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Idaho State Board Considers Campus Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Idaho State Board Considers Campus Diversity and Inclusion Policy

“We’re trying to make our institutions as diverse as our great state is.”

Not everyone is on board with this. Critics are using the word ‘indoctrination’ to argue against the move.

Idaho News reports:

State Board unveils campus diversity and inclusion policy

Responding to what it called “unfounded allegations of systematic indoctrination,” the State Board took a first look at a college and university diversity and inclusion policy.

Monday’s meeting sets the stage for a board vote in August. Potentially, it also pits Gov. Brad Little’s board appointees against conservative critics of the state’s higher education system — including Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who is running for governor and positioning for a likely showdown with Little in the May GOP primary.

“We really care about protecting freedom of speech and freedom of expression on our college campuses,” State Board President Kurt Liebich said during a brief discussion Monday afternoon. “We’re trying to make our institutions as diverse as our great state is.”

The State Board policy would cover the state’s public four-year institutions: Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Lewis-Clark State College. Under the proposed policy, “Each institution shall strive to create environments in which diversity and inclusion are valued, promoted, and embraced, in alignment with the goal of achieving educational equity.”

Also telling was the board’s background summary of the issue, including in the materials for Monday’s meeting.

“This policy is the result of Board discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the public school system in response to unfounded allegations of systematic indoctrination occurring at the four-year public postsecondary institutions in Idaho.”


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Welp, there goes Idaho.

The only way to ensure “the goal of achieving educational equity”, meaning equal outcomes for all races, would be to assign students to majors using racial quotas, and then to assign the grades in each course randomly.

If they do that, be careful not to drive across any bridges designed by an Idaho engineering quota queen who thinks that having to get the right answer is racist.

Two key concepts: viewpoint diversity and meritocracy. If those are in a policy, I can accept the other drivel.