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Johns Hopkins U. Expands ‘Gender-Affirming’ Healthcare But Trans Students Want More

Johns Hopkins U. Expands ‘Gender-Affirming’ Healthcare But Trans Students Want More

“lack of streamlined resources for requesting and tracking care”

I have a feeling these students would never be satisfied. The left proves this over and over again, no matter how people try to appease them.

The College Fix reports:

Johns Hopkins expands ‘gender-affirming’ healthcare, but trans students not satisfied

Johns Hopkins University expanded its “gender-affirming” healthcare offerings last month to include things like voice therapy and facial reconstructive procedures, but some trans students remain dissatisfied.

According to The News-Letter, one student complaint is the university still has “some major flaws in [its] naming systems,” such as “deadnames” remaining in university computer records.

A “deadname” is a transgender person’s name which corresponds to their biological sex at birth.

Systems such as MyChart and JHED IDs use deadnames and (dead)initials which result in “inaccessible” medical care for trans students.

Other issues include “short timelines to access procedures,” a “lack of streamlined resources for requesting and tracking care” and the “limited time” by which JHU trans students are covered under the school health plan. One student said trans students getting care and procedures often “exceed the timeline that [they] actually have access to these insurance benefits.”

The university also hasn’t addressed other student demands such as revoking German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s honorary degree “and expos[ing] her transphobic policies,” and “guarantee[ing] equal numbers of cis and trans people on every committee that decides on trans matters.”

Merkel, according to a demand letter, allegedly “has ignored constitutional court rulings that demand alterations to Germany’s discriminating gender- and name-change laws.” This “inaction” supposedly is related to an Iranian trans individual setting himself on fire in Berlin.

Another demand is renaming the Johns Hopkins’ Paul McHugh Program for Human Flourishing. McHugh, a prominent critic of how medical and psychiatric fields deal with transgenderism, closed down JHU’s trans heath clinic 43 years ago. He remains JHU’s University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry.


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Not good enough; bend over further! BEND OVER FURTHER!

My number one takeaway from this article is:
Johns Hopkins had a trans health clinic 43 years ago??

Of course they do. Appeasing the entitled has no limits.

They expect the gravy train to be picked up from their hapless parents and carried by the rest of society.

Elective surgeries/treatments should be the responsibility of the patient and nobody else.

Grow up, get a real job, make your own money, THEN disfigure and maim yourself. Leave the rest of us alone. We are not here to coddle your various issues.