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The Denial of Truth Week in Education

The Denial of Truth Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

We’ve reached the point where college students are booing statements of biological fact.

Other biological facts are deemed racist.

More truth.

The social justice agenda is invading everything.

Cancel culture is still alive and well.

This is good news.

How does this even happen?

Someone is worried about the midterms.

Where do you even start with this?

Sounds a little suspicious.

They’re still fighting this?

Totally normal.

You couldn’t make this up.


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Another inspiring cri de coeur from an immigrant who understands what is happening to America (communist takeover) and is running for Congress in NH to warn us.

Notice how more and more truth tellers feel obligated to point out that they will NOT disappear themselves nor commit suicide? The world is hostile to America and our own government and institutions have been orchestrating an invasion for decades.

It’s not as if we aren’t being warned. We just have to get the potatoes out of our ears and stop getting preoccupied by all of the insane discussions we feel compelled to have against the non-stop assaults on our sanity and common sense. It’s time to target the enemy at the source and do the obvious: America First!! As Lily says, once the globalists win, there will be nowhere else to go. It’s worth whatever it takes to win this. And it will be very hard.

BTW, that link was blocked in an e-mail I was sending and had to disguise it. So is AT&T now censoring e-mails?

We on the right have always been constrained by being ‘conservative’. Conservatives have responsibilities and standing of some sort in our communities. We have self respect. The Democrat is not constrained therefore he grabs control of all aspects of life and claim they are normal. Conservatives don’t like conflict, and loud rude behavior and not getting along. We on the right will not win being ‘conservative’.

    Adopting a label means being “contained”. As I learned over they years, no one is ever conservative enough to be a “real conservative”. Better to argue values and principals and avoid the pointless arguments that come with being anything defined by a label. That is the main reason why I have been an unaffiliated independent for most of my voting life.

More denial of truth news:

NYC Mayor Eric Adams insists that he is next in line to run for president if Joe Biden declines (Biden declines…ha ha).