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November is Coming Week at Legal Insurrection

November is Coming Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

With each passing week, the 2022 midterms are looking better for Republicans.

Joe Biden can’t help Democrats. In fact, he’s hurting them.

And they know it.

Stacey Abrams stumbles and the media comes to her rescue.

This quickly went from bad to worse.

You don’t say…

Hooray for us!

Say what?

Compare and contrast.

Ukraine updates.

Other world news.

Branco cartoon!


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I don’t think the monkey pox “pandemic” is going to save them from acute Biden remorse.

“With each passing week, the 2022 midterms are looking better for Republicans”

Probably so but the Dems have all their people in key administrative positions and ‘personnel is policy’. Little can be done by Rs holding Congress except investigate which takes a long time or defund which takes courage. Not a Republican trait. The Dems will advance their agenda even with a one vote majority and then gladly take casualties for it. Not so the Rs. The greatest good for them is to be seen holding office. The left advances and America loses.

    The left’s reserve weapon: pushing McCarthy to become Boehner II. And of course, their long standing active weapon: that rat McConnell leading the GOP in the Senate.

    Let’s face it: collectively, we’re idiots and we deserve all the misery the GOPe has sent our way.

Spot on about radical progressives having infiltrated all govt agencies. This has been going on for decades now. And the Reps have done nothing to stop it.

Reps ‘investigate’ for months and months, witnesses stonewall them, federal agencies refuse to obey subpoenas, and in the end absolutely nothing happens no matter how damning the evidence.

Remember Lois Lerner? She got that gig as director of the exempt organizations unit of the IRS in 2005 and targeted conservative outfits until she finally ‘retired’ in 2013. She got ‘investigated’ for 3 years, never faced charges and was never prosecuted. She skated on the whole thing because progressives ran the DoJ and the Reps didn’t have the cajones to make it stick,