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It Will Never Be Enough Week in Higher Education

It Will Never Be Enough Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

After forcing the hand of UNC-Chapel Hill in a very public pressure campaign, Nikole Hannah-Jones snubbed them anyway. This is why it’s pointless to give in to the left. Nothing is ever enough.

The system has embraced Critical Race Theory. This battle is far from over.

People who want to keep their jobs play along.

People who speak out are targeted.

Guess where this all leads.

Diversity is an industry in higher education and business is booming.


For what purpose?

This is not acceptable.

The elites take care of each other.

Did they find it in Elizabeth Warren’s old office?


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So engagement with China was supposed to make them more like US? I think that backfired. We have an entire Democrat(ic) Party apparat that loves them some CCP. China only has to contend with some communists.

The left has embraced the Chinese model