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The ratings for Hollywood awards shows are down across the board. It seems like the only people who are still watching are folks who work in the industry and entertainment reporters. Yet NBC is claiming that they won't carry the Golden Globe Awards next year because of its lack of a commitment to diversity. Right.

Weird how all of this Hunter Biden news is coming out in the mainstream media after the election. NBC News first reported (granted on a Friday night) that an email brings up "fresh questions" about Hunter's tax problems like not reporting $400,000 income from Burisma.

The 2020 presidential debate process has been a train wreck. The first debate with Chris Wallace of FOX News was terrible, largely due to Wallace himself who, at times, argued with Trump more than Biden did. Then Steve Scully, the moderator of the second debate came under scrutiny for anti-Trump bias. The second debate has been cancelled as Scully's Twitter account is being investigated for a supposed hacking that's about as believable as the investigation of Joy Reid's old blog.