his ass kicked in Georgia.

      And what kind of Galaxy Brain endorses a medical grifter pushing psuedo-science and a guy who is dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks and is mentally ill! That’s just ****ing stupid beyond belief.

      I guess that would make DeSantis “worse than Watergate,” huh?

      Don’t be silly. You talk as if there’s only one person in the world who can represent us, and that he can’t ever disqualify himself.
      I want to win, not to limit ourselves to only one person who’s in a free fall, who has no filter.

      Trump was a great president. And his time is passed. He’s becoming more petulant. With less and less control over what he says. Ending the Constitution? What the hell? More and more people, including Trump voters, see that,


      When you stick with a candidate, who’s clearly so done, you could stick a fork in him, you act like Democrats. Yes, really.

    Sally MJ in reply to Jmaquis. | December 5, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    These are unforced errors. To call for an overthrow of the Constitution? That’s lefty territory.

    His outrageous statements and actions are becoming more frequent, more serious, and less able to be explained away. They’re increasing from sprinkles to light rain to showers, soon to be freak thunderstorms. We can’t predict what happens next, or in 2024. All we can do is observe and make weather predictions.

    I’m afraid Trump may be experiencing a greater loss of a filter than he had in his personality that could at times be charming. Now it’s cringe worthy and reminds me of my mom, who has dementia. I’m not saying he HAS dementia; I’m just saying it reminds me of my mom. I tell her that just because she thinks something, she doesn’t have to say it. I see Trump as being in that category now. It’s sad, because I supported him for so many years.

    But it’s evidence of lack of self control, self discipline, and judgment skills. That will overshadow the past. We want to WIN the presidency, not just hold up a candidate who’s imploding. We don’t only have one person who could run. IT’S SOMEONE ELSE’S TURN.

We got a long way to go until the r nomination contest begins in earnest. DeSantis isn’t a declared candidate and despite the polls and hype may decide to keep well clear of the ’24 cycle.

These hit pieces are pathetic, this is the third or fourth since the d/prog and corporate media figured out DeSantis was a serious contender if he chooses to enter the race.. Rick Wilson of Lincoln project doesn’t like him? Nor Christie or other establishment stooge? Ok cool, that’s a + not a – for most of us outside DC.

Morning Sunshine | December 4, 2022 at 4:54 pm

Well… considering that the liberal idea of politicians having fun include black face and klan costumes…. I kind of think DeSantis’ lack of “fun” is a good thing.

The Gentle Grizzly | December 4, 2022 at 5:53 pm

Not fun and convivial. Not like Biden, or, for a true, rolll on the floor laughing barrel of mirth, Bernie Sanders.

Name a public chief executive who has done a better job. It sure is not Biden or Newsom. I want leaders who have good policies and execute them well, not BS politicians who are “all hat and no cattle”. Furthermore, he has 3 young children and a wife who appears to have had serious breast cancer. I expect that his family situation will be a key factor in his 2024 plans.

Nice, Ms. Matthews.

Thank you.

“DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude.”
Too true. You know who are fun and convivial dudes? Nadler. Schumer. Warren. Markey.
Hey, I hear this new Hakeem fellow has the best weed. Although no whites be crashing that party.
I guess this is just the Democrat way of promoting Dudebro Newsom.
He’s fun, he’s stylish, he’s convivial. Try to avoid hugging him, though.
If he drops out, there’s always Paul Pelosi. Convivial up the wazoo.

DeSantis was my congressman and those of us involved in local Republican politics knew that Congressman DeSantis was not known to be the kind of guy you want at the party. He did keep to himself and was more of the FOX News Congressman than our CD6 Congressman.

Saying that, Governor DeSantis broke out of his shell and became the leader the state and the nation admires. DeSantis is seen as a likable threat to the left and a likable conservative to most of us who loath his enemies.

    healthguyfsu in reply to natdj. | December 4, 2022 at 9:50 pm

    I could see a young politician with ambitions that is not too chummy, especially as it relates to certain party members, as a good thing.

    henrybowman in reply to natdj. | December 4, 2022 at 9:54 pm

    People need to make the connection that politicians who are the kind of guy you want at the party are the same politicians who will sell out to keep being invited to the “right” parties.

    My pal Ernie likes to say, “There are two kinds of people: those who just want to be left alone by government, and those who just will not leave them alone.” The party crowd tilts heavily to the latter.

The Liz Warren chugging and dance contests would be so apropos right now.

You know what? Just like with PDT, I ultimately don’t care about how sociable the guy is. Does he get stuff done?

I’m totally sick and tired of hip, slick, and cool politicos who lie to our faces about all the things they’re gonna do and then promptly forget about after the election.


Remember a matter of weeks ago when Ron DeSantis was horrible because he was a fun and entertaining teacher who would play devils advocate to make sure his students actually learned something? Pepperidge farm remembers.

I reason that this means that this bunch prefers Donald Trump because in contrast to their version of DeSantis, Trump is clearly a fun and convivial dude.

While I agree this article, and all the others written about DeSantis, are garbage, we may be missing the point. These are all battlespace prep, nothing more. Harassing fire to keep heads down and keep up a steady drip of negative stories about the man that have no substance, but will create a negative image for the low/no information voter.

Again, not saying they’re right in fact, just in tactic.

So Ron Desantis isn’t “fun”? I’m ok with that. We’ve had an absolute clown car full of jokers and jesters running the show since January of 2020, how has that worked for America? Answer: NOT WELL.

Unlike the fun loving and jovial turnip in the White House, Governor DeSantis has been rather busy saving FLORIDA and it’s people while also dealing with his wife’s cancer! I’ll take his intelligence and beliefs over a light headed nitwit DEMOcrat/rino any day!

This is what the legacy media does-when it can’;t attack anyone for their perspective, they attack the personality

I can remember fun times when the Democrat leaders would drink heavily and make waitress sandwiches. Maybe that is what the Lincoln guys want except substitute young boys for pretty girls.

BierceAmbrose | December 6, 2022 at 1:46 pm

So, RonBo was not acting social club-y enough when in The People’s House social club? Get with the program and pick a persona, dude:

— Frat boy we wish we were, to live vicariously through him — celebrity of another stripe.

— I’m a symbolism.

— Up and comer being groomed as the next President Boyfriend.

      BierceAmbrose in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | December 8, 2022 at 2:21 pm

      Yeah, I skipped some steps. They were right there in my head…

      The problem with The Real Governator is that he’s not playing one of the approved personas: Frat Boi, I’m a Symbolism, Groomed Up and Comer, etc.

      “There are those…” who would rather Gov Effective Guy would pick one of the designated personas and stay in that lane.

      Now, it would be mean of me to suggest that The Screaming D apparatchiks and functionaries are chosen to be one of the personas I named, extending even to presidential politics. That would also be wrong — I left out “placeholder.”

The big picture: we may not see a presidental election in 2024. We may see martial law.