The 2020 presidential debate process has been a train wreck. The first debate with Chris Wallace of FOX News was terrible, largely due to Wallace himself who, at times, argued with Trump more than Biden did.

Then Steve Scully, the moderator of the second debate came under scrutiny for anti-Trump bias. The second debate has been cancelled as Scully’s Twitter account is being investigated for a supposed hacking that’s about as believable as the investigation of Joy Reid’s old blog.

Now the moderator of the third debate, Kristen Welker of NBC, has deactivated her Twitter account because people noticed anti-Trump bias in her feed.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn reports at FOX News:

Third debate moderator Kristen Welker’s Twitter account deactivated amid Steve Scully controversy

The Twitter account of NBC News correspondent and third presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker has been deactivated on Friday amid the tweeting controversy surrounding C-SPAN host Steve Scully.

Hours after Scully’s Twitter account was deleted following an alleged hacking that took place on Thursday night, Welker’s own account was no longer active.

Fox News is told that Welker deactivated her own account and was not asked to by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), according to an NBC source.

Fox News reached out to the CPD and NBC News for comment.

Unbiased debate moderators should not feel the need to hide their social media commentary.

This leads me back to a question I have been asking for weeks. Why does every presidential debate have to be moderated by a liberal journalist?

Even the VP debate moderator Susan Page, who did a slightly better job, is obviously part of the liberal establishment:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a suggestion: Let’s end the farce known as the Commission on Presidential Debates.

From Gingrich360:

Abolish the Debate Commission

The time has come to recognize how arrogant, biased, and obsolete the Commission on Presidential Debates has become. It is an engine of insider Washington Establishment domination of the political process. Its moderators all represent the Washington Establishment – and the norm is hostility to Republican candidates.

The commission has no right to independently control the debate process. Now, it is standing in the way of what the American people want and seeking to further its own insider agenda.

Yesterday, the commission announced unilaterally it was killing the debate format, and instead imposing a virtual debate. This decision was made with no consultation with the Trump campaign, let alone approval for such a dramatic election-influencing shift.

This is what we can expect from the arrogance of a collection of establishment figures averaging 73 years of age…

It’s almost as if this is another haggard institution, devoted to its grip on power, that wanted to bend the rules in order to influence the election — the same thing we’ve seen from so many Deep State foes of President Trump.

Republicans must stop agreeing to debates where the fight is two against one.

This should have ended after the Candy Crowley debacle of 2012.

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