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Conservative Academics are Abandoning Higher Education

Conservative Academics are Abandoning Higher Education

“unacceptable philosophical positions”

This is the exact opposite of what should be happening right now. Higher education needs more political balance, not less.

From the New York Sun:

The Way of the Dodo: Conservative Professors Confront the Future

“The report of my death was an exaggeration,” Mark Twain told the New York Journal in 1897. The author had clearly contemplated the state of the conservative college professor in 21st century America, for whom warnings of extinction could be understating the case.

The ranks of right-leaning academics are dwindling, as college campuses trend toward ideological homogeneity and some professors are choosing to leave as they lament the failed promises of liberal education in America.
“Harvard students are not being well served,” a professor of government at Harvard, Stephen Rosen, who retired this year and will now mentor conservative military veterans for political careers, told the Sun. “You’re supposed to go to a liberal arts university to get shaken up, not to have your views confirmed.”

A philosophy professor at Portland State University, Peter Boghossian, resigned last year for the same reason. He wrote to the school’s provost that “brick by brick,” the university has made true “intellectual exploration impossible.”

The academic Jordan Peterson resigned in January from his tenured professorship at the University of Toronto because his graduate students, sharing his “unacceptable philosophical positions,” faced minimal chances of attaining university research positions.

Mr. Peterson asked, “How can I accept prospective researchers and train them in good conscience knowing their employment prospects to be minimal?”

A tenure-track professor since 1996 at the University of California, Los Angeles, Joseph Manson, is also retiring “because the Woke takeover of higher education has ruined academic life,” he said on his website. Mr. Manson decided, simply, “I’m getting out.”

Professors Val Rust, James Enstrom, Keith Fink, and Gordon Klein were also ousted from UCLA for dissenting from progressive university policies. Jonathan Katz was pushed out of Princeton by “the cancel culture mob.” Dorian Abbot had his prestigious lecture at MIT canceled following outrage on Twitter for his defense of academic evaluations based on merit.


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Conservative Academics are Abandoning Higher Education

Just as planned.

JackinSilverSpring | August 19, 2022 at 2:01 pm

I can understand why they’re leaving. A wrong glance, a wrong word, and their reputations can be tarnished forever, and not because of anything they did, but because they refuse to be part of the insanity prevailing in most colleges and universities today. I wish these academics would establish a new college that would be free of that insanity. I understand that there are a few such colleges, but there need to be many more to counter the insanity of the Leftists and Communists who have captured American academia.

Universities are only screwing themselves in their drive to become ideologically uniform. The problem for them is that their students (and their faculty for that matter) simply won’t know how to react to individuals who not only don’t buy into their “party line” but who also offer up facts and ideas that are totally outside the progressive world view.