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Report Finds Campus Diversity Efforts Often Make Things Worse

Report Finds Campus Diversity Efforts Often Make Things Worse

“a general sense of campus discontent among non-minority students and faculty”

The people who push these efforts probably wouldn’t care if you told them they didn’t work. They are convinced that they are right and doing what is best.

The College Fix reports:

Campus diversity efforts tend to worsen stereotypes and cross-racial understanding, report finds

Attempts to increase colleges’ level of racial diversity may not be having their desired effect, according to a report by the Center for Equal Opportunity.

Affirmative action policies tend to worsen racial stereotypes and harm cross-racial understanding, in violation of Supreme Court requirements, the think tank said.

“Campus Diversity and Student Discontent: The Costs of Race and Ethnic Preferences in College Admissions” was written by researcher Althea Nagai, who also wrote a 2018 CEO report on Asian Americans and affirmative action in admissions.

It seeks to answer whether years of academic race-based affirmative action programs have actually helped the demographics they claim to.

The report claims that academic disparities enabled by race preferences “continue throughout college,” reflected in the disproportionate dropout rate from STEM studies by “academically mismatched students,” according to a summary.

Campus diversity initiatives are not only correlated with “greater alienation” by black students, but also with “a general sense of campus discontent among non-minority students and faculty,” it says.

The study and its findings are particularly timely due to the Supreme Court considering whether to review Harvard’s “holistic admissions” system, which allegedly discriminates against Asian Americans and whites, a spokesperson for CEO told The College Fix.

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Harvard’s system last fall, finding that the uniformly lower “personal ratings” for Asian American applicants were not evidence of discrimination.


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“Attempts to increase colleges’ level of racial diversity may not be having their desired effect”

They’re having EXACTLY the desired effect.

They’re damaging what’s left of America, turning people against each other, preventing critical thought, banning truth, employing the unemployable, enriching grievance grifters, limiting freedom, empowering politicians, justifying crime, and encouraging terrorism.

As Joe Biden might say, “What’s not to like? Nod and smile at the camera.”

On the face page of the study is the stamp, “Embargoed until January 27, 2021.” Does anyone what that means and whether there is some issue underlying the study’s publication?

    It just means that there’s a schedule to follow, rather than releasing when someone feels like it.

    This is common in public relations, where there may be several streams of information (newspapers, radio spots, etc) that you want to have all go out at the same time.

    It is also common at conferences, where there are multiple papers, speakers, and events to coordinate.

When I was a premed academic adviser at Harvard in the early 1970s, the effects of affirmative action mismatch were heartbreaking. I was running sections of organic chemistry tutorials where 99% of the students were premeds.

Most of these premeds were what we described as “pre-natal premeds,” meaning that they were raised in a family that expected them to become a doctor. Usually their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were mostly doctors, and they would feel like a failure if they didn’t go to Harvard and become a doctor. Their competition was intense. Many refused to help others, and some would even steal each others’ lab products.

Few of the Black premeds were pre-natal premeds. Most of them were the best and the brightest at their high schools, and they were skimmed off by Harvard admissions staff, who thought they were doing them a big favor by admitting them to Harvard. These are bright students who would excel in the premed classes at their state universities or some other less competitive environment. They could be expected to go on to medical school and become excellent doctors.

When these bright, highly motivated Black students encountered Harvard’s hypercompetitive premed environment, many of them crashed and burned. That had nothing to do with their being Black, but everything to do with their being chosen under different standards and then thrust into an environment where they could not compete successfully. The result was that many or most of Harvard’s Black premed students left the program and never became doctors. They often drifted into Afro or some other welcoming major that did not involve cutthroat competition.

Black students need to be advised not to accept admissions offers that will place them into schools where they are not likely to excel and fulfill their academic goals. I personally knew scores of Black students who would now be successful doctors if they gone to schools (like the one where I worked more recently) where they could compete successfully. Someone needs to tell them that an offer of admission based on a racial preference is likely to place them somewhere that they will be unable to compete effectively with the other students. Such offers are good for the school’s racial quotas, but bad for many of the affected students.

It’s because they’ve opened their mouths and removed all doubts (that they are fools). They are so zealous in proclaiming their foolhardiness that they must shout down any other fools and make their fool voice the loudest. There will be no more competition for biggest fool…anything less than me, me, me is racist against the biggest fools in the room.