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NBC’s Kristen Welker, Moderator of Third Presidential Debate, Takes Down Twitter Account After Scrutiny for Bias

NBC’s Kristen Welker, Moderator of Third Presidential Debate, Takes Down Twitter Account After Scrutiny for Bias

“Fox News is told that Welker deactivated her own account and was not asked to by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), according to an NBC source.”

The 2020 presidential debate process has been a train wreck. The first debate with Chris Wallace of FOX News was terrible, largely due to Wallace himself who, at times, argued with Trump more than Biden did.

Then Steve Scully, the moderator of the second debate came under scrutiny for anti-Trump bias. The second debate has been cancelled as Scully’s Twitter account is being investigated for a supposed hacking that’s about as believable as the investigation of Joy Reid’s old blog.

Now the moderator of the third debate, Kristen Welker of NBC, has deactivated her Twitter account because people noticed anti-Trump bias in her feed.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn reports at FOX News:

Third debate moderator Kristen Welker’s Twitter account deactivated amid Steve Scully controversy

The Twitter account of NBC News correspondent and third presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker has been deactivated on Friday amid the tweeting controversy surrounding C-SPAN host Steve Scully.

Hours after Scully’s Twitter account was deleted following an alleged hacking that took place on Thursday night, Welker’s own account was no longer active.

Fox News is told that Welker deactivated her own account and was not asked to by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), according to an NBC source.

Fox News reached out to the CPD and NBC News for comment.

Unbiased debate moderators should not feel the need to hide their social media commentary.

This leads me back to a question I have been asking for weeks. Why does every presidential debate have to be moderated by a liberal journalist?

Even the VP debate moderator Susan Page, who did a slightly better job, is obviously part of the liberal establishment:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a suggestion: Let’s end the farce known as the Commission on Presidential Debates.

From Gingrich360:

Abolish the Debate Commission

The time has come to recognize how arrogant, biased, and obsolete the Commission on Presidential Debates has become. It is an engine of insider Washington Establishment domination of the political process. Its moderators all represent the Washington Establishment – and the norm is hostility to Republican candidates.

The commission has no right to independently control the debate process. Now, it is standing in the way of what the American people want and seeking to further its own insider agenda.

Yesterday, the commission announced unilaterally it was killing the debate format, and instead imposing a virtual debate. This decision was made with no consultation with the Trump campaign, let alone approval for such a dramatic election-influencing shift.

This is what we can expect from the arrogance of a collection of establishment figures averaging 73 years of age…

It’s almost as if this is another haggard institution, devoted to its grip on power, that wanted to bend the rules in order to influence the election — the same thing we’ve seen from so many Deep State foes of President Trump.

Republicans must stop agreeing to debates where the fight is two against one.

This should have ended after the Candy Crowley debacle of 2012.

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Deactivate Twitter? Why bother. In the current political climate, preponderance of innuendo is enough to judge and eye rolling validates accusations. No need to even pretend neutrality. ABC “news” had George Stephanopoulos and Rahm Emanuel commentating after a debate. Got bias?!?

    Tom Servo in reply to Romey. | October 12, 2020 at 8:36 am

    in an ordinary year, this would have been unjustified to say, but this year – I can look at that picture and instantly see the only reason she was chosen to be a “host” of a debate. It’s pathetic.

    and the debate commission canceled the debate this week not because of Covid at all – they got caught out when 4chan dug up all the past biased posts by Scully on Twitter, and they were too gutless to admit they’d made a huge mistake in giving him the spot. So they canceled all of it insteas.

My two additions to Mr. LaChance’s list are Mark Levin and Ted Cruz. I would let them take turns asking questions ONLY of the dem candidate. Then, after they are actually satisfied with the dem response, letting President Trump add anything he wishes, with no rebuttal by the dem.

If the dems scream unfair, the moderators’ response should be, “scroom, scroom-all!” (h/t John D. MacDonald, Travis McGee series, comment by the ‘Bama Tiger, in response to every bureaucrat who ever lived.)

    bear in reply to bear. | October 11, 2020 at 11:05 am

    I forgot: No time limit on the debate. The debate continues until the dem answers the question and he/she/it can be interrupted at any time a fact is missing, misstated, or is a dodge.

    henrybowman in reply to bear. | October 13, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    I’d add Dana Loesch, and if I were feeling truly puckish, Mark Dice.

Welker works for NBC, that’s disqualifying in itself. There is not a DC beltway moderator to be found that would not be biased toward the establishment and their proxy, Biden. If it isn’t going to be on Rogan, skip the next one too.

I guess this pseudo expect on every subject isn’t away the net is like an Elephant’s memory. It never forgets.

I have been going through the archived copies of her tweets and have not found any particularly incriminating ones.

If you can’t stand be a partisan
Get out of the debate business

Wretchard the Cat gets my vote for moderator.

One need only have watched some White House press briefings to see that Welker is a partisan in the press room.

At this stage, the better question may be, who isn’t?

Mike, in answer to your question regarding why every single Presidential debate must allegedly be moderated by a card-carrying Dhimmi-crat and member of the water-carrying Dhimmi-crat media propaganda organs — I would love to see a Victor Davis Hanson, Sean Davis, Kevin Williamson, etc. host a debate, but, it seems unlikely to happen. The Dhimmi-crat grip on mainstream media is simply too tight.

I think that a good first step would be passing legislation to ensure diversity of viewpoints on NPR and PBS. Start with public broadcasting, where the Dhimmi-crats take tax dollars from conservative Americans and use them to fund media outlets that reflect only their viewpoint.

Mike Rowe

I think somebody should invite a Russian (English-speaking, of course; that cuts the suitable candidates to a mere 7 million or so) to moderate, and he can ask questions about who’s colluding with whom. Should be a riot.

To this day, I cannot understand how the GOP surrenders debates to these corrupt clowns. I was expecting Trump to stand up to these idiots being debate ‘moderators’.

I don’t get it. Does anybody here?

Jim Acosta would be no worse a moderator than any named to date in the last 6 elections. And no sane person would allow Acosta in the building. Why are these other Democrat operatives allowed?

There are far more people and media people living outside the DC and NYC bubble yet they always select people with those connections. Why not find somebody from Oklahoma, Wisconsin, New Mexico for a change? Certainly there are tv people or newspaper people living in those states and would bring their own regional experiences to the table.
Recycling the same well connected people over and over has lead to mess we are in now.

If The Donald was really smart..he’d do Joe Rogan, and challenge Biden to meet him there. Rogan is neither establishment, nor a tool for the Left OR Right. He’s a moderate Liberal (much like Tim Pool) who speaks his mind irregardless of the consequences. In other words, He’s an American!

    Tom Servo in reply to Rich Vail. | October 12, 2020 at 8:39 am

    Trump already agreed to Joe Rogan, and Biden already turned him down. Apparently Rogan won’t do it unless he has them both, because he’s scared his fans would think he was partisan now.

the_last_l3oyscout | October 11, 2020 at 7:50 pm

Their should be two moderators at each debate; one chosen by each candidate. How would Biden do in a debate where he has to answer questions from the honey badger, VDH, and Mollie? Could Biden really pick anyone worse for President Trump than the debate commission has?

No more debates, please!

Let’s take a couple of trips down memory lane. First, regarding Steve Scully:

“C-SPAN’s statement said Scully “did not originate the tweet” and added that the CPD was investigating the incident “with the help of authorities.” In its own statement, CPD said it “it had reported the apparent hack to the FBI and Twitter” as part of its investigation.

Twitter declined to comment when asked to confirm whether or not Scully’s account was hacked. Twitter also did not immediately respond to Fox News’ inquiry about whether Scully deleted his own account or if Twitter had taken it down as part of a potential investigation.

Scully himself has not publicly commented on the controversy and could not be reached for comment.”

Anthony Weiner also twisted himself into a pretzel to avoid filing any police report himself. Because, like Scully now, Weiner knew damned well his account hadn’t been hacked and he had sent the tweet. So if he went to the police and filed a report he would have knowingly filed a false police report (as it turned out Weiner the newly released felon and now registered-sex-offender-for-life had more important things to worry about; so far it doesn’t appear Scully has sent anyone dick pics). But, like Weiner, he wants to get others to make the complaint on his behalf. They can’t be accused of filing a false report because they can claim they believed Scully/Weiner. And Scully/Weiner can claim they never asked the third parties to file a complaint.

Another trip down memory lane. Kirsten Welker is now scrubbing her social media presence. So did the esteemed Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford before she contacted members of her Kali congressional delegation (here’s a group photo):

Because of course Blasey-Ford is a rabid anti-Trump leftist partisan (her lawyer accidentally let the truth slip out). So is Welker. That’s what both of them had to lie about to pull off their frauds.