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Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates Was Told Steve Scully’s Twitter Accounted Was Hacked

Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates Was Told Steve Scully’s Twitter Accounted Was Hacked

Hacked? Really?

Late Thursday night, Steve Scully, who was tapped to moderate the next presidential debate (which is currently not happening after Trump refused to participate due to a switch from an in-person debate to a virtual format), appeared to accidentally send a private message to Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci, asking how he should respond to Trump.

SO much drama.

Anyway, Frank Fahrenkopf, Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates joined Fox News host Brian Kilmeade’s radio show Friday morning, where he discussed the latest presidential debate dust up and addressed Scully’s tweet.

Fahrenkopf says he was told that Scully’s Twitter account was hacked. You can listen to the interview here.

Will have to pass on that one because that dog don’t hunt. Hacked? Really?

You know who else claimed they were hacked? Anthony Weiner. Just sayin’.




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Are you kidding me?

That can be proven. Will they allow his server to be examined? Has it disappeared already?

They really think we are all stupid.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 9, 2020 at 12:50 pm

Scully must be a Russian employee.

Snark or not.

Putin Says He Wants To Work With Biden, Claims They Have “Shared Values”… – Weasel Zippers

2smartforlibs | October 9, 2020 at 1:08 pm

Right, and every case of voter fraud is a sting.

All three moderators are not only far left practicing Democrats, but they seem impervious to facts.

Perfect, ‘the account was hacked’. No doubt the Russians have done it. Nothing says ‘Russian interference’ like hacking the Twitter account of a CSPAN host.

Between the debate commission follies, Pelosi attempts to jump start the 25th Amendment, weird polls showing Biden with a ten point lead but somehow still trailing in key districts and states I don’t think the d actually believe they can win.

Hacked, Ya Right! Wonder if he has any kitty porn on his system?

I smell a rat, and the rat’s name, I’m thinking, is Anthony Fauci
— who learned that, in the absence of clinically relevant signs and symptoms, the president’s (likely) most recently done, positive culture, in the professional judgement of his numerous attending and own personal physician, Sean Conley, and guided by best-practice standards,

1) allowed him to leave WRNMMC after 72 hours of aggressive, even experimental in-patient care; and
2) provided the theoretical, at best sketchily algorithmic basis for PDHT to attend and lead an outdoor rally no sooner than tomorrow, or 10 days after the initiation of treatment (I suspect actually started partially in the White House last Wednesday), given his impressively resolved, clinical presentation.

NO NEGATIVE CULTURE OF THE NASOPHARYNGEAL AREA HAS YET BEEN OBTAINED, I’m inferring. The evolving clinical science of the matter may yet prove this course of action commendable and routine, though still not generally observed by treating physicians. The president is helping to pioneer a new, less restrained and expensive, shorter hospital-based course of a newly tried, aggressive regimen of REGN-COV2/Remdesivir, among other therapeutic/prophylactic aids, ancillary in nature.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, and its chairman, Frank Fahrenkopf, I suspect a Never Trumper in drag, is merely rubber-stamping Fauci’s wish, President Trump’s remarkable recovery to-date notwithstanding, based on what I suspect he nefariously, ie, politically motivated, deems to be a voodoo, unkosher approach to releasing a patient into the wild before his “time”.

The evolving, medical meaning of “time” is at the crux of this matter, supposedly based in clinical and otherwise hard and empirical science, rather than any unadmirable envy and a perverse will to power.

I saw somebody else say this.

Notice what’s happening here. People OTHER than Scully are claiming he was hacked, because they know goddamn well if Scully actually came out and said it, anybody with BASIC knowledge would laugh at him.

It’s pathetically obvious what happened here.

They had previously been in communication with DMs on Twitter, and both of them were too stupid to realize that he’d posted a public tweet instead of another DM.

CenterRightMargin | October 9, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Someone who was reposted on twitchy noted that Scully’s tweet was sent via twitter for iphone – same as the prior 20 or so tweets… so the chances that he was hacked, which were already slim, have gone down….

Scully is not just biased – he’s a biased liar.

BierceAmbrose | October 9, 2020 at 2:28 pm

Logs, please.

We have a massive internal e-surveillance program. While the panopticon enthusiasts yammer about the value from essentially baseless fishing expeditions into the pool, there’s useful use here: when someone e-claims some e-thing, verify it.

The account change happened, it happend somehow, if it was through the twitter app that was accessed from somewherem access leaves its own breadcrumbs, remote access more … all electronic events, all producing logs (and if not, why not?) It ain’t easy turning off all the breadcrumbs — ask any “privacy” service provider.

“Hacked” is Dems excuse for everything! Anthony Weiner, Paul Krugman Hillary, DNC and now Scully! Even w/o a hack, there is still plenty of evidence that he’s a never Trumper

To any of you here that are interested in who the chairman of the Presidential Debate Comm is and who his connections are, Revolver has a great story today. I don’t say this lightly or to grab eyeballs away from this wonderful site. The Color Revolution and the money people will all be familiar but you still might be surprised.

That gif of boehner: he was probably filmed when there was no one else in he room.

Oldest dodge since on line media began


My grandmother has sprouted four wheels and a handle and is now a wagon.

They ought to pick moderators in this format:

1. One moderator selected by each campaign.
2. A third moderator agreed upon by both campaigns.

The media can’t be trusted to pick moderators. And neither are these so called “commissions”.

Desperation in the closing weeks of a campaign is just so on the nose for the Democrats. It’s so them.

scully deleted his twitter account.
really hacked this time yup…

For a guy who makes his living appearing on tv, his absence from tv today is a little strange. I haven’t seem him anywhere on tv to explain himself.
He is old enough to explain himself and answer questions. Why does the leader of the debate commission have to speak for him?

Fahrenkopf says he was told that Scully’s Twitter account was hacked.

Classic Byzantine convolution.

“Now I’m not claiming this myself, so don’t call me a liar, but I was told that the account was hacked . . . and you can assume it was hacked by Vlad P. himself, though I’m not saying that myself . . . it came to me via an unidentified source, an unidentified source in the White House, who will remain, ahhh, unidentified . . .”

Yes, very convincing.

“My account was hacked” is the 21st century version of “My dog ate it.”

Seriously, though, the news media are totally avoiding talking about Chinese hacking, but they talk all the time about Russian hacking. Clearly, the Chinese are at least as active in hacking as the Russians, and the Chinese make all our electronics, so they have all the backdoor keys.

I believe there are two reasons the news media refuse to cover Chinese hacking:
1. The Chinese favor Biden, and the media don’t want to advertise the fact that Chinese hacking is supporting Biden. They continue to harp on their assertions that the Russians are hacking in favor of Trump.
2. Just like the NBA and the movie producers, the news media have large investments in China and depend on Chinese money. They are willing to bend their narrative to keep their Chinese partners happy.

Just like the news media, the Democrats are willing to bend their narrative to keep the cash flowing from China. They enacted a resolution saying that the terms “Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus” are racist (but “Hong Kong virus” and “Ebola virus” are not), clearly at the request of the CCP.

The Commission is a joke.

Isn’t that excuse rather (ahem) hackneyed by now?