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In Joe Biden Veepstakes, Elizabeth Warren is the New Flavor of the Week

In Joe Biden Veepstakes, Elizabeth Warren is the New Flavor of the Week

“Warren’s corruption and rigged politics messages poll off the chart with non-Biden voters and millennials.”

When it comes to Joe Biden’s choice of a running mate, the odds keep changing. Two weeks ago, everyone was betting on Kamala Harris. Then attention shifted to Amy Klobuchar. Now all the buzz is about Elizabeth Warren.

It’s almost like each potential candidate is being systematically tested for market reaction.

Alex Thompson reports at Politico:

Famed Democratic pollster: Warren as VP would lead to Biden victory

Stan Greenberg, one of the Democratic Party’s longtime leading pollsters, urged Hillary Clinton in 2016 to pick Elizabeth Warren as her vice president. He thinks Clinton would be president had she listened.

Now Greenberg — who popularized the term “Reagan Democrats” and came to prominence as Bill Clinton’s lead pollster — is urging Joe Biden’s team to heed the same advice.

Earlier this month, he briefed top Biden campaign officials on two battleground surveys conducted by his firm. Accompanied by a slide presentation that was obtained by POLITICO, Greenberg addressed the question hanging over Biden and his inner circle: Which vice presidential candidate will help the most in November?

The conclusion was blunt: “Sen. Warren is the obvious solution.”

Biden’s biggest problem, Greenberg said, is that the Democratic Party has not unified behind him. In fact, Biden is now behind where Clinton was with Bernie Sanders voters in 2016, with more than 20 percent of the democratic socialist’s backers saying they would not vote for him, even as 87 percent of them pledge to vote for a Democrat for Congress. At a similar point in the 2016 cycle, roughly 15 percent of Sanders voters said they wouldn’t vote for Hillary Cllinton and Greenberg’s own polling through Democracy Corps around Election Day found the same.

I’m not a famous pollster, but I don’t believe Elizabeth Warren will solve Joe Biden’s problem with Bernie Sanders supporters. They have not forgotten Warren’s attempt to paint Bernie as a sexist during a debate with an assist from CNN.

Jonathan Easley of The Hill has more:

The veteran pollster tested Warren’s core messages of anti-corruption and anti-rigged economy and found those messages polled “off the charts” among the voters that Biden needs to reach.

“The Biden messages are competitive with Trump messages, but do not win intense support, and they are weaker than the Warren messages on corruption and rigged politics and the messages on working families,” Greenberg wrote.

“Warren’s corruption and rigged politics messages poll off the chart with non-Biden voters and millennials. Warren’s reform messages are also dominant with Biden’s ‘winnable voters,’ white working class women, and independents.”

One thing Warren has going for her is that Amy Klobuchar just took a big hit. As we reported last night, Klobuchar failed to prosecute Derick Chauvin, the cop at the center of George Floyd’s death, while she served as Hennepin County attorney.

This is starting to look like a two-woman contest between Warren and Harris.


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oh puh-lease. Back to the Whitey McWhiteface ticket? No Way.

healthguyfsu | May 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm

Warren’s “messages” may poll well but they are words. The poll results sound carefully worded to not associate those messages with toxic Warren, who very few voters trust at this point.

Bernie bros hate her and a whole swath of Dems think she’s fake and wishy washy.

healthguyfsu | May 29, 2020 at 4:11 pm

Two old white people on the ticket also won’t excite the plantation vote.

1/1240 India?

Not Red enough

Sorry, the color is Black…

So here come Mechelle, Rice, Harris, or God forbid, “the Gov” of Georgia, Adams

A 1975 AMC Gremlin is a pig no matter how many times it is washed and waxed.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 29, 2020 at 4:35 pm


New flavor tastes like…….

Frank Hammond | May 29, 2020 at 5:06 pm

Word in Cambridge is that Squaw is checking out Naval Observatory in DC as next wig wam.

Squaw polling strong with Spanish speaking voters – ahead of other VP choices.

Wonderful choice! But will she stay on the Reservation?

Kowabunga! Keep off fire water!

Wouldn’t they be just about a fine spectacle of comedy and ignorance? On the uptick, she could actually teach Joe how to do some of those lawyerly skills that he has never learned because he has never ever been an actual lawyer.

They seem desperate to find someone, or something, to bring life to Dementia Joe. Anyone who lived around a person who had dementia knows this is Joe’s issue, far more than his usual stupidity. His shuffling walk in that Memorial Day mask wearing fiasco is a part of it.

So, they are looking at who would possibly be second if Sanders were not in existence. That none of them polled well is telling. The whole clown car was a joke of candidates that were as bad as McCain.

Warren has got about as much chance as Obama having had the most scandal free regime evah! I think snow has a better shot at it sticking around in the desert on a 115 degree day.

Black man and an Indian. Strong team.

Biden must like vanilla.

I, for one, am totally motivated by two old white people yelling at me, both proven liars

I wonder how much Warren paid for those polls?

Don’t forget about Demmings.

Oh please, bring on the fake Indian.

Trump’s victory is a mortal lock if that shrill b1tch is Biden’s VP.

Maybe he should ask Nikki Haley to be veep. Pretty sure she’d switch sides in a heartbeat for the power of office.

Fauxchaontas is an obscenity. Bring her on!

‘Famous pollsters’ should be forced to have their win percentage after their names when they make stupid statements like this.
It’ll reveal their corruption.

“Hillary clinton ahead by 96 percent!”

Lucifer Morningstar | May 30, 2020 at 1:26 pm

So despite all their talks of being the party of diversity the democrats are going to end up with an old, white, cis-gendered male as their candidate along with an old, Native American white, cis-gendered female as his running mate. Wow, I’m impressed [insert rolling eyes emoji here].

Yeah, Biden-Warren is a DNC dream ticket: A 79 year old hair-sniffer and accused rapist with onset dementia teamed up with a 71 year old fake Indian princess who’s more crooked than a dog’s hind leg.

Sweet Baby Jesus on a Pogo Stick, you couldn’t make this up if you tried.