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Exposing Critical Race Training Week in Higher Education

Exposing Critical Race Training Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Critical Race Training has proliferated in higher education. Legal Insurrection is working to expose it.

Watch Professor Jacobson discuss it with Tucker Carlson.

It’s everywhere.

Joe Biden is already having an impact on higher ed.

You won’t hear this on CNN.

More cancel culture.

This is another problem on many campuses.

You don’t say.

Must-see TV.


Makes perfect sense.

Higher education.


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Mike, thanks for these weekly recaps!

Take a look at the BLM in Ed page. The Mrs looked at it a bit more.

The Good News, it’s not the SAME BLM org that has the cop killer on the board.

The Bad News, their mission is far more radical and leftists than you could ever imagine. They have 13 pillars… one of which is how to destroy the nuclear family and the patriarchy.