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Mandating Racism Week In Education

Mandating Racism Week In Education

All the education news you may have missed.

Being a racist is now a job requirement at many of our nation’s universities and colleges. Or at least being compelled to state that you are a racist is now a job requirement.

We’ll be seeing an avalanche of lawsuits about this latest attempt to compel speech.

Being white puts your job in education at risk.

Learning how to be a racist is now on the Harvard curriculum.

It turns out racist requirements are unconstitutional. Who knew?

Do we blame college or weak minds? Maybe embrace the power of “and.”

Sad, but can you blame them?

Because all Trump supporters talk like this. Erm, not.

The correct answer to all such ‘demands’ is “No.”

Genital mutilation is not “affirming,” nor is it “healthcare.”

And if you don’t agree with your child being indoctrinated into radical leftist ideology, i.e. forced to learn about same-sex sexual acts and being sexualized in their schools and learning that their worth in life–and that of all others–is due entirely to their skin color . . . you’re the one with the problem. Surreal.


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Capitalist-Dad | August 20, 2022 at 9:23 am

I don’t fully understand why American leftists are often referred to as “cultural Marxists.” Granted individuals like Bernie Sanders and AOC are self-admitted admirers of socialism, and organizations like BLM claim to be Marxist. However, unlike Marxists and like Fascists, they don’t advocate nationalization of industry, preferring to simply control businesses through regulatory intimidation. Plus, they are every bit obsessed with race as Hilter ever was. Maybe it doesn’t matter to quibble about the nuances of the despotisms of those who wish to have their boots on our necks.

Question to any Utah resident

Is the governor an accurate representation of the Utah conservatives and if not why don’t we hear anything about him?

He is orders of magnitude worst than Romney why are we only hearing about primarying Mitt Romney? Shouldn’t the man who backs CRT, and does nothing of any actual usefulness be first? A governors mansion is an extremely important place.

Diversity (e.g. racism), Inequity, and Exclusion

I believe the U.S. Supreme Court is going to ultimately eliminate “affirmative action” and “diversity” as alternate means for universities, etc. to impose race-based quotas. If I am correct, the uproar over Dobbs is going to look like nothing compared to the sh*t fits the Progressives will be throwing.

By the way fascistic Obama judge decides the Florida State Legislature isn’t the governor of Florida if business regulations aren’t leftist in nature

The idea that you can’t mandate race neutrality would mean the civil rights act is unconstitutional which is how you know this is a fascist defending fascism; he doesn’t believe corporations can do as they please.

Remember we will have thousands of extra judges like that one if we don’t retake the senate.