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Amy Klobuchar Reportedly Being Vetted as Possible Biden VP

Amy Klobuchar Reportedly Being Vetted as Possible Biden VP

“If Biden were to choose Klobuchar as his running mate, he would add a fellow moderate to the Democratic ticket — a move that may help win over some independents and centrists, but one that would almost certainly anger liberals…”

The Joe Biden veepstakes continue. It was recently reported that Kamala Harris was the favorite, and of course Stacey Abrams is still waiting in the wings.

Now it looks as though Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is in the running.

Amie Parnes and Max Greenwood report at The Hill:

Biden asks Klobuchar to undergo vetting as potential running mate

Former Vice President Joe Biden has asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) to undergo vetting to be a potential running mate, according to a source with knowledge of the discussion.

The source did not provide details on the discussion, which was first reported on Thursday by CBS News. A spokesperson for the Biden campaign declined to comment on the matter.

It’s not yet clear if Klobuchar has consented to the vetting, which would delve deep into her private and public life to uncover any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities as a vice presidential candidate. The vetting process will be handled by a select committee led by former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.), Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) and longtime Biden adviser Cynthia Hogan…

If Biden were to choose Klobuchar as his running mate, he would add a fellow moderate to the Democratic ticket — a move that may help win over some independents and centrists, but one that would almost certainly anger liberals, who are pushing Biden to choose a progressive as his running mate.

Norman Solomon, a longtime activist who is advising the progressive political action committee Once Again PAC, said that it would be a mistake for Biden to choose Klobuchar as his running mate, arguing that it would upend his efforts to unite the Democratic Party.

Chris Smith of Vanity Fair explains why Klobuchar is under consideration and notes one of her weaknesses:

“The Theory is She Would Help Him in the Midwest”: Klobuchar is Now a Strong Dark Horse in the Biden Veepstakes

Sadly, Joe Biden’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment. But an influential Democrat who has recently spoken with the all-but-official presidential nominee says that while Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams have dominated the public speculation, Klobuchar is very much in contention. “The theory is she would help him in the Midwest and in swing states, because Klobuchar doesn’t scare off moderates like Liz Warren does,” the Democrat says. “Joe would also be betting that blacks are so energized to get rid of Trump that he could get through not picking Harris or Abrams, because he’ll have Barack Obama hitting the field for him. That’s one calculus. I don’t know that I agree.”

Klobuchar, like Pete Buttigieg, had a fatal weakness during the Democratic presidential primaries: Nearly zero support among black voters. In early March, the day before Klobuchar dropped out of the race, she hastily canceled a rally in a Minneapolis suburb when protestors from Black Lives Matter and the Minnesota NAACP chapter commandeered the stage.

Klobuchar would be a safe and steady choice for Biden, but she wouldn’t inspire much excitement.


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Not any more. If you check my post on the daily COVID update, you see that she admitted her husband took hydroxy for the disease. That rules her out.

OwenKellogg-Engineer | May 22, 2020 at 11:37 am

And what questions would she field (if any) for Minnesota’s nursing home crisis, the the governor locked down the entire state to protect a select few?

One more time:
There are no “moderate” Democrat politicians. There are only the left, the whacko left, and the insane left.

    guyjones in reply to txvet2. | May 22, 2020 at 11:55 am

    Notions of Dhimmi-crats’ alleged “moderacy” are a total fallacy; this cannot be pointed out often enough. These twits are all agitating for the same poisonous agenda and policies; they only disagree with regard to the methods for how to bring them about.

The dems have got another problem with her – this would mean that they’re going with a Whitey McWhiteface ticket, and how is that supposed to inspire the black voter turnout they need so badly?
Oh I know, Joe Biden just said this morning that if you’re Black, you HAVE to vote for Joe Biden. Implying that if you don’t, you’re clearly a Traitor to your Race. Yep, that kind of rhetoric will inspire a lot of loyalty.

    maxmillion in reply to Tom Servo. | May 22, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    On the other hand, maybe the powers that be at the DNC are letting all those black Democrats out there like Stacy Abrams and such know in no uncertain terms that they ARE NOT running things, despite Obama’s two terms. Which is good for the Republicans.

Maybe they ought to vet Biden.

2smartforlibs | May 22, 2020 at 11:50 am

the woman that opens her failed campaign complaining about global warming in a snow storm.

Klobuchar possesses a vagina, but, she lacks dark skin pigmentation, and, thus, fails to check the Dhimmi-crats’ requisite “Diversity”(TM) box.

I predict it will be Kamala, crazy though she is, and, unable as she is to constrain her irrepressible and unabashed totalitarian urges and instincts (e.g., passing a law to condemn the use of “Chinese Virus”).

What is going on with Biden’s camp? Is it he doesn’t remember which one he is supposed to want for VP? Is it setting up who will take over when he has to drop out?

There was a recent TV oops that hinted that Biden shouldn’t be thought of as the nominee, that the convention would decide.

Since when is Klobberslobber moderate? Since when has any National Socialist party member been moderate?

Wrong color, won’t happen

Soon the color will not be Black, it will be Brown and the Blacks know this…and the time is coming very very soon and that’s why I think DeSantis will be the Republican nominee in 2024..

Slimy Schumer is already nervous and trying to diss him

Has anyone asked her about the incompetent power drunk governor of her state who has a Wuhan death count that is 80% residents of long term care facitilites (AKA Minnesota Death Camps).

This won’t happen, but, Tulsi Gabbard would be a bold choice. The only Dhimmi-crat in the entire Party with a set of balls and a willingness to buck the establishment and Party elders, on occasion.

Please let the d pick her. Klobuchar, to me, comes across as a frustrated, and cry hectoring middle age woman. Reportedly, she is anything but ‘Minnesota Nice’ in dealing with her staff, which has the highest turnover rate of any Senate staff.

Perhaps she should have taken up a spiritual vocation where her attributes could be better utilized in ruling a parochial school classroom with an iron fist.

Maybe she was deterred from that by the pesky ecclesiastical hierarchy which would be in a position to give her orders?

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | May 22, 2020 at 2:17 pm

DEMS should VP Pritzker – he’s who they are……..

Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Give Governor Pritzker the Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

    be careful blindly following GP. once you read site for years (which I have and still do) you’ll notice often the headlines are much more dramatic than the actual story.
    take everything (even here and elsewhere) with a grain of salt and check all sources.

      dmacleo in reply to dmacleo. | May 22, 2020 at 7:38 pm

      meant to also say the title for that article has already changed due to initial poster not reading nor understanding the bill and took local COC contacting them to get it updated.
      common issue on that site.
      so title now reads

      Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation to Limit Governor Pritzker’s Emergency Power to Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, etc

      while the url still reads


      prob because hoft don’t want to lose any crawled info and don’t know how to change a url w/o destroying indexes.

        dmacleo in reply to dmacleo. | May 22, 2020 at 7:44 pm

        was up incorrectly for almost 17 hours.
        typical hoft.

        dmacleo in reply to dmacleo. | May 22, 2020 at 7:46 pm

        grr org post got messed up due to in meta property info

        meta property=”article:published_time” content=”2020-05-22T03:05:48+00:00″

        meta property=”article:modified_time” content=”2020-05-22T19:53:53+00:00″

        was up incorrectly for almost 17 hours.
        typical hoft.

Kameltoe, Fauxahontas, Her Largeness-Stacy Abrams, Amy Whatever, all are a distinction without a difference.

Klob appears to me to be someone who would make a pretty good secretary at the front desk logging Middle School students in and out for their doctor’s appointments.

But more than likely the kids would hate her – kids can be perceptive.

Biden has dug a hole. The only thing worse than him is the quality of the VeePstakes where if you didn’t want Biden in the first place because of his dotage, you would like who is next in line far less.

BierceAmbrose | May 22, 2020 at 8:17 pm

They don’t have a good choice for VP, either.

Any grooming choice, setting up for later runs, would also be seen a such: offends the base, n gives The Feckless R’s a talking point (to bobble, but still.)

she is a red herring

She could make an appointment with Rachael Dollazar for a quick black makeover.

Does Amy get to help Joe choose who the REAL BLACK PEOPLE Are?